Legend of Mana

1999 Square Enix role-playing video game

Legend of Mana is a Squaresoft game from 1999.


Bud: How ya doin', Cumin?
Cumin: Hey, Bud! You're alive!"
Bud: Of course!"
Cumin: Not 'of course!' If you don't breathe you'll die, right?
Bud: I was breathin'.
Cumin: So... Why were you breathin'?
Bud: You'll die if ya don't breath, right?
Cumin: So you were breathing 'cause you didn't wanna die, right? I bet you were saying... 'Ahh I don't wanna die! I gotta breathe! Ssss-haaa...ssss-haaa'
Bud: I wasn't sayin' that. So, how come yer alive?
Cumin: I live 'cause it's fun.
Bud: So yer sayin'... 'Whoa, life's so fun, I gotta breathe! Ssss-haaa...ssss-haaa'
Cumin: Yeah, that's right! You gotta problem with that?
Bud: Ahh, gimme a break...

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