Liu Qiangdong

Chinese businessman

Liu Qiangdong (born c. 1973-1974), also known as Richard Liu, is a Chinese Internet entrepreneur. He is the founder of or Jingdong Mall, one of the leading e-commerce industry leaders in China.


  • We should always have 'high aims and dreams.' If we keep this motto in our hearts, we won’t be bothered by trivial matters. A few day ago, I read in the newspaper that a girl still in junior high jumped out of a window and committed suicide because of her boyfriend. If only she could see further and realize there are smarter and cuter boys in the world. Let’s commit that lesson to heart and explore the future of the world. Never forget to look up and see further, so that we can see more and achieve more!
  • When SARS occurred 17 years ago, JD was a very small company and we personally experienced then just how devastating an epidemic situation can be to both businesses and the people's lives. That's why today, JD will do everything we can within our power to serve our customers and as well as society.

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