Local Futures (formerly the International Society for Ecology and Culture) is a non-profit organization founded and directed by Helena Norberg-Hodge whose purpose is to raise awareness about what it identifies as the root causes of contemporary social, environmental, and economic crises. Local Futures has established a network to bring together groups and individuals from different parts of the world that are struggling to maintain their cultural integrity in the face of economic globalization. Their publications and videos have been translated into over 40 different languages.

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  • Local Futures works to renew ecological, social, and spiritual well-being by promoting a systemic shift towards economic localization. A pioneer of the new economy movement, Local Futures has been raising awareness for four decades about the need to shift direction – away from dependence on global monopolies, and towards decentralized, regional economies.
  • These programs are helping to catalyze a global movement for systemic change. Recognition of the importance of local economies is at an all-time high. Through our events and resources, we promote a holistic view of what it will take to heal the damage caused by the corporate-run economy and build structures that foster human and ecological wellbeing.
  • Local Futures has been involved with cultural, economic and ecological issues for more than four decades now, and we are proud of our accomplishments. What follows is far from comprehensive, but gives an idea of the depth and breadth of our work. Our organization has always been ahead of its time... we were warning about the dangers of both biotechnology and so-called “free trade” (and the link between them) three decades ago, while at the same time pioneering the localization movement – the local food movement, in particular. It is very gratifying to see that these issues are finally beginning to receive the attention they deserve

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