Little Nikita

1988 film by Richard Benjamin

Little Nikita is a 1988 American drama film directed by Richard Benjamin and starring Sidney Poitier and River Phoenix. It is a film about a family of soviet spies living in America.

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Jeff: Spy on my parents? You got to be kidding me! You want me to help you put them away? Never!

Jeff: Look, Mr. FBI man, if you're so sure and if you're so right, why don't you just arrest them?
Roy: Well, because... they haven't done anything yet.
Jeff: You manipulation son of a bitch!

Jeff: Don't give me that crap! You're out of yourself! The big caller, the major bust, the two-bit g-man, well shove it up your ass! You're not my father. You're not even my friend.

Jeff: What's my name? Come on, Dad. What could the head of the grandfamily have to hide from his first and oldest and only son?
Richard: [pause] Nika.
Jeff: Nicholas Grant. Nick.
Richard: [shakes head] Nikita.

Konstantin: The time has come.
Richard: I told you, we're not ready.
Konstantin: You had 20 years to get ready.

Jeff: Shove this up your bladder, Boris.

Konstantin: You know, Roy? Russians don't shoot their children.

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