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Life with Mikey

1993 film by James Lapine

Life with Mikey is a 1993 comedy film starring Michael J. Fox, Chirstina Vidal, Nathan Lane, Cyndi Lauper and David Krumholtz.


Michael: Any chance for getting time off for good behavior?

Angie: Sunburst Cookies just light up my day!

Barry: [after vomiting in a hat] Never again. From now on, it's only Kosher Franks.

Barry: [after seeing Angie for the first time] Va Va Va Vroom. Well, Hello Dolly!

Ed: [after Mikey tells him he invited Angie to his house] Well, now representing the Omen. Did you check her head with a little 666?
Michael: Yeah, there were only two sixes. We got her just fine!

Geena: [after Asian girl sings] I love that song.
Michael: Mee too. What were you playing?

Michael: I'm something of a celebrity.
Irate: What kind of celebrity are you? Biggest Ass of the Month?
Michael: No, that's all political.

Angie: I'll have coffee.
Galaxy Waiter: [laughs] Coffee?
Angie: Yeah, coffee. It comes from beans. Ever heard of it?

Barry: How much of this crap do I have to eat anyway? What am I? Jobe?

Carol: Oh, I can't wait to get back to Connecticut.

[on the set of a cereal commercial]

Barry: You two clowns leave while I get into character.
Michael: What character? All you got to do is swallow.

Girl: [overacting] I hate it when it's raining. We don't get to go outside for recess or ride our bikes after school!
Angie: That's great. But you're not going to audition like that, right?
Girl: What do you mean?
Angie: They're just cookies. Don't make it sound like a commercial for hemorrhoids.


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