Life (TV series)

2007 US TV series

Life (2007–2009) is a crime drama that premiered on September 26, 2007 on NBC, and aired on Wednesday nights at 10e/9c.

Season 1 edit

Pilot: Merit Badge [1.1] edit

Charlie Crews: [to Dani Reese] Dog must've took the bullet for the kid, then took the shooter's finger off. Anyone ever love you that much?

Dani Reese: No threats against his family?
Correctional Officer #2: Not that we know, but we just work here. We go home after our shifts. It's the convicts who are here 24/7, they know what really goes on.
Charlie Crews: He means inmates.
Corrections Officer #1: He means convicts.
Correctional Officer #2: What, you don't like that word? What do you care?
[Charlie turns to face the guard]
Dani Reese: Come on Crews, let's go.
Correctional Officer #2: Yeah, we know who you are. Know you did your 12 years. Maybe you were innocent. Maybe not. It don't make no difference to us, because we know what you did to that correction officer in Pelican Bay. That makes you a con. Don't it?
Dani Reese: You two need to escort us out now.
Corrections Officer #1: You gettin' angry, convict?
Charlie Crews: [calmly] Anger ruins joy. Steals the goodness of my mind. Forces my mouth to say terrible things. Overcoming anger brings peace of mind. Leads to a mind without regrets. If I overcome anger, I will be delightful and loved by everyone.
Correctional Officer #2: Are you making fun of us?
Charlie Crews: It is the universe that makes fun of us all.
[turns and faces other guard, walks away. Reese gives them both a dirty look]

[as they walk outside the prison]
Reese: Why would the universe make fun of us all?
Crews: Maybe it's insecure.

Bobby Stark: Hey, can I get a picture, you know, on account of you being a celebrity detective and all. [takes his cell phone out, hands it to his partner, Juarez]
Crews: That's a phone, Bobby.
Juarez: It's got a camera in it, where you been?
Crews: I've been in federal maximum security prison!

Reese: I need a drink.
Crews: I know something better. [holding out a cup] Mango?
Reese: [shaking her head] That's okay.
Crews: These came all the way from Guatamala, and now they're right here in this cup. It's all connected, Reese.
Reese: What is?
Crews: It is.
Reese: Mm, that's Zen.
Crews: Is it?
Reese: That's Zen too, isn't it...
Crews: Is it?
Reese: Say "Is it?" one more time and I'll shoot you.

Charlie Crews: [reading the book 'Internet for Idiots'] IM stands for Instant Message.
Dani Reese: I know that.
Crews: You can't trace an IM.
Reese: Detective, I know that, too.

Dani Reese: I don't exactly understand you.
Charlie Crews: You don't have to understand here to be here.
Reese: That's what I don't understand.

Charlie Crews: Do you think that no one will ever understand what we did? What you and I came through? Do you ever think that the world is now you and me in one place, everyone else in another?
Constance Griffiths: I think that all the time.

Tear Asunder [1.2] edit

Dani Reese: You expect me to believe that?
Charlie Crews: I have no expectations as to what you will or will not believe, but whatever you do believe can't change what was in that shoe.
Reese: Why exactly can't you talk like a normal person?
Crews: When exactly was the last time you met a normal person?

Crews: Stun baton?
Reese: Nine hundred thousand volts.
Crews: Felt like more.

Crews: [laying out all of the wedding photos] It's all here... except the one thing that isn't here...
Reese: [to nearby officer] Do you know what that means? [to everyone] Does anybody know what that means?

Reese: I need to know if this is gonna be a thing with you.
Crews: Which "this" is that?
Reese: This thing with Jake Silvers. Are you gonna go see falsely accused people everywhere?
Crews: You think that's not a good instinct for a cop to have?
Reese: I just need to know if it's going to be a thing with you.
Crews: Shouldn't "innocent until proven guilty" be a thing with all of us?

Crews: It was a near-death experience.
Reese: And it not being a full-death experience should make you happy.

Crews: Nothing happened. There were no lights, no tunnel, no dead relatives. Well, maybe it wasn't near death enough for it to be a near death experience.

Lt. Karen Davis: You looked into his eyes.
Crews: They are the windows to the soul.

Reese: That's very, uh, what's the word, Crews?
Crews: Enlightened.

Zen Recording: [voiceover] Revenge is a poison meant for others that we end up swallowing ourselves. Vengeance is a dark light that blinds all who seek it. The untroubled soul knows there is no justice in revenge. The untroubled soul knows that to seek vengeance is to seek destruction.

Let Her Go [1.3] edit

Charlie Crews: I think I might go into space.
Dani Reese: Space?
Crews: Yeah, you can pay the Russians to take you up there now.
Reese: So after spending twelve years in a box down here you're gonna pay the Russians to put you in a box up there?
Crews: I think they mentioned something about jetpacks.

Reese: Detective Reese ... homicide.
Gas station attendant: Is someone dead?
Crews: A lot of people are dead, eventually everyone.
Reese: Car crash shortly after stopping here last night. A female passenger was shot.
Gas station attendant: That's terrible, who shot her?
Crews: Someone with a gun. Look, I admire a question answered with a question, I do, because there is no answer only questions. But I'd like you to try really hard to give us an answer anyway.

[talking about a car]
Charlie Crews: Does it have GPS?
Maldito: You don't want that. The man track you like a dog with GPS.
Lackey: Like a dog.
Crews: Yeah, yeah, you're right I don't want that, the man will track me with that.
Reese: Crews, you are the man.
Crews: Oh yes. Yeah, right, I am the man.

[After Crews gets into a knife fight with an escaping criminal]
Dani Reese: I want you to give me your knife.
Charlie Crews: My knife, why?
Reese: Because I want to swear a blood oath with you and I need something to cut my pinkie. Give me you knife or I burn you with IAD for not using your service weapon when you should have. [Crews is reluctant] I need to know my partner is a cop and not a con. [Crews gives her the knife] Anything else you carrying from the old days? Sharpened toothbrush, lightbulb full of bleach?

[About the husband of the murder victim]
Charlie Crews: We have to use his own strength against him.
Dani Reese: His strength, what's his strength?
Crews: His weakness.
Reese: His weakness is his strength?
Crews: Exactly, it's like the one-handed clap.
Reese: Are you really Zen?
Crews: I'm Zen-ish.

[Crews pulls over his ex-wife and her husband]
Jennifer Conover: What do you want, Charlie?
Charlie Crews: I want to be the unwobbling pivot at the center of an ever-revolving universe; I want to be still.
Jennifer Conover: What do you want here Charlie?
Charlie Crews: [pulls a photograph of Rachel from his jacket pocket] I want to know where she is.

What They Saw [1.4] edit

Charlie Crews: I just want you to drop Neil Cudahy.
Constance Griffiths: [drawing very close to him] You don't have the right to ask that. Unless you want that right. Do you, Charlie? [Charlie just looks at her] I was looking for you and I didn't even know it. And now you're here and I can't have you.
Crews: You're married.
Griffiths: And if I weren't?
Crews: You have a husband.
Griffiths: And I think about you when I'm with him. I need you to be all the way in. And if you can't be all the way in, then I need you all the way out.
Crews: You know I can't do this.

[talking to a person of interest in the interrogation room]

Crews: What were you trying to get away from?
Easley: If I say, can I go?
Reese: No.
Easley: Can I get a drink?
Reese: No! But if you confess we won't charge you for murder one, or for assaulting Detective Crews.
Crews: Or for stealing Detective Reese's pen.
[Reese searches for her pen, while Easley stands up, reaches in his pants and takes out the pen, handing it over to Dt. Reese]

[Reese holds her pen in front of Crews while walking]
Reese: Here! Take it! Everything that goes down his pants, you're going to keep.
[Crews takes the pen, Reese smells her hands with disgust]

Crews: If I was a cowboy he'd be my goofy sidekick.
Reese: Kinda like how you're mine.

Crews: What's that smell?
Easley: That's humanity, baby.

The Fallen Woman [1.5] edit

[investigating a crime scene where a woman wearing angel wings was found dead]
Charlie Crews: It's a dead angel.
Dani Reese: It's a dead woman with a pair of fake wings.
Crews: How do you know?
Reese: Well I know the wings are fake because I can see the harness right there.
Crews: Maybe it's a real angel with fake wings.
Reese: Why would a real angel have... no, no, I'm not doing this with you.

Charlie Crews: Just because the wings were fake doesn't mean she wasn't an angel.
Dani Reese: Isn't there an off button?
Crews: I know she wasn't an angel, on-a-cloud-with-a-harp-angel, but maybe she was angel in the way we all might be angels.
Reese: We all might be angels? Crews, let me tell you something, you know there may be a few things that I don't know about myself but I'm sure I'm not an angel.
Crews: See that is exactly the kind of humble thing an angel might say. [Places an angel statuette on the dashboard; Reese grabs it and throws it away] That was very hostile.
Reese: That wasn't close to hostile.

Dani Reese: No ID on her or left in the room.
Charlie Crews: It's like she fell out of the sky.
Reese: She fell out of a window.
Crews: It's like she was no one.
Reese: No one is no one.
Crews: Now you sound like me.
Reese: [startled] Take that back.
Crews: Would it be so bad?

[Reese notices the angel statuette on the dashboard again and grabs it but can't remove it]
Charlie Crews: Industrial glue. It's what holds us together.

Reese: Do you really have any tattoos?
Crews: You wanna see 'em?
Reese: Absolutely not.

Crews: I knew a prostitute at Pelican Bay whose name was Angel.
Reese: They have women at Pelican Bay?
Crews: Well, she wasn't a woman woman, and just to make it clear, I didn't know her. Him. Didn't know her/him. But she did make a nice carrot cake.

Powerless [1.6] edit

Charlie Crews: Every moment you spend wishing you were someplace else is a moment you can't get back.
Dani Reese: What about every moment I wish you were someplace else?

Crews: You fall you hit the bottom. The bottom breaks, you fall some more. You get lost. And now I tell myself ... it is what it is, and I'm doing my best. I hope.

Dani Reese: Focus on the words I'm actually saying.

[Talking about a missing victim]
Crews: She's twenty-two years old. Aren't they all on MySpace, YourSpace, Facebook, Faceplace?
Reese: How do you know about that?
Crews: Everybody knows about that. Don't you want a whole bunch of new friends? Don't you want them to know where you are all the time?

Crews: You didn't die. You survived what happened to you. You lived through that and here you are. Did you ever think you could live through such a thing? There's real violence in the world Nancy. It never finds most people, it found you. But did you ever think you would have the strength to survive what he did to you? That's your secret Nancy. Larson doesn't know it. Larson doesn't know how strong you are. Prison doesn't know how strong he made you.

Crews: You're right, Rick; Hate is a prison. But you know what? Prison is a prison too!

Dani Reese: You think you hit bottom Rick? You have no idea how far down this goes, do you? You think you're bad? You think you got a demon inside of you? You don't even know what that means!

A Civil War [1.7] edit

Lieutenant Davis: It's not about keeping immigrants out of that neighborhood, it's about drugs and money. What have we learned?
Reese and Crews: [in unison] It's always about drugs and money.

Crews: I didn't know you spoke Farsi.
Reese: My mother's Persian. She'd speak it to me growing up.
Crews: What about your father?
Reese: He forbade it when he was in the house.

[Computer tech starts video game that contains encrypted data for their case]
Crews: You think you can get to level 10?
Computer Tech: Detective, I'm 30 years old, I live with my mother, and I have a Captain Kirk costume in my closet.

[After working all night]

Reese: How long have we been awake?"
Crews: Are you sure we are awake? Maybe this is a dream? Maybe life is a dream and we wake up when we die?

Farthingale [1.8] edit

Charlie Crews: How come you only call me when someone's dead?

Crews: Okay so we have one dead guy married to two women.
Reese: Half a dead guy...
Crews: Half a dead guy.

Crews: The Chinese symbol for war is two women under one roof.

[Crews enters his house and sees the cops searching it.]
Crews: Hey! It's kind of like a party except, this is my house and I don't remember sending out invites.
IAD Agent: Detective Crews, in that you are a person of interest in the killing of Carl Ames the District Attorney's office has issued a search warrant for these premises, as well as the occupants therein.
Crews: [to Ted] Don't you wish you could talk that way?

IAD Agent: Detective Crews, what where your feelings toward Carl Ames?
Crews: My feelings toward Ames were the same as my feelings toward anyone.
Agent: And those would be?
Crews: That none of us are alone. That even as we exhale it is inhaled by others.
Agent: Is that some kind of joke?
Crews: Laughter is the best medicine. Reader's Digest. I had a subscription at Pelican Bay.

Reese: [to Crews] He was not looking for the person not obeying the law. He was looking for the person not not obeying the law. That kinda talk remind you of anyone?

Zen Recording: [voiceover] We are none of us alone. Even as we exhale it is inhaled by others. The light that shines upon me shines upon my neighbor as well. In this way everything is connected. Everything is connected to everything else. In this way I am connected to my friend even as I am connected to my enemy. In this way there is no difference between me and my friend. In this way there is no difference between me and my enemy. We are none of us alone.

Serious Control Issues [1.9] edit

Charlie Crews: I was being serious; why does nobody take me seriously?

Reese: Alright, I have to know... What's the deal with the fruit?
Crews: Do you know what you eat in prison?
Reese: Crap?
Crews: Crap... no fresh fruit... ever. I missed it.
Reese: I don't think it'll be fruit I'll be missing.
Crews: Yeah, you would.

Crews: [about his meeting with Reese's father] Do you want to know what he wanted?
Reese: He always wants the same thing.
Crews: Oh, yeah. What's that?
Reese: Everyone else's unhappiness.

Reese: [referring to a room with bars on the windows, locks on the doors] Can you imagine living like this?
Crews: Don't have to.
Reese: Yeah.
Crews: Because of the whole prison thing.
Reese: Copy that.
Crews: About your dad....
Reese: Yeah, let me make this easy on you: I spent my whole childhood trying to figure out if my dad was only mean or just plain bad. And you... I don't really understand you. I don't really like you but... you're not one of the bad guys. [Long pause] If I had your money I would be on a beach somewhere... How come you're not on a beach somewhere?
Crews: Do I look like I tan?

Crews: I investigate things to complete my knowledge. My complete knowledge makes my thoughts sincere. My thoughts being sincere, my heart is pure.

Dig a Hole [1.10] edit

Reese: I'm with stupid. The arrow is pointing up ... isn't it supposed to point at the person next to you?
Crews: I guess he was admitting the truth.
Reese: That he was stupid?
Crews: That no one knows anything.
Reese: I know he's dead!
Crews: That's not the truth, that's just a fact. Looks like a rose.
Reese: Oh you're gonna tell me that's the truth?
Crews: No. That's just a dead flower.

Reese: What exactly is a Zen center?
Crews: It's a place where people interested in their spiritual journey sit and do nothing. Which, as it turns out is nearly impossible.
Reese: Getting buried alive part of that journey?
Crews: Not as a rule no, though every center has its own way.

Professor Dujardin: Everything is in motion. And the particle's within everything are never in one place. Therefore, if it's never in one place, it never is, is it?
Crews: So I'm always in motion. I'm never in one place. I'm never here.
Dujardin: Just more likely to be here than not to be here.
Crews: I'm not here. You like that, don't you?
Reese: If only that were true.

Crews: See that car... not here. That building... not here. Not actually here, just more likely to be here than to not be here. That dog... not here. That girl... not here. Too bad about that. This street... this city... everything... not here.
Reese: If you're not here, how come I can still see you?

Crews: What would you come back as? Reincarnation. Don't limit yourself, you can choose an animal.
Reese: This one time should be plenty, thank you.
Crews: I'd like to come back as a giant Flemish rabbit. 15 pounds of pure bunny. Or a whale! Can you imagine being a whale, thousands of feet under water? Can you imagine that?
Reese: Is it quiet down there?

Crews: So everyone going to that Zen center was just completely screwed up, right?
Reese: People go there seeking peace. People seek what they don't have. Only troubled people seek peace.

Fill It Up [1.11] edit

Zen recording: [voice-over] The Buddha was asked if he ever felt anger. "Of course," said the Buddha. The Buddha was asked if he ever felt the desire to strike another. "Of course," said the Buddha. "But if I am connected to all things," said the Buddha, "hurting another is hurting myself. And how does that better me?"
Crews: Because it just does. [tosses tape out window and drives away]

Crews: I want to ask you for your forgiveness. All that time I was in prison I was angry. I was angry at you, but we were so young when it happened, you were so young. Anyone would've done what you did.
Jennifer: Charlie...
Crews: Let me finish ... I was angry at the wrong person and now I'm asking for your forgiveness.

Crews: The first 6 months I was in solitary, I did push-ups everyday and I never talked to myself. The next 6 months? I stopped doing push-ups and I confess I did talk a little to myself. The 6 months after that, those next 6 months, Kyle, you'll wanna know what happened then!

Season 2 edit

Find Your Happy Place [2.01] edit

Boy: Is that a real gun?
Crews: Yes, it is.
Boy: Can I touch it?
Crews: No, you cannot.
Mother: He wants to be a policeman when he grows up.
Boy: You ever shoot anybody?
Crews: Violence against one, is violence against all. Violence against all, is violence against myself.
Boy: Yeah. But did you ever shoot anybody?
Crews: Nobody. [leans in closer] That didn't have it coming.

[While Ted and Charlie take Rachel back to Charlie's house]
Charlie Crews: Ted?
Ted Early: Yeah?
Crews: If anyone tries to stop us, go ahead and take my gun and shoot them dead on the spot, you hear me.

Everything. . . All the Time [2.02] edit

Patrick Bridger: I'm not talking to you!
Charlie Crews: You just did.
Jack Reese: What's with that car?
Charlie Crews: It's just an object — doesn't have any meaning. Even if it did, it would be in Italian, so I wouldn't understand it anyway.

The Business of Miracles [2.03] edit

Crews: I saw that commercial, the moth on the cotton ball.
Brenford: It's a butterfly on a cloud.
Crews: Oh... now I get it. [pause, touching murder victim] Frozen solid.
Reese: Do you have to touch everything?

Tidwell: Who do you like? For the killing?
Reese: Oh... well the research assistant had means and the animal rights group had motivation.
Tidwell: Married? The dead guy, was he married?
Crews: No.
Tidwell: Then the assistant is your killer. Human nature. Men and women working together always end up banging and most people are killed by the person they're banging.
Reese: Well, that's just not true.
Tidwell: Yeah, it's a fact. Come on, Crews, back me up on this.
Crews: Well, you two work together. When you have sex who's going to kill who?
Reese: If I have sex with him you're going to kill me immediately.
Crews: [looks at Tidwell] She's an aggressive female.

Not for Nothing [2.04] edit

Ted: That was your partner... she says there's a dead guy... she wants to know if you want to catch who killed him.

Crews: I think you might wanna help us.
Frat Boy: And why's that?
Crews: You want the short answer or the long answer?
Frat Boy: Short.
Crews: 'Cause.
Frat Boy: Okay, the long.
Crews: Because I am about three seconds from deciding that I just do not like you.

Professor Halliday: You don't need locks for a prison. Just prisoners.

Crushed [2.05] edit

Did You Feel That? [2.06] edit

Zen recording: [voiceover] Chasing after the world brings only chaos. Allowing it to come to be brings only peace. Retreat from the world and it will pursue you. To exist, to allow the world to exist, all things at once, all things as one. This is the path to serenity, to balance, see yourself as part of the world.

Zen recording: [voiceover] The greatest mistake is to be continually fearful of making one. A stumble may prevent a fall. To say that we have made mistakes is to say that we are alive. When we cease to make mistakes that is the moment when we cease to be. The Buddha was once asked if he'd ever made a mistakes, he answered "I am making a mistake even now, nothing more."

Jackpot [2.07] edit

Rachel: Even after what I saw, I thought you did it.
Charlie: You want to know something? For a few years, when I was in prison, Rachel, I thought I did it too.
Rachel: Is that the absolute truth you tell a total stranger?
Charlie: Yeah, I guess it is.

Black Friday [2.08] edit

Badge Bunny [2.09] edit

Crews: It is not what we carry with us but what we let go that defines who we are.

Earley: There are naked women in the pool.
Crews: Ted, I have made a decision.
Earley: What's that, Charlie?
Crews: I'm going swimming.
Earley: No man would hold that against you.

Mickey Rayborn: I think this is a kidnapping.
Charlie Crews: "Kidnapping." What does that really mean? We're not kids. No one's napping. We're just two guys talking, that's all.
Mickey Rayborn: No, no. You misunderstand me. This isn't kidnapping. This, detective, is kidnapping.

his car window is suddenly smashed in

Evil... and his Brother Ziggy [2.10] edit

Crews: [observing a beekeeper] 30% of our food supply is dependent on bees for pollination. Fruits, nuts, vegetables, all need bees.
Reese: Well, I'm pretty sure you don't need bees to make a bacon cheeseburger.

Canyon Flowers [2.11] edit

Trapdoor [2.12] edit

Rachel Seybolt: You don't have to drive around in a car full of bullet holes, you know.
Crews: Yeah I do. Maybe just for a little while longer.

Tidwell: Oh, you must be the grown up.
Bodner: Special Agent Bodner, FBI.
Crews: Are you all Special Agents? Because if you're all special, then none of you are really special then, right?
Bodner: Trust me, I'm special.

Re-Entry [2.13] edit

Doctor: Here you are. It's an unusual request, detective. Most people wouldn't want to have the bullet that shot them.
Crews: Well, someone gave it to me. It would be rude just to throw it away.

Zen recording: [voiceover] When I wish to forgive another, what do I mean? I mean I wish to forgive myself. When I wish to harm another, what do I mean? I mean I wish to harm myself. Close your eyes and think of the world as seen from space. From that distance it is calm, silent, at peace. One.
Crews: [holding up the bullet he has just melted down and re-cast] Calm, silent, at peace. One.

Mirror Ball [2.14] edit

Crews: You ever have a nickname?
Reese: Nope. I never did.
Crews: Would you like one?
Reese: No!
Crews: Come on, I'm real good at 'em. Want me to give you one?
Reese: Crews...
Crews: That's my name. It would be confusing if your nickname was my name.

Crews: The Buddha said we live our lives pretending to be someone else.
Reese: Oh he said that, did he?
Crews: Who did the Buddha pretend to be? He was the Buddha! …Okay, I know you’re pretty sure you’re not pretending to be someone else, but maybe Reese, maybe you’re pretending to be yourself!
Reese: How could I pretend to be myself?
Crews: Maybe the Buddha was pretending to be the Buddha. That makes sense.

I Heart Mom [2.15] edit

Crews: Most likely, these companies didn't do anything. Let's go find out who these companies didn't do anything to.
Reese: Who these companies didn't do anything to? Do you have to talk like that?
Crews: Like what? I don't think I talk differently than anyone else does. Maybe, sometimes, I don't not say things that other people don't not say, but most other people don't not say the same things I don't. You know what I'm saying?

Hit Me Baby [2.16] edit

Shelf Life [2.17] edit

Flight Attendant: Is there anything else you need?
Crews: Well, if it's a specific question, I don't need anything. If it's a more general question...
Erin Cordette: Excuse me. [leading him away]
Crews: ...Sometimes I think I don't need anything, but I do, and just don't know it.

[discussing the lie detector test]

Crews: You wanna know how to beat it?
Reese: You can beat a lie detector?
Crews: Yeah, it's easy. You just tell the truth.

3 Women [2.18] edit

5 Quarts [2.19] edit

Initiative 38 [2.20] edit

Ted Earley: How do you know this?
Amanda Puryer: I know everything.
Ted Earley: What's that like?
Amanda Puryer: Almost always disappointing.

Ted Earley: Charlie. What are you thinking?
Charlie Crews: I'm thinking about what I want and what I need.
Ted Earley: What do you want?
Charlie Crews: I want a peaceful soul.
Ted Earley: And what do you need?
Charlie Crews: I need a bigger gun.

One [2.21] edit

Bobby Stark: [delivering an M-4 carbine to Crews] It's not Zen, Charlie.
Charlie Crews: It'll just have to do until Zen comes along.

Charlie Crews: Just breathe.
Charlie Crews: Do you know how I got through twelve years of prison?
Roman Nevikov: [laughing] Your Zen?
[Charlie delivers a devastatingly fast chop to the throat, and watches Roman choke to death.]
Charlie Crews: Like that.

Zen recording: [voiceover] What we learned as children, that one plus one equals two, we know to be false. One plus one equals one. We even have a word for when you, plus another, equals one. That word is love.

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