Lodi dynasty

Afghan dynasty ruling the Delhi Sultanate in northern India (1451-1526) It was the first Pathan dynasty that ruled India.
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The Lodi dynasty (or Lodhi) was an Afghan dynasty that ruled the Delhi Sultanate from 1451 to 1526. It was the last dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate, and was founded by Bahlul Khan Lodi when he replaced the Sayyid dynasty.

  • [T]hey will get rid of the ignominy of poverty and I shall gain ascendancy.
    • Bahlul Lodi's invitation to the the Afghans of Roh to serve him in India, as quoted by Satish Chandra, History of Medieval India (2007), p. 177, with the comment of Abbas Sarwani: "On receipt of these farmans, the Afghans of Roh came like locusts to join the service of Sultan Bahlul."
  • He was so zealous a Musulmán that he utterly destroyed divers places of worship of the infidels, and left not a vestige remaining of them. He entirely ruined the shrines of Mathura, the mine of heathenism, and turned other principal Hindu places of worship into caravansarais and colleges. Their stone images were given to the butchers to serve them as meat-weight, and all the Hindus in Mathura were strictly prohibited from shaving their heads and beards, and performing their ablutions.
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