Little Gamers is a webcomic created and illustrated by Christian Fundin, who was later joined by Pontus Madsen, who now is the writer. It's among the most popular webcomics currently online. It debuted on December 1, 2000, The strip features the two creators and other characters.

The creators, Madsen (left) and Fundin (right)

Characters Edit

Mr. Madsen Edit

  • I had a cat once. It tasted like chicken... What? I was hungry and the store was, like, closed.
  • "The Pope is dead. Long live the Pope". I must confess that I don't see what the fuss is about... He's just a regular human being like the rest of us. And besides I don't believe in God and all that religious stuff. I believe in myself instead. [pause] I'm going to hell for saying that huh?

Christian Edit

Marcus Edit

  • I'm afraid we have a lunatic on our hands... Look he's doing it again! That same man from yesterday just drove by and threw a newspaper at our porch!
  • So, you heard about the guy that got sent to jail for sharing Daredevil with Bittorrent? Serves him right, spreading filth like that...
  • "Before you can love others, you must first love yourself". If you all excuse me, I'll be in the bathroom so hold all my calls.

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Dialogue Edit

Marcus: You know all those other game comics are gonna kick our ass, don't you? They have cool characters, good jokes and stories.
Christian: No way. They can own the world for what I care, we're still gonna get the chicks.
Marcus: Why?
Christian: Cause we're cute.
From "Cute", 2000-12-08

Marcus: Why don't you like people? What's wrong with you? I mean, not all people are annoying...
Christian: Yeah you're right, some are dead.
From "People", 2000-12-20

Marcus: Damn that chick's sister is butt ugly. If she was the last female on earth I would cease to exist because of her uglyness.
Christian: But, you did her last friday!
From "You did her!", 2000-12-21

Christian: Guys guys, we're on GameSpy.Com
Marcus: Do they have pr0n?
Some guy: Do they have booze?
Mr. Madsen: Game-what?
Christian: The largest gaming network on the web. And no they don't have pr0n or booze.
Marcus: No pr0n? Screw 'em.
Some guy: No booze? Screw 'em.
Mr. Madsen: Do they have linedancing midgets dreesed in yellow Bruce Lee spandexsuits?
Christian: No they don't have midgets dres... Hey?
From "Gamespy's midgets", 2001-01-08

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