Leon Uris

American author (1924–2003)

Leon Marcus Uris (August 3, 1924June 21, 2003) was an American novelist, known for his historical fiction and the deep research that went into his novels. His two bestselling books were Exodus (published in 1958) and Trinity (published in 1976).

Drawing by Chaim Topol

Quotes edit

  • A soldier has one item that cannot be neglected. His feet. They are his wheels, his mechanised warfare.
    • As quoted in Quotes for the Air Force Logistician, pub. Air Force Logistics Management Agency (2001), p. 115
  • I was tough. I used everything to my advantage. I could be very ruthless.
    • Quoted in his New York Times obituary, 2003 [1]
  • Research to me is as important, or more important, than the writing. It is the foundation upon which the book is built.
    • Explaining how all his novels were researched; quoted in his Guardian obituary, 2003 [2]

About Uris edit

  • Leon Uris is a storyteller, in a direct line from those men who sat around fires in the days before history and made the tribe more human.
    • Pete Hamill; quoted in Uris' New York Times obituary, 2003 [3]

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