Lisa Henson

American film producer

Lisa Marie Henson (born May 9, 1960) is an American television and movie producer and former actress.

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Lisa Henson Talks 'The Dark Crystal' As The Classic Movie Returns To Theaters edit

Simon Thompson, "Lisa Henson Talks 'The Dark Crystal' As The Classic Movie Returns To Theaters",, February 21 2018

  • I think people, whether they are studied in puppetry or not, are going to love the artistic tapestry that’s up there. Some of the tiniest details in The Dark Crystal like when the Chamberlain’s eyelid starts to twitch, just make it feel so much more real, so much more alive.
  • For me, watching his performances of Aughra and the Chamberlain is incredible and I'm so moved by how he infused life into those characters. That's pure talent to really take an inanimate object and give it life so believably. It's still the core asset of this film.
    • On Frank Oz in The Dark Crystal
  • We kind of look at it as the Henson Company's little Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings franchise. It truly has the ability to be explored in different geographical parts of that world, or different time periods of that world, and it's been so fun to expand the canon of The Dark Crystal. Now that we've got the ball rolling on that, it feels like that could continue indefinitely.
    • On The Dark Crystal
  • [I]t's basically the screenplay adaptation so that is the sequel to The Dark Crystal. We thought, 'Why should we let this story that we thought up not get seen by the public?' We just went a different way with it.
    • On The Power of the Dark Crystal
  • People talk about how look and feel of The Dark Crystal is so much more real than CGI but they also had no choice because there was no computer animation when The Dark Crystal was made. There were some optical effects, there were some composites that were hand done in the lab but there were no computer effects.
  • The prep period for The Dark Crystal was really long, it was literally years because they had the world and the creatures developed before they ever had a firm storyline. The script for The Dark Crystal actually fell in place later than anything else and some of it was only during post-production.
  • They just couldn't get their head around the idea that the person who was doing The Muppet Show and The Muppet Movie, things that were so light and joyful, that he himself would want to deviate from what he had been doing. It was really surprising to people and they expressed a lot of doubt about it. Then, the film did pretty well commercially and it also did very well internationally. This story has so many universal qualities such as good and evil, the characters are not American and they're not from any place in particular and so it worked around the world.
    • On initial criticisms of The Dark Crystal

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