Legend of the Seeker

television series

Legend of the Seeker is a television series based on the Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind.

Season 1Edit

Prophecy [1.1]Edit

Richard Cypher: Don't you get it? I'm not what you want me to be. Maybe all those years ago you saved the wrong child.
Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander: No. You are the true Seeker. If anybody failed, it was me telling myself this storm would never come. Kahlan was right. I should have prepared you. What happened to your father is only the beginning of Rahl's evil. But you can stop him. You and only you.
Richard: How?
Zedd: In this life, we cannot go back. Only forward. You have a great destiny ahead of you, Richard Cypher, if you're willing to accept it.

Zedd: Richard Cypher, though your road will be long and the outcome unknown, will you undertake this journey?
Richard: I will.
Zedd: Will you leave behind your friends and all that you have known?
Richard: I will.
Zedd: Though the forces of evil have sworn to bring about your death, still will you go on?
Richard: [Pauses and looks at Kahlan] I will.
Zedd: Then will you accept the name of the Seeker?
Richard: [Pauses and looks at the Sword of Truth] I will.
Zedd: Then I, First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, so name you.

Darken Rahl: The Seeker…he lives.

Destiny [1.2]Edit

Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander: Lesson Number One, Seeker: Sometimes to gain ground you need to slow down.
Richard Cypher: That doesn't make sense.
Kahlan Amnell: Never expect sense from a wizard.
Zedd: Not on an empty stomach
Richard: You are in luck, my friend's wife makes the best soup in Hartland

Zedd: It can never be, not with her.
Richard: [Looks at Kahlan] Why are you telling me this?
Zedd: Because you concentrate on finding Fane. Keep your eyes on the trail up ahead, not on her posterior. Lesson Number Two, Seeker: Clear your mind of what was and will be. See only the task that is.

Zedd: Wizard's First Rule: People will believe a lie because they want it to be true or because they're afraid it might be true.

Bounty [1.3]Edit

Brennidon [1.4]Edit

Listener [1.5]Edit

Listener: ... "You know when you kick a Rock, and there is all of these disgusting bugs and worms, crawling around under it ??? That's what looking inside people's heads is like"...

Elixir [1.6]Edit

Identity [1.7]Edit

Denna [1.8]Edit

Denna: Did you not feel my Agiel? The harder you fight, the more painful its magic will become. And after I've finished training you with it, you'll do anything to please me. Anything. And nothing will please me more than to see the Seeker, stand at the gates of the People's Palace, and there, before the multitudes, take the hand of Lord Rahl and pledge his undying love and fealty to him.
Richard Cypher: I'm going to take that Sword, and I'm going to kill him with it. After I kill you.
Denna: I do enjoy a challenge. Shall we begin?

Denna: Pain is the one experience common to every living thing. It unites us. Mord-Sith are taught to use pain, to channel it, control it, just as you are learning.

Richard Cypher: Mistress Denna, would you allow Constance to train me tomorrow?
Denna: [beating him] Why are you asking for Constance!? You prefer her touch to mine? Obviously I've been too easy on you! Why do you ask for her? Answer me!
Richard Cypher: Because it hurts you to use the Agiel. I don't want you to suffer any more because of me.

Puppeteer [1.9]Edit

Sacrifice [1.10]Edit

Confession [1.11]Edit

Home [1.12]Edit

Revenant [1.13]Edit

Hartland [1.14]Edit

Conversion [1.15]Edit

Kahlan: [to Darken Rahl] What do you know about love....except that you will never feel it from any one?

Bloodline [1.16]Edit

Deception [1.17]Edit

Mirror [1.18]Edit

Cursed [1.19]Edit

Sanctuary [1.20]Edit

Fever [1.21]Edit

Reckoning [1.22]Edit

Richard: [to Kahlan] You loved me across time.

Season 2Edit

Marked [2.1]Edit

Zed: Wizard's Second Rule: The greatest harm can result from the best intentions.

Baneling [2.2]Edit

Broken [2.3]Edit

Touched [2.4]Edit

Wizard [2.5]Edit

Fury [2.6]Edit

Resurrection [2.7]Edit

Light [2.8]Edit

Dark [2.9]Edit

Cara: Mord-Sith believe emotions must be governed. Sadness, remorse, love, these feelings make you weak. But anger, loyalty, pride, these feelings make you powerful.

Perdition [2.10]Edit

Torn [2.11]Edit

Hunger [2.12]Edit

Princess [2.13]Edit

Bound [2.14]Edit

Creator [2.15]Edit

Desecrated [2.16]Edit

Vengeance [2.17]Edit

Walter [2.18]Edit

Extinction [2.19]Edit

Darken Rahl: [to Richard] I am going to join your little quest, and when you find the stone of tears, you will give it to me and I will follow the instructions on the scroll and heal the rift.

Cara:: Can we speed this up? She loves you, you love her. I should protect her as if she were you. Did I miss anything?

Darken Rahl: [to Richard] It must be difficult; being so close to the confessor but unable to bed her. No wonder you invited Cara on your little quest. The mord-siths have a long history of serving the house of Rahl in every way, and as I recall, Cara was always so eager to please.

Darken Rahl: How I missed the simplest pleasures of life.
Richard: Enjoy them while you can. Someday, whether in a week or fifty years, you will be dead again, and you will face the keeper's wrath.
Darken Rahl: You are mistaken. When the veil is repaired and the natural order of the underworld is restored, I will bask in the Creator's light, along with you and the Mother Confessor.
Richard: You have killed countless innocent people. How do you possibly believe that the Creator is going to reward you?
Darken Rahl: When I seal the rift, not only will I be protecting the lives today, I will be ensuring the lives of future generations.

Richard: [to Rahl] The only reason you wanna save the world is to save yourself.

Darken Rahl: [after fighting the sisters of the dark] I always knew we would make a great team, brother.

Eternity [2.20]Edit

Unbroken [2.21]Edit

Tears [2.22]Edit

Rahl: Quiet a dramatic entrance, Even for you Nicci, to what do I owe the please?
Nicci: it appears you and I now have something in common; neither of us serves the keeper anymore
Raul: Tiresome old creature isn't he, always very difficult to please.
Nicci: And you won't be very happy when the seeker fails and your former master gets his hands on you again. He is not known for forgiving those who betray him.
Darken Rahl: And the seeker is not known for failure.

Darken Rahl: If there is one thing I have learned it is never to wager against my brother. Prophecy or not, he will succeed.

Nicci: So the great Darken Rahl is just going to wait for his little brother to save the world?
Darken Rahl: Oh, waiting is not so bad. As long as one finds an amusing away to while away the time, why not join me, the water is warm
Nicci: not as warm as I am going to make it


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