Leonard Part 6

1987 film by Paul Weiland

Leonard Part 6 is a 1987 American spy comedy film. It was directed by Paul Weiland and produced by Bill Cosby, who also starred in the film and wrote its story. The film was filmed in the San Francisco Bay Area. It earned several Golden Raspberry Awards; Cosby himself denounced and disowned it in the press in the weeks leading up to its release. It is often considered to be one of the worst films ever made.

Leonard ParkerEdit

  • I got your ball, now let me in.
  • Go easy, Monroe!
  • [after he fires at the door that didn't explode] Big door!
  • [slurring from rain pouring on face] If I save the verld... would you move back in with me?

Medusa JohnsonEdit

  • Clever, but dumb.
  • [after explaining to Leonard why replacing the fluids with dishwashing liquid made no difference] I could put Yoo Hoo in this and it would work.


  • Frayn: This was, I believe, the first recorded instance of a CIA agent being eaten alive by a rainbow trout!
  • Man Ray: Possums in Piedmont awaiting orders.


Medusa: The couple that spies together, dies together.
Leonard Parker: My wife's not a spy. I work alone.
Medusa: I needed a rhyme; if you know a better one, I'm willing to hear it.


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