Lina Khan

American legal scholar and jurist

Lina Khan (born March 3, 1989) is a British-born American legal scholar serving as chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission since 2021. While a student at Yale Law School, she became known for her work in antitrust and competition law in the United States after publishing the influential essay "Amazon's Antitrust Paradox". She was nominated by President Joe Biden to the Commission in March 2021, and has served since June 2021 following her confirmation. She is also an associate professor of law at Columbia Law School.

Lina Khan in 2021

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  • [About unfair methods of competition:] What are the dimentions on which firms are or are not permitted to compete? Should we be having firms competing on who can surveil users the best or who can undercut their workers the most, or do we want to be having companies compete on dimentions or privacy that are actually better serving consumers or workers?

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