Leave It to Beaver (film)

Leave It to Beaver is a 1997 film that is a remake of the TV series of the same name. There are many in-jokes related to the original series within the movie.

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Ward: June, you're vacuuming in pearls. You know what that does to me!

Eddie, Jr.: You looked as though you just walked out the runaway.
June: Eddie?
Eddie, Jr.: Yes, Mrs. Cleaver?
June: Cut the crap.

Gilbert: Yo, I'm Gilbert. This summer, my parents shipped me off to camp. I caught impetigo. And when I got back, my dad had moved out. Only since then he moved back, but he's still sleeping in my room and he's sleeping on the couch.

Judy: All right. Sit down and shut up! You're going to learn this stuff if I have to shove it down your throat! And just where do you think you're going... Beaver Cleaver?
Beaver: Thanks anyway, Judy. But I'd rather go through 3rd grade a hundred time than listen to your ugly voice for one minute!

Judy: Wow, Beaver. You really pulled up your grade. You got a C.
Beaver: Really?
Judy: Yeah! A "See me after class".

Karen: You're SUCH a nice guy.

[from trailer]
June: I'm worried. I'm worried. About our. About our. Beaver. Beaver.

[from trailer]
Beaver: Oh no, Mom. Oh no, Mom. Oh no-no-no-no-no, Mom.


  • The Beav is back.


Cameos by actors and actresses from the television series

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