Lepacious Bose

Nigerian actress and comedianne

Bose Ogunboye (born 17 April 1976) known professionally as Lepacious Bose is a Nigerian comedienne and Nollywood actress.In 2014, she won the 2014 Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards for Best Comedic Act category award in the movie “Being Mrs Elliot” beating other 6 contestants.

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  • There is no way you will lose weight and not feel more confident. You will definitely feel happier and healthier. You will feel sexier, people will commend you, saying nice things about you. You will definitely feel more confident. All that work together. It is not rocket science, once the weight starts going down you will see reactions from people. The fact that you can work into a shop and see your size there is amazing. You don’t have to buy what you see but what you like, all that come together to build up your confidence. The more confident you feel, the more love you feel towards yourself.
  • Well, I think loving whom you are on the inside is the most important thing I have learnt. Considering what I have been through these couple of years and the challenges I have faced, I have realised the importance of being beautiful from within. When you are completely happy with yourself, with whom you are regardless of the situation, when you begin to pay attention to the beauty that is inside of you.
  • To be honest, I cried. Until I realised that people’s opinion should not define me.
  • The more you say negative things, the more you pull negative things to you.

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