Lily Kate

Lily Kate, also known as Lily Kate Goehring (born May 9, 2006) is an American actress and dancer.

Lily Kate (born May 9, 2006) is an American actress and dancer who gained recognition for her appearance and winning as a contestant in NBC’s Dancing With Myself.

Lily Kate, Photo by Son Studios (2022)


  • With music most people focus on hearing it, but with me I really feel the music. Whenever I dance I feel the vibrations through my body; it’s not just me listening to music and doing the steps. I feel it through my whole body and soul. Whenever I’m dancing, the music is a part of me.
    • The Jeremiah Show. 7 July 2022 [1]
  • When I have my goal set on something, I always do my best to keep going forward and don’t let myself get down.I always try to stay positive about every situation. My deafness, I don't see it as a disability - but a super power.
    • Dancing With Myself S1 Ep4. 21 June 2022 [2]