Little Turtle

Chief of the Miami people (c. 1747 – July 14, 1812)

Chief Little Turtle or Michikinikwa (c.1747 — July 14, 1812), Chief of the Miami tribe

Lithograph of Little Turtle, reputedly based upon a lost portrait by Gilbert Stuart, destroyed when the British burned Washington, D.C.|Burning of Washington|burned Washington, D.C. in 1814.

Quotes from MichikinikwaEdit

  • "My forefather kindled the first fire at Detroit; from thence, he extended his lines to the head waters of Scioto; from thence, to its mouth; from thence, down the Ohio, to the mouth of the Wabash, and from thence to Chicago, on lake Michigan"
    • Claiming tribal lands at the Treaty of Greenville (American State Papers, Indian Affairs, vol. 1, pp. 570-571; Dft. Ex. 96).

Quotes about MichikinikwaEdit

  • This site honors the great Chief of the Miamis, Meshekinoqua, "The Little Turtle," son of the great Chief Acquenacque. He is held in the hearts of his people, allies, and foes with the greatest of honor and respect for his courageous valor and peacemaking.
    • marker at gravesite in Fort Wayne

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