Letesenbet Gidey

Ethiopian long-distance runner

Letesenbet Gidey ( born 20 March 1998) is an Ethiopian long-distance runner.

Letesenbet Gidey at the 2022 World Athletics Championships in Oregon

Quotes edit

  • I really did not do anything special to prepare for Guiyang...I never stress about competition and thought I should just follow the leading group and rely on my finishing speed at the end. I am really happy about my individual result, but even happier that we [Ethiopia] took the top three places.
  • Some people believe that it is nowadays very difficult for junior winners to make it at senior level...But I believe that there is nothing that stops a junior athlete from making it at senior level. Actually, coming up from success at junior levels is easier because there is little pressure and expectation when competing with senior athletes.

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