Left Behind: The Movie

2000 film by Vic Sarin

Left Behind is a 2000 Canadian-American religious thriller film directed by Vic Sarin and starring Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson, Gordon Currie, and Clarence Gilyard, based on the best-selling 1995 Christian eschatological end-times novel of the same name written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, adapted for the screen by Alan B. McElroy.

Buck WilliamsEdit

  • Maybe the common factor isn't in those who were taken...maybe it's in those who were left behind.
  • [Closing narration] Everything the Bible predicted is happening. If this is true, and the antichrist is coming to power, then this is just the beginning. The next seven years are gonna be the worst that mankind has ever seen. Our only hope is to join together and trust God. I don't have all the answers, but for now, faith is enough.

Bruce BarnesEdit

  • Oh Lord...oh God...what a fraud I am. Everybody bought it...except You. I knew Your message! I knew Your words! I STOOD RIGHT HERE, I PREACHED IT...AND I WAS GOOD!!! But they're gone! They're gone, and...oh, but knowing and believing are two different things. I'm living a lie...I'm living a lie, right...OH, GOD!!! I am kneeling before You, right now, asking You...God, forgive me of my sins. I am asking You, give me one more chance to receive You in. Forgive me, God. Use me. Lord please, just use me.
  • This marks the beginning of the rise of the antichrist. He will control ten kingdoms, which in turn, will control the world. The antichrist will sit in the temple of God, and he will declare to the whole world that he is God.

Nicolae CarpathiaEdit

  • We are about to turn this planet into a paradise, unimaginable only a few short weeks ago. Ten oasis regions, where each delegate is given complete control over his respective area. A true global community, a true world...of peace. This marks the beginning of our seven years of peace. Upon each of you, I grant all the power and authority due to your new positions. You are now kings and queens in your own lands, bringing prosperity and plenty to your peoples. All in my name.


[As Chloe has found out about Rayford's secret affair with Hattie Durham]
Chloe Steele: Is that why you never had time for us?
Rayford Steele: No, that's not it at all.
Chloe Steele: Then why don't you tell me what it is?
Rayford Steele: Honestly, I'm not sure if I know. My career, maybe the mortgage. Sometimes you just get so wrapped up in life, that you...well, one day, you wake up, and you realize that you've missed it. You've missed all the important things in life. Love is what we had, Chloe. Your mother loved me and you more than I ever realized. I hated her church stuff. The people that would come over, I resented her for that. Not because I didn't understand it, but because I didn't want her to need anything more than she needed me. Mom had the answers. All she wanted to do was share them with us. She was willing to suffer through the jokes and the patronizing and the coldness from me, just to help us. If I could just go back before all this happened, if I could just take the clock and go back a few minutes a day, I would.
Chloe Steele: Are you telling me that they're dead? That they're not coming back?
Rayford Steele: They're not coming back, baby. Listen, your mother left us with the truth. That there's something more, there's a greater love. She found that. If she were here right now, that's what she'd be telling you.
Chloe Steele: Are you sure this isn't just you feeling guilty because of your friend?
Rayford Steele: It's not about guilt. I can't, I won't live without faith anymore.
Chloe Steele: Why? Because God will send you to Hell? Yeah, nice God. You get Hell on Earth, and you get Hell after.
Rayford Steele: Listen to me, sweetheart, it's not about Hell either. We were given a gift, Chloe. We were given a gift, and we blew it. It's not His fault. The ones that were believers are being spared from what's coming next.
Chloe Steele: What's coming?
Rayford Steele: It's gonna get a lot worse.
Chloe Steele: What could be worse than this?

Buck Williams: Whoever this antichrist guy is, he's gonna have one big war on his hands if he tries to rebuild this temple anytime soon.
Bruce Barnes: Listen to what I'm saying to you. Make no mistake about it, it's written in the scriptures. He will rebuild the temple. I guarantee it.
Buck Williams: But the Arabs are not just gonna sit by and let him build this thing.
Bruce Barnes: They'll make peace with Israel.
Buck Williams: Peace? In the Middle East?
Bruce Barnes: Daniel 9:27 - "And he will confirm a covenant with them many for seven years."
Buck Williams: Alright, listen, I admit, this stuff is compelling. Even scary. We can't just sit here, alright? Nothing is gonna change if somebody doesn't do something.
Chloe Steele: Buck, hold on. Wait! Buck. Buck, where are you going? Buck.
Buck Williams: No. I can't. Alright? I've gotta get to the U.N. and I've gotta warn Chaim.
Rayford Steele: Buck, wait, how are you gonna warn him? You won't even know the truth. The Bible says that if you don't put your faith in God, you will be deceived.
Bruce Barnes: What, you think being here was an accident? You know what I'm talking about. You can feel Him. You can feel God tugging at your heart. (As Buck leaves) Don't ignore Him, Buck!

Buck Williams: Excuse me, what's that?
Chaim Rosenzweig: Ah, this is a dream come true for all of Israel; plans to rebuild our temple.
Buck Williams: The temple? But, the Muslims, they'll never allow this.
Chaim Rosenzweig: No, no, no, the true site of the original temple has been found. It will stand next to their mosque. Perfect harmony. It's a wonderful moment, don't you think? We will be set to break the ground. Well, in light of all this...
Nicolae Carpathia: We move forward. We announce the sharing of food with the world, and the building of this Jewish temple as a symbol. Not just for Jews, but for every man and woman, for the whole of humanity. This marks the beginning of our seven years of peace.
Buck Williams: [Realizing everything Pastor Barnes told him was true] It can't be...
Chaim Rosenzweig: Now, despite your doubts Buck, this is going to be a great day.
Nicolae Carpathia: The stage is set, gentlemen. Let us change history. [To Buck] Thank you for everything you've done. [Shakes hands with Buck and Chaim before he leaves]
Buck Williams: Chaim, you want this built?
Chaim Rosenzweig: Yes, of course! This is the incentive for our leaders to sign the peace treaty! Do you have any idea what this means?
Buck Williams: I thought I did...
Chaim Rosenzweig: Are you alright?

[Nicolae had just proposed his plans for world domination]
Jonathan Stonagal: Nicolae, what do you say we never agree to this?
Nicolae Carpathia: In the garden, there was a serpent who tempted Eve, leading to man's banishment from paradise. That serpent has stood between us and paradise ever since.
Joshua Todd-Cothran: What's this about, Carpathia?
Nicolae Carpathia: It's about you two...serpents in my garden, using unity and prosperity for your own gain.
Jonathan Stonagal: [Chuckles nervously] Nicolae, you know, that's preposterous.
Nicolae Carpathia: Do not lie to me. So small, so easily manipulated. Tell me Jonathan, who is the puppet here? Look where I am, and look where you are.
Jonathan Stonagal: Do you have any idea? Do you know you you're dealing with?!
Nicolae Carpathia: Do you?


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