Life Below Zero

television series

Life Below Zero (styled as Life Below Zero° on the title card) is a documentary television series which illustrates the daily and seasonal activities of subsistence hunters as they live in the wilderness in the remote areas of Alaska. Produced by the BBC Studios, it airs on National Geographic. The cast consists of 14 people, with one or two families living together. They showcase the residents' building structures, hunting, fishing, kayaking and how they attempt to make it through the Long Winters of Alaska.

Quotes edit

  • Physically, it's a demanding way to live. But psychologically, I actually find it easier than living in modern society.
    • Glenn Villeneuve, Life Below Zero (2019)
  • Possessions are a burden when you live out of a Snow Machine and a Sled.
    • Chip Hailstone, Life Below Zero (2018)
  • Climbed a Mountain, killed a Goat - It's been one hell of a day!
    • Glenn Villeneuve, Life Below Zero (2015)
  • What's life without the suprises?
    • Sue Aikens, Life Below Zero (2017)
  • Summers are hard for me because you can't live off of the country as easily as you can in the Winter.
    • Glenn Villeneuve, Life Below Zero (2013)

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