Lauren Southern

Canadian political activist

Lauren Southern (born 16 June 1995) is a Canadian far-right political activist and Internet personality associated with the alt-right.

Lauren Southern in December 2016




  • I believe anyone who supports feminism is anti-woman even if they are not conscious of it. Feminism and "female empowerment" has led to a generation of the least happy women in history. They are lost and are being told that they are the EXACT same as men and should be able to compete at the same level in all fields of life. How sad to always fail at something you are supposed to be equal in. How sad to be led astray to never get married then hit a wall where you wish for nothing more than a family but cannot have it... simply because you bought into this false notion of feminism that promised happiness and fulfillment. The reality is women are biologically different and different things will make them happy.


  • Excellent stuff from CPC leadership candidate @MaximeBernier There's hope for Canada!
  • Check out @MaximeBernier if you want to save Canada.
  • Talking memes with @MaximeBernier
  • I am not trying to sell the idea that myself, as a 22-year-old, needs to be married right now for the sake of traditionalism and not being a degenerate. ... What is also just completely shocking to me is the utter lack of understanding of nuance and exceptions. People who ignore that there are exceptions to the rule are just as crazy as people who ignore that there’s a rule in the first place.

2017 New Year's Resolutions for Millennials

  • "and they [the boomers] definitely pranked us fiscally with debt that [we] will never be able to pay off."
  • "Racism is not the norm in mainstream Western culture or in its institutions: not even close to the norm.
  • "No, movies and TV shows are not racist."
  • "You can't make fun of anything anymore. Comedy is the last bastion of free speech. Let's try not to kill it."
  • "Who do you want to be: the spergs and savages who started wars and rubbed blood on their faces; or the reasonable gentlemen who allow the best ideas to win?"


  • Even if you hate Russia and want to see it nuked or levelled today, you still need to understand your enemy. You need to understand how they think in order to compete with them.
  • [About Aleksandr Dugin:] There are so many people who call him a fascist and it triggers me so much because that just tells me they're talking about Dugin when they haven't even read the first three pages of his book. He hates fascism.
  • [About the Russian invasion of Ukraine 2022:] It's a more complex issue that just 'Russian big baddie', 'West big good guy'. Do I think invading Ukraine is a good thing? No, of course not. I hate having to always put these stipulations before everything I say when I have a conversation. Of course what they are doing is bad but we still need to consider the good parts of their ideology and the good critiques they have, because if we have no self-criticizm as the West as a liberal society, we're going to become exactly what they expect us to do: Some culture that just becomes Unicron and tries to eat the rest of the world and never self-reflects.
  • I think it's terrifying that we're banning all of this Russian media, because we're gonna get one story and it's going to be completely different from what the other half of the world hears. You're going to have the Western story and view of reality, and the [Eastern-Eurasian] story and view of reality. And we're going to have completely different world views to a terrifying extent. [...] We cannot operate in a world with only 50 percent of the story. We're gonna all become little North Koreas [...].
  • [The terrifying thing] is that most of the people commenting on this Ukraine crisis couldn't even point Ukraine on a map a month ago. They have no idea of any of the history. They look at it from a cartoon world view: Putin is just bad, and he's bad because he's bad, of course, and if you disagree with that then you're bad.
  • I saw the other day, it was horrific, they had Russian soldiers in Red Square going through and asking people to see what was on their phone and saying 'We're going to arrest you if you don't show us what's on your phone. [...] Because we need to see if you're posting pro-Ukraine stuff.' Horrific. Unfortunately this happens in the West as well, just people can't see it publically yet.
  • I think it's fantastic that Twitter has come out and put a little thing that says 'Russian state affiliated media' behind RT. I think it's fantastic that they put 'Chinese state affiliated media' behind that. Now where the hell is the BBC, CBC and all of the Wester ones? Why do we not show that our states fund media as well? [...] We all have the exact same temptation to appeal to where our checks come from.
  • I think this is the problem when everything is down to your property, your banking. All of that is so centralized in government hands and control. People know they have nothing they can do, especially when you have a kid. When you have a kid [...] they will have you by the throat. There is nothing you can do. Because any decision you make to try to stand up to what you feel is oppressive horrible government policy is going to affect your child [...] so you're putting them at risk.

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