Leah Bodine Drake

American writer

Leah Bodine Drake (22 December 22 1904 – 21 November 1964) was an American poet, editor and critic.

Drake's "Whisper Water" was the cover story in the May 1953 Weird Tales

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Haunted Hour edit

  • The sky is colored like a peacock's breast;
    There lingers yet one thin, chill line of gold
    Down where the woods their somber branches hold
    In silhouette against the fading west.
    Dark leaves, dark earth, slow-breathing and at rest,
    Whence frail scents rise of dew-wet grass and mold.
    A single star gleams diamond-clear and cold,
    Like one sharp note from elfin viol wrest.
    This is the haunted hour,—such woods surround
    Grey Merlin in his oak, adrouse with dwale;
    In such a gloaming once the lorn knight found
    ⁠The faery woman in the river-vale;
    And underneath this star long, long ago
    The Dark Tower heard a lonely slug-horn blow!
    • 1941, Weird Tales, Vol. 36, p. 105

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  • Weird Tales, Volume 36, no. 2, issued in November/December 1941