Laurence Lampert

Canadian philosopher

Laurence Lampert (born 1941) is a Canadian philosopher and leading scholar in the field of Nietzsche studies. He was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Laurence Lampert in 2015



Leo Strauss and Nietzsche (1996)

  • Nietzsche’s arrival in modern philosophy signaled an unprecedented necessity: “probity”, “intellectual conscience”, Enlightenment radicalized by a new bravery that scorns any comforts like God.
    • p. 5
  • How can historicism consistently exempt itself from its own verdict that all human thought is historical?
    • p. 6
  • Strauss’ whole study indicates that noble nature as Nietzsche presents it—no, embodies it—replaces divine nature as Plato presents it.
    • p. 15
  • The way of Socrates had shown itself to be a limited way because it concerned itself “only with the scientific investigation of justice and the virtues,” and it had shown itself to be an intransigent way because it chose “non-conformity and death.” Plato corrected the way of Socrates—he removed the limitation and tempered its intransigence.
    • p. 16-17
  • Nietzsche discovered the clue to esotericism early … “The fact of the pious fraud.”
    • p. 20
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