Li Siguang

Chinese geologist and politician (1889-1971)

Li Siguang (李四光 Lǐ Sìguāng; 26 October 1889 – 29 April 1971), also known as J. S. Lee, was a Chinese geologist and politician. He was the founder of China's geomechanics. He made China one the world's major oil producers.

Li Siguang and wife Xu Shubin at the wedding of their daughter Li Lin and son-in-law Chen-Lu Tsou

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  • 真理,哪怕只见到一线,我们也不能让它的光辉变得暗淡。
    • Even if we only see a glimmer of truth, we cannot let its brilliance dim.
      • In: 名人名言, Beijing 2014. page 039

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