Left 4 Dead 2

2009 cooperative first-person shooter video game by Valve Corporation

Left 4 Dead 2 is a cooperative first-person shooter video game, and the sequel to Valve's award-winning Left 4 Dead video game.


Friendly FireEdit

Coach: watch where you shootin'!
Coach: Oh—excuse me?! EXCUSE ME?!
Coach: There's gonna be some biblical shit happenin' to you if you do that again!
Coach: Young'un, stop that shit.
Coach: Man—I swear to gawd you can't...shoot worth SHIT!
Ellis: I'm not a zombie. Shoot the frickin zombies!
Ellis: C'mon, man; it's not funny anymore!
Ellis: You do that again and I'll knock you into next week.
Nick: You do that again, AND I WILL BURY YOU ALIVE!
Nick: Y'know, it's not all right that you are shooting me!
Nick: Damn! ...you suck at shooting.
Nick: You. Are. Shooting. ME!
Rochelle: Ow! Hey!
Rochelle: Heyheyheyheyheyhey—hey. Are you fucking kidding me?



  • When heard
Coach: One of those leaping-on-your-back bitches is around.
Nick: Jockeys coming hot and ready
Rochelle: Jockey around...
Ellis: Frickin' jockey's around.


  • When puked on:
Coach: Augh, shit!
Coach: Blargh, dammit!
Nick: Ah, goddammit!
Nick: Augh—this is nasty shit...!
Nick: Ugh, dammit. I am covered in vomit...again.


  • Grabbed and pummeled:
Coach: Shoot this damn Charger!
Coach: Agh, man—one-a y'all gonna shoot this thing?!
Coach: Ah! This thing's beatin' my ass!
Coach: Don't stand there! Kill this thing!
Nick: This thing is beating my meat!
Nick: Kill this goddamn thing!
Ellis: He's bashin' me int' shit!
Ellis: Aw hell, it's poundin' me to death!
Ellis: Charger's rip-pin' me up!
Ellis: Jus' shoot it! SHOOT IT!


  • Seeing in Dead Center:
Ellis: Spittin' Nasty Thing!
Ellis: That Loogie Dude!
  • Injured by Spitter goo:
Coach: Wha—?! SPIT!
Coach: Damn Spitter got me!
Coach: Goddammit—GOO!
Ellis: I got Spitter shit on me!
Ellis: Auh, Spitter goo!
Nick: I got hit by (the) burning goo shit!
Nick: God—damn it, I'm—covered in goo!
  • Injured by Spitter goo in Dead Center:
Ellis: What the hell? 's [s]he spittin' fire...?!
Ellis: Hey, run, man; this['s] some crazy shit!
Nick: Ugh, what 'n the hell did that thing just do?!
Nick: Ugh, what is this shit on me?!
Nick: Ough, what am I covered in?!



  • Fighting:
Coach: Shoot that big mutha!
Coach: Keep pourin' it on!
Ellis: Light that mother UP!
Nick: Stay away from my vodka!!
Nick: Everyone shoot the Tank!
Rochelle: Okay, shoot the shit out of that thing!


  • Running from the Witch:
Coach: The bitch is chasin' me!
Coach: Run! Run! Bitch comin' through!
Coach: Shoot the Bitch, shoot the Bitch!
Nick: Ahhhhh I pissed the Bitch off!
Nick: Shoot the Bitch! Shoot the Bitch! Shoot the Bitch! What're you doing?! Shoot her!


Campaign 1: Dead CenterEdit

Coach: [yelling at the helicopter as it leaves them on the roof] Hey! Come back! COME BACK! ...Ah, he ain't comin' back!

Nick: Technically, you're not supposed to use an elevator in a fire. But that might not apply during a zombie apocalypse.

Ellis: Kill all sons of bitches. That's my official instruction

Campaign 2: Dark CarnivalEdit

Coach: [seeing the roadside billboard for the Whispering Oaks amusment park] Hey...! Whisperin' Oaks! Shit, I used to go there when I was a kid!
Nick: Oh, good. Now we can die there as adults!

Nick : [crossing the highway, which has been congested with an innumerous amount of abandoned cars and vehicles] These abandoned cars go on for miles.
Coach: Maybe they left 'em when they got rescued!
Nick: That's...one theory.

Coach: Whisperin' Oaks Motel? Sheeeeet... I know where we are!

[when the group sees Clown Infected]

Coach: CLOWNS?! (Gimme a break!)
Ellis: Clowns? Clowns. Aw, you have got to be fucking kidding me.

Coach: [at a fenced carosel, about the only available switch] A'ight, this is gonna open the gate, and what the hell else?
Nick: You know what? Somehow, I think it'll activate everything else around here.

Campaign 3: Swamp FeverEdit

Coach: Shit, that pilot jus' changed. One minute, he was flyin' us to safety; the next, he was…well…I am pretty damn sure he was tryin' to eat us.
Ellis: Nick what the hell you shoot the pilot.
Nick: Yeah but he wasn´t doing a good job after he turned into a zombie now was he?
Ellis: true true but he also was our ONLY pilot.
Rochelle: he must have been bitten at the concert.

Campaign 4: Hard RainEdit

Coach: We should be in-an'-out of here. Get the gas, get back to shore, signal Virgil with the flare gun in the gun bag. Then we should just, uh…um…aw, hell. Tell me someone brought the gun bag!
Nick: What gun bag?

[while moving through the Witch-infested sugarmill]

Coach: Whole lotta Witches 'round here…!
Ellis: Man, I'm gonna start cryin' in a minute.


Ellis: Nick. You ever seen so many Witches? Ho-lee shit…!

Campaign 5: The ParishEdit

[in the impound lot; when a Survivor shoots one too many cars…]

Ellis: All right! I can shoot a car, too!
Nick: You wanna start shootin' cars, let's shoot cars!

[on the freeway]

Nick: That's it! We're really here! We're on the bridge! We're here! We're here!

[The military's F18s blow the freeway up.]

Coach: Motherfucker!
Ellis: Whoa! That was cool 'n' all, but…shit.
Coach: (when big mommas flying towards him) OH SHIT!
Nick: Oh, COME ON!
Rochelle: What are they doing?!?!

[on the Bridge; when the soldier on the radio asks them if they have "encountered the Infected"]

Coach: [indignant] "Encountered"? Boy—I am covered in zombie blood and puke, and eyeballs, and twenty other parts I don't even recognize! We are immune as SHIT!
Coach: [variant of above line] "Encountered"? Boy, I am covered in zombie blood…puke…eyeballs...and twenty other parts I don't even recognize! We are immune as shit!
Nick: Yeah, you could say that.

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