Laura's Star

2004 German animated film directed by Thilo Rothkirch

Laura's Star is a 2004 German animated feature film produced and directed by Thilo Rothkirch. It is based on the children's book Lauras Stern by Klaus Baumgart. It was released by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment.

Directed by Piet De Rycker and Thilo Rothkirch. Produced by Thilo Rothkirch. Written by Michael Mädel and Piet De Rycker.


  • [to her toys] Don't worry. Tomorrow we're all gonna go back home. [points] See? Look. We'll need to follow that big, bright star up there. That's it. That'll take us home.
  • [to the star] You're quire a way from home, aren't you? And you're a stranger around here and don't know anyone. Guess what. You're just like me. Really, quite like me.


[first lines]
Laura: [sighs and presses against her bedroom window] Ugh. Mom, Dad, where's the apple tree?
Mother: Oh, Laura, sweetheart. Has your spacecraft survived the move in one piece? And your flight? Come on, tell us a bit about it.
Laura: Mm. It was all a bit much, if you don't mind me saying. During our landing, we drifted slightly off course, as you all know. Then I opened my curtains and hard a good look around, and what did I see? My lovely apple tree's not there, nor my friends. The meadow has also disappeared and the birdhouse, my seesaw, my flowers and my absolutely favorite place in the hill, and...
Tommy: My Protect-Me-Dog!

[last lines]
Father: Come on guys, get ready!
Laura: What for? Is something wrong?
Father: Oh, we thought perhaps you'd like to go to the countryside this weekend, to see our old house once more.
Laura: [gasps in surprise and delight, but runs to window and looks outside] Oh!
Max: [waves] Hi! Laura!
Laura: Uh, but, Dad, can we choose another weekend to go out in the countryside?
Mother: Why's that, then?
Laura: We've only just got here, Mom. Our new home.
Tommy: Home. [giggles cheerfully]
[Laura runs outside as ending theme "Touch the Sky" begins playing]
Laura: [last line of the film] Hey, Max!


German versionEdit

  • Céline Vogt as Laura (voice) (as Celine Vogt)
  • Sandro Iannotta as Tommy (voice)
  • Maximilian Artajo as Max (voice)
  • Brit Gülland as Mama (voice) (as Britt Güland)
  • Heinrich Schafmeister as Papa (voice)
  • Mirco Nontschew as Mechanische Katze / Bär (voice)
  • Martin Reinl as Mini Hase (voice)
  • Eva Mattes as Sonne (voice)
  • Peter Fitz as Mond (voice)
  • Mogens von Gadow as Hausmeister (voice)
  • Hildegard Krekel as Putzfrau (voice)
  • Adrian Wilms as Harry (voice)
  • Carolin Von der Gröben as Harrys Bande (voice)
  • Adrian Killian as Harrys Bande (voice)
  • Tobias Klausmann as Harrys Bande (voice)

English versionEdit

  • Clemmie Hooton as Laura (voice: English version)
  • Anthony Da Silva as Tommy (voice: English version)
  • Matthew Thomas-Davis as Max (voice: English version)
  • Rebecca Vere as Mother (voice: English version)
  • Nick Saich as Father (voice: English version)
  • Tim Everett as Janitor (voice: English version)
  • Rosa Alessi as Cleaning lady (voice: English version)
  • Charlie Brown as Harry (voice: English version)
  • Joshua Capstick as Harry's gang (voice: English version)
  • David Perkins as Harry's gang (voice: English version)
  • Beth McCord as Harry's gang (voice: English version)

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