Lilian Bach

Nigerian actress

Lilian Bola Bach (9th November 1970) is a Nigerian actress and model.

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  • We are not doing our movies the way our Hollywood counterparts are doing their own. I don't think anything good can come out of our movies that takes less than a month to be shot. I am not in support of such unprofessional way of carrying guns and celebrating ritualism.
  • Experience is actually the best teacher; nobody really tells you the truth. You have to go through the experience to find out what others are suffering from.

"Ripples of Lilian Bach at 50" (2020) edit

"Ripples of Lilian Bach at 50", This Day Live (November 14, 2020)
  • I believe I have always been in the limelight. It’s just that modeling didn’t give me much publicity when I started out. But like I said, I got into the acting profession in 1997 and then, I guess, I didn’t have enough experience. The first two jobs I did were not rewarding at all, as one of the producers absconded with my fee. The second job was not encouraging to me, resulting in my taking a break for some time. When I came back, I did movies like, Married to a Witch, From Grace to Grass. And these movies, I would say, brought me into limelight in the acting.
  • There’s one thing I’m praying to God to change about me and that’s what I don’t like about myself. I’m too trusting. I trust a lot and it backfires on me especially with women. People come to me and start lying and I don’t expect them to lie. I just trust people, I trust them with money and it backfires. I just have to change in that area to be on a safer side. Not as if I’m gullible but sometimes you miscalculate. It happens most when you’re dealing with people you already know. I do not want to mention names.
  • Everything good needs maintenance otherwise, that’s the end. If you don’t maintain your skin and everything around you, they get spoilt easily. We have harsh weather here. For somebody like me with my natural fair skin, I have to maintain it.
  • It’s not in my character to disappoint people especially the opposite sex. And again, it’s better for me to end a bad relationship rather than hanging on to it and regretting thereafter, or ending up in marriage and recording a broken home. I guess, these are ‘bad men’ that are not meant to come on board. If I disappoint them, I have no regrets whatsoever

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