Liz Da-Silva

Nigerian born actress and movie producer

Elizabeth Omowunmi Tekovi Da-Silva (10 May 1978) is a Nigerian actress and movie producer of Togolese descent featuring predominantly in the Nigerian Yoruba movie industry.

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  • Pls darling, you need to put somethings behind you and take the next step… come back to life as our ever smiling Lola Margaret. NOTE…. those who say bullshit about you got nothing to offer, so keep you head upright and move on honey. And if truly you’re around my shoulders are available okay, I love and miss you my darling friend
  • Family is family, business is business. None should affect the other because you need money from your business to take care of your family. It is always important to workout things to avoid clash of interests.
  • You must agree with me that most broken relationships or marriages start from the pages of newspapers. That is why I hardly grant interviews. I am doing this just because of the event we are attending, the personality of the person we are here to honour and the environment we are. I dread the media so much for fear of being misquoted or misinterpreted. More so, I am a very shy and private person
  • You don’t do things because someone else has done it. You don’t work with people’s time, talent or passion. You try to carve a niche for yourself with your own time, talent and passion. Like I said earlier, I am into fashion or African fabrics. I also run a foundation which the Africulture is part of. It is what I love doing. I also cook a lot. If you have an event for instance and you need great delicacies of African touch and class of excellence, I am at your service. I can sing too but not to the point of going into music yet. Not for now at least. I am not thinking along that line

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