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Following is a collection of last and first words from Doctor Who and associated media

The Doctor edit

  • Fear no more, Hogan... After this dreadful night has passed, your scarecrows will not walk again!
    • Who: The Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Night Walkers
    • Note: Forced to regenerate by the Time Lords, the Doctor can't pick an appearance but is too late as he is sentenced to death. However, the Time Lords do not actually carry out the execution in the end, and merely send him on missions for them, giving the official sentence in the Matrix logs as "exile". After a while, The Doctor escapes and some time later animated scarecrows created by the Time Lords carry out the regeneration and his exile begins...
  • A tear, Sarah Jane? No, don't cry. While there's life, there's...
    • Who: The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders
    • Note: The Doctor regenerates after suffering severe radiation poisoning from the planet Metebelis III.
  • It's the end... But the moment has been prepared for.
    • Who: The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Logopolis
    • Note: The Doctor is fatally wounded after falling from a radio telescope after a confrontation with The Master.
  • Adric?
    • Who: The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Caves of Androzani
    • Note: Poisoned by a Spectrox plant, and resultantly affected by spectrox toxaemia, he hallucinates a former companion who died years earlier.
  • I've had good innings. All those lives I have lived... I hope the footprint I leave will be... light, but apposite... who said that? Who's... there?
  • Yes, I will regenerate. Our future is in safe hands...
    • Who: The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker)
    • Source: The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure
    • Note: The Doctor dies of radiation poisoning after deliberately piloting himself into the Rani's attack in order to prevent the Valeyard from erasing the Time Lords from history.
  • No! Timing malfunction! The Master; he's out there! I've got to stop... him!
    • Who: The Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)
    • Source: Doctor Who
    • Note: The Doctor has been mortally poisoned by anaesthetic in a botched operation due to surgeons being unfamiliar with his alien anatomy.
  • Rose... Before I go, I just want to say you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I!
    • Who: The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Parting of the Ways
    • Note: The Doctor regenerates after absorbing the energy from the heart of the TARDIS from Rose Tyler, who had used it to defeat the Dalek Emperor.
  • I don't want to go.
    • Who: The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The End of Time
    • Note: The Doctor regenerates after absorbing a fatal dose of radiation in order to save his friend Wilfred.
  • Physician, heal thyself.
    • Who: The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Night of the Doctor
    • Note: In the midst of the Time War, the Doctor crashes on Karn with a girl, Cas and after being briefly resurrected from death by The sisterhood of Karn, triggers his regeneration with the help of the elixir of life.
  • I hope the ears are a bit less conspicuous this time.
    • Who: The War Doctor (John Hurt)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor
    • Note: After growing remarkably old and grizzled by fighting in the Time War, the War Doctor had not realized how frail his body had turned, focusing nearly all his attention on the Time War. By the conclusion of his final adventure with the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors, his regeneration is triggered automatically.
  • Hey...
    • Who: The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor
    • Note: After aging over hundreds of years while defending Trenzalore, The Doctor is granted a new regeneration cycle from the Time Lords. This regeneration generates an immense amount of chronal regeneration energy that causes a "reset", reverting him to look younger. After making his way to The TARDIS and changing his clothes, he speaks his final words to Clara who then witnesses the final stage of this regeneration into his thirteenth incarnation.
  • Well then...Here we go. The long way round...
    • Who: The First Doctor
    • Source: Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time
    • Note: The Doctor makes his way back to The TARDIS after going on adventure with his future Twelfth incarnation; he opens the doors and collapses onto the floor and regenerates into his second body.
  • Doctor, I let you go.
    • Who: The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time
    • Note: After being mortally wounded in a battle with the Cybermen, the Doctor attempts to force the end of his life by stalling the regeneration process. Eventually he comes to terms with living another life, and spends his final moments addressing his next incarnation.

Companions edit

  • You show me so many strange mysteries. With you, I know I'm safe.
    • Who: Katarina (Adrienne Hill)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Devil's Planet
    • Note: Katarina says this to the Doctor, shortly before getting taken hostage by the convict Kirksen, who had stowed away aboard their ship. In the following episode, Katarina kills herself and Kirksen by opening the airlock outer door, resulting in their being ejected into space.
  • Doctor...
    • Who: Sara Kingdom (Jean Marsh/May Warden)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Destruction of Time
    • Note: Sara, having been aged to near-death by the Daleks' Time Destructor weapon, calls out one last time to the likewise-aged Doctor, before she disintegrates into dust.
  • Not even us.
    • Who: Romana I (Mary Tamm)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Armageddon Factor episode 6.
    • Note: Romana I's last on-screen words, in reply to the Doctor saying that the randomizer fitted to the TARDIS controls will prevent the Black Guardian from knowing what their next destination is. She later regenerates into Romana II off-screen before the next story.
  • Now I'll never know if I was right...
    • Who: Adric (Matthew Waterhouse)
    • Source: Doctor Who" Earthshock episode 4.
    • Note: Adric says this line before the freighter he is on crashes into Earth and explodes.
  • Affirmative.
    • Who: K-9 Mark III (John Leeson)
    • Source: Doctor Who: School Reunion
    • Note: K-9 Mark III's response to Mr. Finch calling him a "bad dog", after he showers the Krillitanes in their oil, eventually causing them to explode with enough force to destroy the school.
  • Mr. Capricorn! I resign...!
  • Stop me falling.
    • Who: Astrid Peth (Kylie Minogue)
    • Source: Doctor Who Voyage of the Damned
    • Note: Astrid says this having been transported to Deck 31 to save the Doctor from execution by the Heavenly Host on Capricorn's instructions. She rams him with the forklift and they both fall to their deaths in the engine much to the Doctor's horror. For the second part, the image of her is picked up by the Doctor as she says this. Knowing there isn't anything he can do to save her, he preserves her atoms to travel across the stars forevermore.

The Master edit

  • That is my property, I believe.
    • Who: The Master (Roger Delgado)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Frontier in Space episode 6.
    • Note: The character's last on-screen words, said to the Third Doctor and Jo Grant as he catches them trying to escape with his mind-control device. This version of the Master later dies off-screen at an unknown point, becoming the Decaying Master.
  • So. A new body, at last!
    • Who: The Decaying Master (Geoffrey Beevers)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Keeper of Traken episode 4.
    • Note: Said as he finds Tremas, who is transfixed to the Master's TARDIS by a booby-trap. The Decaying Master then absorbs Tremas, becoming a new incarnation.
  • You should have killed me, Doctor!
    • Who: The Master (Anthony Ainley)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Survival episode 3.
    • Note: The last on-screen words of this version of the Master, as he fights with the Seventh Doctor on the dying Cheetah Planet. This version of the Master is later executed by the Daleks in the opening sequence of the 1996 TV movie.
  • Never!
    • Who: The Master (Eric Roberts)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Movie
    • Note: The Master refuses the Eighth Doctor's offer of help, before being sucked into the Eye of Harmony and destroyed.
  • Killed by an insect! A girl! How inappropriate. Still, if the Doctor can be young and strong, then so can I. The Master, reborn!
    • Who: Professor Yana (Derek Jacobi)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Utopia
    • Note: Said after being shot by Yana's assistant, Chanto, before regenerating into a younger body.
  • You see, Missy, this is where we've always been going. This is our perfect ending. We shoot ourselves in the back.
    • Who: The Master (John Simm)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls
    • Note: His last on-screen words, after being fatally stabbed by Missy, who he regenerates into off-screen.
  • Yes, my dear, you will.
    • Who: Missy (Michelle Gomez)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls
    • Note: Missy's telling her previous incarnation that it's his destiny to work with the Doctor. In response, the previous Master fatally shoots Missy with his laser screwdriver.
  • Maybe. But if I can't be the Doctor, neither can you!
    • Who: The Master (Sacha Dhawan)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor
    • Note: With his body dying as the result of a failed attempt to take over the Thirteenth Doctor, the Master redirects an energy blast from a creature he had imprisoned, causing it to fatally injure the Doctor.

Television edit

Doctor Who (1963) edit

First Doctor era edit

  • Take these things.
    • Who: Temmosus (Alan Wheatley)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Ambush
    • Note: Tells the other Thals to take the food that the Daleks have left for them, only to be ambushed and killed by the Daleks shortly after saying this.
  • It's too smooth!
    • Who: Antodus (Marcus Hammond)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Rescue
    • Note: Unable to pull himself back onto the rock face Ian and the other Thals are climbing, Antodus cuts the rope holding him up and falls to his death.
  • Your terms of peace are hard, my lord.
    [Kublai Khan: Tegana, those who rise against us must be humbled.]
    They shall be honoured. I promised Noghai to make an end of this matter.
    • Who: Tegana (Derren Nesbitt)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Assassin at Peking
    • Note: Tegana tries to kill Kublai Khan, but then kills the vizier by mistake after saying these words. After losing a sword fight to Marco, Tegana grabs a sword and kills himself.
  • I... I remember now. I must kill. I must kill. I must kill.
    • Who: Jeff Garvey (Barry Jackson)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Exploding Planet
    • Note: Garvey has been pricked by the thorn of a Varga Plant, and is already having his mind taken over. In the following episode he tries to kill his comrades Marc Cory and Gordon Lowery, but the former kills Garvey first.
  • That's right. I'll soon be one of them. Kill... kill...
    • Who: Gordon Lowery (Jeremy Young)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Mission to the Unknown
    • Note: Lowery, having himself been pricked by the thorns of another Varga Plant and starting to visibly transform, asks Cory to kill him, and then forces him to do so by threatening to shoot him.
  • This is Marc Cory, Special Service, reporting from the planet Kembel. The Daleks are planning the complete destruction of our galaxy. Together with the other forces of the outer galaxy, an war force is being assembled. If our galaxy is to be saved, whoever receives this message must relay the information to Earth immediately. It is vital that defence mechanisms are put into operation at once. Message ends.
    • Who: Marc Cory (Edward de Souza)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Mission to the Unknown
    • Note: Cory records a warning of the Daleks' impending invasion. Before he can broadcast it, however, the Daleks catch up to and kill him.
  • You, too? Sara!
    • Who: Bret Vyon (Nicholas Courtney)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Traitors
    • Note: Bret, upon being confronted by his fellow officer (and sister) Sara Kingdom, who kills him under the mistaken belief that he is a traitor to Earth.
  • You will pay for your crimes against your ruler. ARGH! You cannot... kill... me!
    • Who: Mavic Chen (Kevin Stoney)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Destruction of Time
    • Note: Chen, having deluded himself into believing that he is immortal and the ruler of the Daleks, is killed by them after they deem him of no further use.
  • A five. Hurray, I've won! Hurrah for me! Yaroo- AAARGH!
    • Who Cyril (Peter Stephens)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Final Test
    • Note: Cyril scores a winning throw on the TARDIS hopscotch game, only to slip on a trap he had left for Steven and Dodo, causing him to fall onto an electrified floor and be killed.
  • We are equipped to survive. We are only interested in survival. Anything else is of no importance. Your deaths will not affect us.
    [Polly: But I can't make you understand! You're condemning us all to die! Have you no heart?]
    No. That is one of the weaknesses that we have removed.
    • Who: Krail (Reg Whitehead)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet episode 2.
    • Note: Krail, after rejecting Polly's attempts at reasoning with the Cybermen, is killed by General Cutler with a stolen Cyberman weapon.
  • The enemy? The enemy? I'll tell you who the enemy is. You! You! You killed my son!
    [Dyson: But sir, they've landed!]
    The only person I gave a care about in this whole world, and you killed him. Now I'm going to kill you all, and I'll start with you, Doctor!
    • Who: General Cutler (Robert Beatty)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet episode 4.
    • Note: After losing contact with his son's spacecraft, Cutler announces his intention to kill the Doctor, Ben, and Barclay for sabotaging the Z-bomb. Before he can do so, another squadron of Cybermen enters the control room, and Cutler is gunned down after he fruitlesly tries to shoot one of the Cybermen.

Second Doctor era edit

  • I want to help you. I am your servant.
    [Dalek: We do not need humans now.]
    But you wouldn't kill me. I gave you life.
    • Who: Lesterson (Robert James)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks episode 6.
    • Note: Lesterson, having gone insane after learning of the Daleks' true nature, unsuccessfully tries to persuade them to spare him. Instead, they kill him.
  • You'll obey me, or-
    [Quinn: Your days are over, Bragen. No-one will obey you now.]
    I'm the governor, and you will! Valmar!
    • Who: Bragen (Bernard Archard)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks episode 6.
    • Note: Bragen tries to persuade his right-hand man Valmar to kill Quinn. However, Valmar, having witnessed the disaster caused by his attempt to use the Daleks to rule the colony, shoots Bragen instead.
  • No! No, you cannot do this to me! No, no!
    • Who: Professor Zaroff (Joseph Furst)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace episode 4.
    • Note: Zaroff is trapped behind a shutter, just a few feet away from the activation trigger for his planet-destroying weapon, as Atlantis floods. He is unable to escape in time, and drowns.
  • No. You have broken your promise.
    [Cyber Controller: Cybermen do not promise. Such ideas have no value. Open.]
    • Who: Kaftan (Shirley Cooklin)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Tomb of the Cybermen episode 4.
    • Note: After Toberman has knocked out Klieg, the Cyber Controller orders Kaftan to open the tombs. Kaftan refuses, so he does it for her. Kaftan then closes the hatch and tries to shoot the Cyber Controller with a handgun, only for him to blast her with his laser.
  • Oh, you're stupid. You still think that your puny minds can survive against us? You're decadent, weak. Do you know that? Weak!
    [The Doctor: Alright, go ahead, kill us.]
    No. I have a better idea. A much better idea. I shall leave you to the Cybermen. I'm sure they'll have some use for you. Or parts of you!
    • Who: Eric Klieg (George Pastell)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Tomb of the Cybermen episode 4.
    • Note: Klieg decides to leave the Doctor and his friends to be killed by the Cybermen, only for one of them to kill him.
  • We must survive. We must survive.
    • Who: The Cyber Controller (Michael Kilgarriff)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Tomb of the Cybermen episode 4.
    • Note: The Cyber Controller tries to escape from the control room, which the Doctor has rigged to be electrified when the doors close, but Toberman stops him at the doors to the tomb. When the doors are closed, the Cyber Controller is electrocuted to death.
  • They shall never pass Toberman! The door is closed!
    • Who: Toberman (Roy Stewart)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Tomb of the Cybermen episode 4.
    • Note: Toberman closes the doors to the Cyber Tombs, electrocuting himself and the Cyber Controller in the process.
  • There's never been such a discovery as this. All my life-
    • Who: Arden (George Waring)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors episode 3.
    • Note: After Arden and Jamie discover the Ice Warriors' ship, Varga and his warriors shoot them both down. Arden is killed, but his body protects Jamie, who is merely knocked out.
  • But, but, but... I want to help you!
    • Who: Storr (Angus Lennie)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors episode 4.
    • Note: Storr tries to side with the Ice Warriors, but they think he's useless and they kill him.
  • What we need is someone like Penley, or that Doctor. Somebody who can think. Not with a machine. And what good's your precious computer done anyway? Nothing! Nothing but trouble! And it's time somebody put a stop to it!
    • Who: Walters (Malcolm Taylor)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors episode 6.
    • Note: Thinking that the computer has caused the problems, Walters tries to smash it, only for Miss Garrett to shoot him with her tranquilizer gun. Later, when Varga and two of his warriors enter the control room, Walters tries to shoot Varga, only to get blasted.
  • It was not power in the engines, Zondal, it was heat. The heat from the Ioniser.
    • Who: Varga (Bernard Bresslaw)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors episode 6.
    • Note: In an attempt to return to Mars, Varga's lieutenant, Zondal, thinks that his engines have got power, but it's actually the Ioniser's heat. The resulting explosion kills the Ice Warriors, including Varga.
  • Every word has been heard on Earth!
    • Who: Fewsham (Terry Scully)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death episode 5.
    • Note: Fewsham has activated the video link, allowing the people of Earth to hear the Ice Warriors' plans. Slaar then orders one of his warriors to kill him.
  • Slaar! We are passing between Earth and moon! The signal has not led us into the moon's gravitational field!
    [Slaar: Have you lost my signal?]
    Your signal is being received clearly, but we're off course!
    [Slaar: Are you sure your calculations are correct?]
    Our calculations have been checked! You have sent us into an orbit close to the sun!
    [Slaar: Use your retro-active rockets to change course!]
    It is too late! We have insufficient fuel for manoeuver! You have failed us, Slaar! We shall all die! We are being drawn into the orbit of the sun!
    • Who: The Grand Marshall (Graham Leaman)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death episode 6.
    • Note: Slaar's homing beam has been hijacked by the Doctor, sending the Grand Marshall into the sun.
  • Earth will still die. The fungus will take the oxygen from your atmosphere.
    [The Doctor: No, I'm afraid you've failed there too. We can destroy the fungus.]
    Kill him!
    • Who: Slaar (Alan Bennion)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death episode 6.
    • Note: After the Grand Marshall's fleet is sent spiraling into the sun, Slaar orders his remaining Ice Warrior to kill the Doctor, but Jamie distracts the Ice Warrior, allowing the Doctor to divert the Ice Warrior's aim so that Slaar dies.
  • He wanted to stop the war games. He was an incompetent fool, jealous of my position. Surely, you realise that? He forged that recording you heard. He wanted to stop the war games! He tried to-
    • Who: The War Chief (Edward Brayshaw)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The War Games episode 9.
    • Note: The War Chief futilely tries to deny killing the Security Chief, leading to the War Lord having his guards execute him.
  • No... no... NO!
    • Who: The War Lord (Philip Madoc)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The War Games episode 10.
    • Note: The War Lord's last spoken words, before the Time Lords erase him from history as punishment for his mass-kidnapping of military personnel from Earth's history.

Third Doctor era edit

  • No one can destroy the Nestenes!
    • Who: Channing (Hugh Burden)
    • Source: Doctor Who Spearhead from Space episode 4
    • Note: Channing's last spoken words before he awakens the Nestene Consciousness to attack the Doctor. When the Nestene Consciousness is destroyed, Channing is deactivated and reduced to a faceless mannequin.
  • Can you hear me, Dr. Williams? Let us... let us out!
    • Who: Director Eric Stahlman (Olaf Pooley)
    • Source: Doctor Who Inferno episode 5
    • Note: Director Stahlman's last spoken words, just before he completely transforms into a Primord. The transformed Stahlman dies in the following episode, after being sprayed by a fire extinguisher by Greg Sutton.
  • Leave me be!
    • Who: Platoon Under-Leader Benton (John Levene)
    • Source: Doctor Who Inferno episode 5
    • Note: Benton warns Sutton off trying to help him, having been infected by the Stahlman Primord. Afterwards, Benton himself rapidly transforms into a Primord, and is presumably killed in the destruction of the alternate Earth.
  • We helped him, we have every right to go. I'll give you until the count of three. One...
    [The Doctor: You'll have to shoot me, Brigade Leader. I have no intention of taking you.]
    Two... Thr-
    • Who: Brigade Leader Lethbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney)
    • Source: Doctor Who Inferno episode 6
    • Note: The Brigade Leader tries to force the Doctor at gunpoint to take the Project Inferno survivors to his universe, despite his protestations that this is impossible. Section Leader Shaw eventually shoots the Brigade Leader dead to allow the Doctor to escape.
  • Go on, Doctor, get on with it!
    • Who: Greg Sutton (Derek Newark)
    • Source: Doctor Who Inferno episode 6
    • Note: Sutton encouraging the Doctor to escape, as the alternative Earth begins to completely disintegrate. He, along with Dr. Williams and Section Leader Shaw, is presumably killed by a lava flow.
  • Go on, Doctor, go now!
    • Who: Section Leader Elizabeth Shaw (Caroline John)
    • Source: Doctor Who Inferno episode 6
    • Note: Shaw encouraging the Doctor to escape, as the alternative Earth begins to completely disintegrate. She, along with Dr. Williams and Greg Sutton, is presumably killed by a lava flow.
  • GREG!
    • Who: Dr. Petra Williams (Sheila Dunn)
    • Source: Doctor Who Inferno episode 6
    • Note: Williams calls out to Greg Sutton as she spots a rapidly-approaching lava throw, which presumably kills them both along with Section Leader Shaw.
  • All of you leave this area immediately! Go on! I shall control the last phase of this operation alone. Stand by in the drill head there. Now, go on! Get out, all of you. Go on, do as I say!
    • Who: Dr. Eric Stahlman (Olaf Pooley)
    • Source: Doctor Who Inferno episode 7
    • Note: Said by Stahlman to the Project Inferno staffers, as he begins to succumb to the Primord infection. He then causes himself to completely transform by smearing the slime produced by the drill into his face, before being killed by the Doctor and our universe's Greg Sutton with fire extinguishers.
  • No, no! A friend! I'm a friend!
    • Who: Bert the landlord (Don McKillop)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Daemons episode 5.
    • Note: When Bok comes out of the church to deal with UNIT, Bert tries to convince him that he is his friend, only to get killed.
  • This action does not relate! There is no data! It does not relate! Go! Leave me! All of you!
    • Who: Azal (Stephen Thorne)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Daemons episode 5.
    • Note: When the Doctor refuses to take Azal's power, Azal tries to kill him, but Jo offers herself to be killed instead of the Doctor. Confused, Azal self-destructs.
  • I'm sorry, they were too quick for us. They escaped in the darkness.
    [Gold Dalek: You are lying! You have betrayed the Daleks!]
    No! I told you before! Those security guards are no match for humans!
    [Gold Dalek: You are a traitor to the Daleks! You must be exterminated!]
    Who knows? I may have helped to exterminate you!
    • Who: The Controller (Aubrey woods)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Day of the Daleks episode 4.
    • Note: The Controller has let the Doctor and Jo escape the future and return to the present, and then goes to falsify his report to the Daleks. Unfortunately, the Gold Dalek has been told the truth by the head guard and exterminates him.
  • Oh no, not this time. This time it's going to be different!
    • Who: Shura (Jimmy Winston)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Day of the Daleks episode 4.
    • Note: Shura at first believes that he must kill Sir Reginald Styles to prevent the war, but when the Doctor and Jo tell him that the Daleks are coming into the house where Styles is supposed to have his meeting, he tells them to leave so he can set off a bomb which destroys the house, the Daleks and himself.
  • I wanted to save our world. To preserve the old ways. Perhaps I was wrong, Peladon. I hope so. The future you set so much store by is yours now.
    • Who: Hepesh (Geoffrey Toone)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Curse of Peladon episode 4.
    • Note: Hepesh says this line after being fatally injured by Aggedor. He soon dies in King Peladon's arms.
  • This device is causing the power to overload!
    • Who: Chief Sea Devil (Peter Forbes-Robertson)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Sea Devils episode 6.
    • Note: The Chief Sea Devil says this line before he and the other Sea Devils are killed in a massive explosion caused by the Doctor sabotaging the machine which was supposed to revive Sea Devils globally.
  • Doctor, you've destroyed my dreams! I'll destroy you!
    • Who: The Marshal of Solos (Paul Whitsun-Jones)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Mutants episode 6.
    • Note: The Marshal says this line before Ky enters and kills him.
  • It's back this way.
    • Who: Vaber (Prentis Hancock)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Planet of the Daleks episode 5.
    • Note: Vaber tries to make a break for freedom after the Daleks try to interrogate him so they can know where the Plain of Stones is, but he gets killed.
  • He ordered an immediate report.
    • Who: Wester (Roy Skelton)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Planet of the Daleks episode 5.
    • Note: Wester says this line before he releases the bacteria which the Daleks are planning to use to kill all life on Spiridon, killing him and trapping 2 of the Daleks in the room where the bacteria is.
  • It has not been possible! We have been unable to use the bacteria bomb!
    • Who: Dalek Leader (Michael Wisher)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Planet of the Daleks episode 6.
    • Note: The Dalek Supreme tells the Dalek Leader that he was supposed to kill the Doctor and his friends, but the Dalek Leader objects with this line before the Dalek Supreme tells him he has failed and exterminates him.
  • Who would have thought it would come to this? Stevens, my friend, my sentimental friend, my friiieeeEEEEE--
    • Who: BOSS (John Dearth)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Green Death episode 6.
    • Note: BOSS' mental connection over Stevens is broken, allowing Stevens to set the Global Chemicals building to self-destruct, taking himself and BOSS with it.
  • So, destroy my castle by sorcery, would you, toad face? Well, Irongron's magic is too strong for you!
    • Who: Irongron (David Daker)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Time Warrior episode 4.
    • Note: Irongron is frustrated that Linx is going to destroy his castle and tries to kill him, only to get shot down by Linx's ray gun.
  • Now that's enough!
    • Who: Commander Azaxyr (Alan Bennion)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Monster of Peladon episode 6.
    • Note: After fending off Gebek and the other miners, Azaxyr is stabbed by one of Queen Thalira's guards.
  • You superstitious fools!
    [Queen Spider: Be silent, Lupton!]
    I will not be silent! To think that I've lost my chance of power through a spider! A spider that I could crush underfoot without a second thought! A SPIDER
    • Who: Lupton (John Dearth)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders episode 6.
    • Note: When Lupton tries to take the crystal from the Doctor, the Queen Spider stops him. As the Doctor goes to deliver the crystal to the Great One, Lupton gets frustrated that his chance of power is gone and moves to strike down the Queen, only for her to zap him.
  • All praise to the Great One! All praise to me! Bow down before me, planets! Bow down, stars! Bow down, all galaxies and worship the Great One! The me! The great, all powerful me! AAAAAAHHHH! I HURT! HELP ME, I AM BURNING, MY BRAIN IS ON FIRE! HELP MEEEEEE! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
    • Who: The Great One (Maureen Morris)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders episode 6.
    • Note: Thinking her goal is complete when she takes the blue crystal from the Doctor to complete her crystal web so her mental powers can be increased, the Great One starts to gloat. Unfortunately for her, radiation build up in the web and, since there's now way to vent it, her mind is destroyed.

Fourth Doctor era edit

  • No, no, don't! He was only telling-
    • Who: Professor Kettlewell (Edward Burnham)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Robot episode 4.
    • Note: Kettlewell tries to talk down the K1 robot from killing the Doctor, but is accidentally hit by a blast from the disintegrator ray being held by K1, and is himself killed instead.
  • You will be safe. See how I deal with our enemies.
    • Who: K1 (Michael Kilgarriff)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Robot episode 4.
    • Note: The now-gigantic K1 places the captive Sarah-Jane on a rooftop before it takes on a squad of UNIT soldiers. The Doctor later uses Professor Kettlewell's metal-eating virus to destroy K1.
  • You don't want trouble with the Space Technician's union, Doctor.
    [The Doctor: What?]
    [Knocks him out]That's my job.
    • Who: Rogin (Richardson Morgan)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Ark in Space episode 4.
    • Note: Rogin knocks the Doctor out so that he can move him to safety while the shuttle containing the Wirrn can take off. He is then killed when he is caught in the exhaust blast.
  • Goodbye, Vira...
    • Who: Noah (Kenton Moore)
    • Source: Doctor Who: The Ark in Space episode 4.
    • Note: After his body is fully transformed into an insectoid Wirrn, Noah leads the Wirrn swarm into a shuttle which is set to self-destruct. His final words are a message to the woman he was supposed to marry.
  • No, Davros!
    [Davros: Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!]
    No! No! NO!
    • Who: Ronson (James Garbutt)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks episode 4.
    • Note: Ronson unsuccessfully pleads for his life after Davros falsely accuses him of being a Thal spy, leading to his becoming the first person ever to be killed by the Daleks.
  • You are insane, Davros!
    • Who: Gharman (Dennis Chinnery)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks episode 6.
    • Note: Gharman says this line before Davros summons the Daleks to kill him and all the other Kaleds who are against Davros.
  • Stop this, Davros! You must stop them!
    • Who: Kravos (Andrew Johns)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks episode 6.
    • Note: When Davros sets his Daleks on everyone who is against him, Kravos orders him to stop, only for Nyder to throw him into the path of a Dalek gun.
  • Yes, Davros.
    • Who: Nyder (Peter Miles)
    • Source: Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks episode 6.
    • Note: When a Dalek activates the production line to create more Daleks, Davros orders him to turn it off. When the Dalek refuses, Davros orders Nyder to do so instead. The Dalek then exterminates Nyder.
  • My Skystriker! My Glory!
    • Who: Vorus (David Collings)
    • Source: Doctor Who Revenge of the Cybermen episode 4.
    • Note: Despite being fatally injured by Tyrum, Vorus manages to launch the rocket he calls Skystriker to try and destroy the beacon where the Doctor and Sarah are.
  • The Skarasen will destroy you all.
  • Master, spare me. Spare me. I am a true servant of the great Sutekh.
    • Who: Ibrahim Namin (Peter Mayock)
    • Source: Doctor Who Pyramids of Mars episode 1.
    • Note: Mistaking Scarman for Sutekh, Namin kneels before him, only for Scarman to kill him.
  • Who dares to interfere!?
    [The Doctor: You're caught in a temporal trap, Sutekh.]
    Time Lord! I shall destroy you! I shall destroy you!
    [The Doctor: How long do Osirans live, Sutekh?]
    Release me!
    [The Doctor: Never. You're caught in the corridor of eternity.]
    Release me, insect, or I shall destroy the cosmos!
    [The Doctor: You're a thousand years beyond the twentieth century now, Sutekh. Go on for another ten thousand.]
    I'll spare the planet Earth! I'll give it to you as a plaything! RELEASE ME!
    [The Doctor: No, Sutekh. The time of the Osirans is long past.]
    • Who: Sutekh (Gabriel Woolf)
    • Source: Doctor Who Pyramids of Mars episode 4.
    • Note: Before Sutekh can escape the time tunnel, the Doctor stops him and sends him into the future, aging him to death.
  • Derek!
    • Who: Charles Winlett (John Gleeson)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Seeds of Doom episode 1.
    • Note: Winlett calls out for colleague Derek Moberly after being infected by a Krynoid pod. Winlett remains unconscious until he fully transforms into a Krynoid, which is subsequently destroyed by a bomb set by Scorby.
  • You're as bad as Chase and the others. You want me to die! You want me to die! You want me to die!
    • Who: Arnold Keeler (Mark Jones)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Seeds of Doom episode 4.
    • Note: Keeler, having already been infected by a Krynoid pod, shouts this at Sarah-Jane Smith when she reluctantly refuses to help him, knowing that he is on the verge of fully transforming. The Krynoid that was Keeler is later destroyed in a UNIT airstrike.
  • We're as dead as mutton, you realise? RIP. It's ridiculous, isn't it?
    • Who: Scorby (John Challis)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Seeds of Doom episode 6.
    • Note: As the Krynoid is demolishing the mansion that the Doctor, Sarah and Scorby are trapped in, Scorby says these words before attempting to escape the mansion. His attempt is stopped by the plants forcing him underwater and drowning him.
  • You and your kind are parasites. You're dependent upon us for the air you breathe and the food you eat. We have only one use for you!
    • Who: Harrison Chase (Tony Beckley)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Seeds of Doom episode 6.
    • Note: As Sarah is searching for Henderson in the basement, Chase tells her that Henderson has been put in his compost machine and then decides to put her in there as well. Later, the Doctor shows up and releases Sarah, only to get into a struggle with Chase. In the end, the Doctor tries to save Chase from being crushed, but Chase tries to pull him in, but fails and dies.
  • You will take me back!
    • Who: Eldrad (Stephen Thorne)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Hand of Fear episode 4.
    • Note: Eldrad unsuccessfully demands that the Doctor take him from the dead planet of Kastria back to Earth, before the Doctor uses his scarf to trip Eldrad into falling to his death.
  • Not me, you fool! Him! I am your master! Taren Capel!
    • Who: Taren Capel (David Bailie)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Robots of Death episode 4.
    • Note: Taren Capel says this line before he is strangled to death by one of the Sandminer robots who fails to recognise him due to Leela releasing helium into the atmosphere.
  • Sin! Sin, what are you doing!? I order you to... No, no, not me! This is mutiny, Sin!
    • Who: Magnus Greel (Michael Spice)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Talons of Weng-Chiang episode 6
    • Note: Greel says these words when Mr. Sin tries to kill him with the laser cannon built into a dragon statue. After Leela deactivates the laser by shooting it, Greel tries to kill her, but the Doctor shoves him into his own extraction cabinet, resulting in his life force being drained from his body.
  • You fool! Do you think a metal barrier can contain the Swarm!?
    • Who: The Nucleus (John Leeson)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Invisible Enemy episode 4.
    • Note: In his container, the Nucleus says these words to the Doctor, who puts a blaster next to the door, so it will set off the explosive gas he has released into the base. As the Doctor, Leela and K9 escape, the Nucleus opens the door and triggers the blaster, causing the base to explode.
  • Don't you dare. I'm an official of the company!
    • Who: Gatherer Hade (Richard Leech)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Sun Makers episode 4.
    • Note: Hade fruitlessly tries to warn off a gang of rebels, who then throw him to his death from the roof of a building.
  • Doctor. This grenade will give me a lot of pleasure.
    [The Doctor: You'll destroy us all.]
    Yes. It is a glory to die for a glorious Sontaran empire.
    [The Doctor: But you'll destroy this entire galaxy.]
    Yes, and all of the Time Lords with it.
    [The Doctor: And your battlefield.]
    Yes, Doctor. But it is a small price to pay. If we cannot control the power of the Time Lords, then we shall destroy it. Goodbye, Doctor!
    • Who: Commander Stor (Derek Deadman)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Invasion of Time episode 6.
    • Note: Just as Stor is about to destroy the TARDIS using a grenade, the Doctor confronts him with the De-Mat gun. Before Stor can plant his grenade, though, the Doctor shoots him.
  • I shall be free from you, you hag!
    • Who: The Pirate Captain (Bruce Purchase)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Pirate Planet episode 4.
    • Note: The Captain, just before he tries to kill Queen Xanxia. Instead, Xanxia causes his cybernetic implants to explode.
  • Great one, we ask only that the dryfoots and their abominations be crushed by thy mighty power. Master, it is thy servant! ARGH! Varlik, Skart, help!
    • Who: Ranquin (John Abineri)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Power of Kroll episode 4.
    • Note: Ranquin's attempt to pray to the enormous squid-like Kroll to destroy the humans. Instead, Kroll grabs hold of Ranquin and devours him.
  • Sire! Sire, I have failed. The Doctor has accomplished his purpose. He has the Key to Time. Sire, I have failed.
    • Who: The Shadow (William Squire)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Armageddon Factor episode 6.
    • Note: As the Shadow's space station is destroyed by a redirected Atrian missile barrage, he informs the Black Guardian that the Doctor has succeeded in his mission.
  • No, Hermann. No, it's me!
    • Who: Scaroth (Julian Glover)
    • Source: Doctor Who City of Death episode 4.
    • Note: Scaroth's henchman Hermann is horrified by the monstrous true appearance of his master, and then throws a bottle at Scaroth's time machine, causing it to explode and kill him.
  • It's lies, lies! It's all lies!
  • Mercy, lord Nimon! I brought you the tributes!
    • Who: Co-Pilot (Malcolm Terris)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Horns of Nimon episode 2.
    • Notes: The Co-Pilot, having been sentenced to death by Soldeed for his blunders, is executed by the Nimon after unconvincingly lying about merely being there to escort the prisoners due to be sacrificed.
  • You fools. You are all doomed. Doomed!
    • Who: Soldeed (Graham Crowden)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Horns of Nimon episode 4.
    • Notes: Soldeed sets the Nimon power complex to self-destruct; Teka tries to stop him by shooting him, but is too late.
  • Romana!
    • Who: Lexa (Jacqueline Hill)
    • Source: Doctor Who Meglos episode 4.
    • Note: Before the Doctor, Romana, Caris and Deedrix can go to Zolfa-Thura to stop Meglos and General Grugger from destroying Tigella, a dying Gaztak tries to shoot Romana. Lexa pushes her out of the way, but is hit by the beam.
  • Stop the countdown! Stop the clock!
    [General Grugger: Right, it must be this one.]
    Fool! Stop!
    • Who: Meglos (Tom Baker)
    • Source: Doctor Who Meglos episode 4.
    • Note: Meglos, having heard of the Doctor making the Dodecahedron destroy Zolfa-Thura instead of Tigella, escapes from the cell he is in and tries to stop General Grugger and Lieutenant Brotadac from firing the Dodecahedron. He is too late and Zolfa-Thura is destroyed, along with him, General Grugger and Lieutenant Brotadac.
  • Help, Nyssa!
    • Who: Tremas (Anthony Ainley)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Keeper of Traken episode 4.
    • Note: Tremas, having been transfixed to the Master's TARDIS by a booby-trap, tries calling Nyssa for help. Before she can get there, the Decaying Master emerges and absorbs Tremas, becoming a new incarnation.
  • I've done what I can, with the Registry in ruins. We must now re-align the aerial, beam the program out into space. There is a CVE close by that we might be able to re-open.
    • Who: The Monitor (John Fraser)
    • Source: Doctor Who Logopolis episode 4.
    • Note: As Logopolis is being disintegrated by an entropy field that will destroy the entire universe if not stopped, the Monitor tries to re-open a CVE to drain the field. However, the Monitor is instead disintegrated himself by the field.

Fifth Doctor era edit

  • You're all dead. Why don't you surrender?
    • Who: Ringway (Alec Sabin)
    • Source: Doctor Who Earthshock episode 3.
    • Note: Ringway, attempting to talk the Doctor into giving himself up to the Cybermen. Ringway is killed by the Cyber-Leader in a later scene, after the Leader mistakenly assumes that Ringway betrayed them.
  • Nyssa, get back!
    • Who: Professor Kyle (Claire Clifford)
    • Source: Doctor Who Earthshock episode 4.
    • Note: Kyle warning Nyssa as a Cyberman tries to break into the TARDIS. She then tries to shoot the Cyberman with a weapon taken from one of its fallen comrades, but is herself shot dead first.
  • But you will not enjoy the victory. I shall now kill you, Doctor.
    • Who: The Cyber-Leader (David Banks)
    • Source: Doctor Who Earthshock episode 4.
    • Note: The Cyber-Leader says this before Tegan jumps him, allowing the Doctor the chance to feed gold shavings into his chest unit, before grabbing his gun and shooting him dead.
  • It is finished, Doctor. Can this... be death?
    • Who: Mawdryn (David Collings)
    • Source: Doctor Who Mawdryn Undead episode 4.
    • Note: Mawdryn's final words after the release of energy caused by two versions of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart meeting each other destroys the botched regeneration cycles of Mawdryn and his colleagues, allowing them to die.
  • What?! No, not the mind probe!
    • Who: The Castellan (Paul Jerricho)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Five Doctors
    • Note: The Castellan's reaction to Borusa telling the chancellery guards to use the mind probe on him. The Castellan subsequently dies in a firefight with the guards while trying to escape.
  • No... no!
    • Who: Borusa (Philip Latham)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Five Doctors
    • Note: Borusa says this on realising that the Game of Rassilon is a trap designed to turn its victims into living, immobile statues. Borusa is himself then turned into such a statue.
  • Hello, boys. Just in time for the fun.
    • Who: Stien (Rodney Bewes)
    • Source: Doctor Who Resurrection of the Daleks episode 4.
    • Note: Stien says this line before a Dalek exterminated him. Before he dies, he manages to hit the red self-destruct lever and blow up the space station and the battle cruiser.
  • Salateen... Hold me...
    • Who: Sharaz Jek (Christopher Gable)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Caves of Androzani episode 4.
    • Note: After being fired upon by Stotz, Jek pushes Morgus into a laser beam and then says this line before he dies in the arms of his most developed android, Salateen.

Sixth Doctor era edit

  • What is happening?
    [Azmael: You are lost, Mestor!]
    What are you doing!?
    • Who: Mestor (Edwin Richfield)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Twin Dilemma episode 4.
    • Note: After Mestor jumps into Azmael's body, the Doctor destroys the former's body using a beaker of acid he picked up in the lab. Azmael then triggers his final regeneration, killing both himself and Mestor.
  • My only regret is leaving Jaconda. Gave me a good life. Many great moments. One of the best, my friend, was that time by the fountain.
    • Who: Azmael (Maurice Denham)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Twin Dilemma episode 4.
    • Note: After triggering his final regeneration to kill Mestor, Azmael says this line before he finally dies.
  • I don't know. I don't have an instrument for measuring time.
    [Cyber-Leader:You will answer my questions.]
    I will not!
    • Who: Flast (Faith Brown)
    • Source: Doctor Who Attack of the Cybermen episode 2.
    • Note: Flast's response to the Cyber-Leader's attempt to interrogate her over how long ago the Doctor escaped. In response to her refusal to answer, the Leader has her thrown out of the refrigerated chamber she was in, causing her to boil to death.
  • The drug is affecting my brain. Irreversible damage.
    [The Doctor: I'm the Doctor, I'll tell you if it's irreversible or not. Now just hang on.]
    I did my best. I kept my word.
    [The Doctor: I know.]
    Please, Doctor, kill me.
    • Who: Lytton (Maurice Colbourne)
    • Source: Doctor Who Attack of the Cybermen episode 2.
    • Note: Lytton says this line to the Doctor before the Cyber Controller enters. Lytton then stabs the Controller with a Sonic Lance which the Doctor placed in his hand and ultimately gets killed.
  • Emotion is a weakness.
    [The Doctor: I don't think so.]
    It brought you back for your friend, and it will cost you your life.
    • Who: The Cyber-Controller (Michael Kilgarriff)
    • Source: Doctor Who Attack of the Cybermen episode 2.
    • Note: The Cyber-Controller says this before getting stabbed by Lytton. The Controller then beats Lytton to death, before being shot dead by the Doctor, and destroyed when the Cyber-Tombs are destroyed.
  • Let's get out of here.
    • Who: Natasha (Bridget Lynch-Blosse)
    • Source: Doctor Who Revelation of the Daleks episode 2.
    • Note: Natasha says this line to her companion, Grigory, before a Dalek kills them both.

Seventh Doctor era edit

  • There was nothing wrong with it when I built it. Unless humanoid creatures have DAMAGED IT!
    • Who: Kroagnon (Richard Briers)
    • Source: Doctor Who Paradise Towers episode 4.
    • Note: Kroagnon says this in response to the Doctor criticising his design work on a door, which unbeknownst to Kroagnon has been booby-trapped with a bomb. Pex then pushes Kroagnon through it, causing an explosion that kills them both,
  • No. No, it shall not be!
    • Who: Kane (Edward Peel)
    • Source: Doctor Who Dragonfire episode 3.
    • Note: Kane's reaction to discovering that his homeworld has been destroyed by a supernova. He then opens a nearby window, causing unfiltered sunlight to enter and burn him to death.
  • Now! Run!
    • Who: George Ratcliffe (George Sewell)
    • Source: Doctor Who Remembrance of the Daleks episode 4.
    • Note: Ratcliffe says this line before trying to steal the Renegade Daleks' Time Controller, only to die at the hands of the girl who was enslaved to the Dalek Battle Computer.
  • You stay there.
    [Ace: It might be the Doctor. Put the gun down, Mike. It's too late for that. Come on, Mike. Who are you gonna shoot with it anyway?]
    Just stay there!
    • Who: Mike Smith (Dursley McLinden)
    • Source: Doctor Who Remembrance of the Daleks episode 4.
    • Note: When Ace tries to retrieve the Daleks' Time Controller, Mike holds her at gunpoint. The girl rings his doorbell and Mike goes to answer it, only for her to kill him.
  • Are you going to use that gun? You know your problem, Captain Bates? You don't know who the enemy is. A traitor is someone who doesn't know who the enemy is.
    • Who: Commander A.H. Millington (Alfred Lynch)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Curse of Fenric episode 4.
    • Note: Millington says this line before he attempts to shoot Bates, only to be shot by Vershinin.
  • Good hunting, sister.
    • Who: Karra (Lisa Bowerman)
    • Source: Doctor Who Survival episode 3.
    • Note: Karra compliments Ace's hunting skills before she dies from her injuries caused by the Master. Karrra is the last character to die in the classic series.

The Wilderness Years edit

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Reeltime Pictures Productions edit

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P.R.O.B.E. edit

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Doctor Who (2005) edit

Ninth Doctor era edit

  • It's true! Everything I read, all the stories! It's all true!
    • Who: Clive (Mark Benton)
    • Source: Doctor Who Rose
    • Note: Clive refers to all the stories he's read about the Doctor before he is blasted by an auton.
  • Then stop wasting time, Time Lord.
    • Who: Jabe (Yasmin Bannerman)
    • Source: Doctor Who The End of the World
    • Note: Jabe tells the Doctor to hurry and activate Platform one's shields before she burns to death.
  • We're going to die!
    • Who: The Moxx of Balhoon (Jimmy Vee)
    • Source: Doctor Who The End of the World
    • Note: The Moxx says this line before he is burned alive by the sun's rays.
  • I'm too young!
  • Gwyneth, stop this. Listen to your master. This has gone far enough. Stop dabbling, child, and leave these things alone, I beg of you-
    • Who: Gabriel Sneed (Alan David)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Unquiet Dead
    • Note: Mr. Sneed says this line before one of the Gelth-possessed corpses kills him.
  • Leave this place!
    • Who: Gwyneth (Eve Myles)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Unquiet Dead
    • Note: Gwyneth says this line to the Doctor and Rose before she sacrifices herself to stop the Gelth.
  • What are you gonna do? Sucker me to death?
    • Who: Simmons (Nigel Whitmey)
    • Source: Doctor Who Dalek
    • Note: Simmons arrogantly mocks the Dalek with this line before it kills him by attaching its plunger to his face and suffocating him.
  • Are you frightened, Rose Tyler? [Rose Tyler: Yeah.] So am I. Exterminate.
    • Who: Dalek
    • Source: Doctor Who Dalek
    • Note: The Dalek says this line before it self-destructs.
  • I kinda figured that!

Tenth Doctor era edit

  • That man was your prisoner! Even your species must have articles of war, forbidding-
    • Who: Major Blake (Chu Omambula)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Christmas Invasion
    • Note: Major Blake says this after the Sycorax Leader kills David Lewellyn with his whip, but before he can finish his sentence, the Sycorax Leader kills him too.
  • Split up!
    • Who: Ricky Smith
    • Source: Doctor Who The Age of Steel
    • Note: Ricky says this along with his Prime Earth counterpart Mickey to elude Cyberman capture. Mickey makes it across a fence but before Ricky can do so, he is fatally electrocuted by a Cyberman. This leaves Mickey to continue the fight against Cybermen.
  • Die you!
    • Who: Mr. Crane
    • Source: Doctor Who The Age of Steel
    • Note: Mr. Crane says this when betraying John Lumic by disabling his life-support systems keeping him alive. In retaliation, a Cyberman fries him.
  • Help me! [Cyberman: You are in pain. We can remove pain forever.] No! Not yet! I'm not ready. [Cyberman: We will give you immortality.] I've told you. I will upgrade. Only with my last breath! [Cyberman: Then breathe no more.] [The Cyberman wheels Lumic away] No! No! I command you, no!
    • Who: John Lumic
    • Source: Doctor Who The Age of Steel
    • Note: John Lumic pleads this after his henchman Crane cuts off his life-support keeping him alive in his wheelchair. He is taken to be cyberized into the Cyber Controller. For the second line, he says this realizing the Doctor and his party have ruined his schemes. In his new cyberized body, he gives chase to the Doctor's escaping party on one of his zeppelins, but Peter Tyler (from the Cybus Earth) says "Jackie Tyler! THIS IS FOR HER!" and he uses the Sonic Screwdriver to loosen the ladder and send Lumic falling to his death into the rising fires.
  • We've got to. Before they kill everyone else. There's no choice, Doctor. It's got to be done.
    • Who: Mrs. Moore/Angela Price
    • Source: Doctor Who The Age of Steel
    • Note: Mrs. Moore says this to deactivate the Emotion Inhibitors which will self-destruct everyone who has been cyberized as Cybermen and for the Doctor to make this difficult choice. However, another Cyberman electrucutes her before the two can proceed.
  • Open door 14! Open door 14! OPEN DOOR 14! OPEN DOOR 14!
    • Who: Scooti Manista (MyAnna Buring)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Impossible Planet
    • Note: Scooti sees the Beast-possessed Toby Zed on the surface of the planet and then tries to escape through door 14, but then Toby psychically breaks the glass, causing Scooti to be sucked out into space. Her dead body is later seen drifting into the black hole.
  • Well... if I might chose the manner of my departure, sir... lack of air seems more natural than... well... let's say... death by Ood. I'd appreciate it sir! [Zach: Godspeed, Mr. Jefferson] Thank you, sir.
    • Who: Officer John Maynard Jefferson PKD
    • Source: Doctor Who The Satan Pit
    • Note: John Jefferson says this knowing he's going to die by the possessed Ood and wants to suffocate instead since he is trapped in maintenance tunnel 8.1. The oxygen is cut off and he suffocates with his light going out. His death is logged by his captain as the officer died in the line of duty.
  • My cane! You stupid man-- OH, NO!
    • Who: The Abzorbaloff (Peter Kay)
    • Source: Doctor Who Love & Monsters
    • Note: The Abzorbaloff says this to Elton Pope, who has just broken the cane which generates his limitation field. This causes the Abzorbaloff to then collapse into a puddle of liquid, which is absorbed by the earth.
  • Don't! I-I-I'll tell you everything you need! No! No! AAAAAHHHH!
    • Who: Rajesh Singh (Raji James)
    • Source: Doctor Who Doomsday
    • Note: The Cult of Skaro use their manipulator arms to extract brainwaves from Rajesh Singh's mind, killing him in the process.
  • No! Get off me! I did everything you asked me! No!
  • No! I beg you, don't!
    • Who: Dalek Sec
    • Source: Doctor Who Evolution of the Daleks
    • Note: Sec pleads for the Cult of Skaro to not kill the Doctor, then stands up in front of Dalek Thay's laser just as he fires it.
  • All the same, Rickston's right. Me and Foon should--
  • Pretty girl.
    • Who: Bannakaffalata (Jimmy Vee)
    • Source: Doctor Who Voyage of the Damned
    • Note: After unleashing his EMP to destroy the Heavenly Host, Bannakaffalata says this line to Astrid Peth before he dies due to his energy running out.
  • Not so clever now, Doctor. A shame we couldn't work together. You're rather good. All that banter yet not a word wasted. Time for me to retire. The Titanic is falling. The sky will burn. Let the Christmas inferno commence. Oh! Oh, Host! kill him.
    • Who: Max Capricorn (George Costigan)
    • Source: Doctor Who Voyage of the Damned
    • Note: Max Capricorn gloats this having shut off the spaceship Titanic's engines so as to destroy Earth in the Christmas Inferno. Before the Host can execute the Doctor, Astrid Peth heroically sacrifices herself with a forklift to kill both herself and her former boss.
  • I'm far more than that. I'm nanny, to all these children.
    • Who: Cofelia a.k.a. Ms. Foster
    • Source: Doctor Who Partners in Crime
    • Note: Ms Foster/Cofelia barbs this saying she is the nanny for the Adipose she conceived illegally through humans on Earth.. Since the crime has been found out, the Doctor reminds, "Exactly! Mom and dad have got the kids now, they don't need the nanny anymore!" Sure enough, the levitation beam from the Adipose ship is deactivated sending Cofelia falling to her death on the pavement below.
  • Sontar HA!
    • Who: Luke Rattigan (Ryan Sampson)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Poison Sky
    • Note: Luke says this this after transporting the Doctor off the Sontaran flagship and uses the Doctor's atmospheric converter bomb to kill both himself and the Sontarans on board.
  • One, two, three, four, five, six!
    • Who: Hostess (Rakie Ayola)
    • Source: Doctor Who Midnight
    • Note: Throws both herself and the possessed Sky Silvestry out of the shuttle bus's door
  • Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister. [Dalek: Yes. We know who you are.] Oh, you know nothing of any human. And that will be your downfall.
    • Who: Harriet Jones (Penelope Wilton)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Stolen Earth
    • Note: Says these lines when three Daleks break into her house and then kill her.
  • I'm going home, mate!
    • Who: Bus Driver (Keith Parry)
    • Source: Doctor Who Planet of the Dead
    • Note: Runs into the wormhole connecting San Helios to Earth, only to be incinerated and reduced to a skeleton.
  • The very first garden off Earth. Everything brand new. Eden. That's what we should have called this place.
    • Who: Andy Stone (Alan Ruscoe)
    • Source: Doctor Who The Waters of Mars
    • Note: After taking a bite of a carrot that he had washed with Bowie Base One's water supply, Andy Stone is infected by the Flood.

Eleventh Doctor era edit

  • Look after our baby.
  • Doctor, the Dream Lord conceded. This isn't a dream.
    • Who: Rory Williams
    • Source: Doctor Who Amy's Choice
    • Note: Killed in his own dream world by one of the aliens. Later killed in the Doctor's dream world when the Doctor blows up the TARDIS.
  • I love Rory, and I never told him. But now he's gone.
  • How do you know that?
    • Who: Amy Pond
    • Source: Doctor Who Amy's Choice
    • Note: Killed in Rory's dream world when she drives her car into the side of her house. Later killed in the Doctor's dream world when the Doctor blows up the TARDIS.
  • You're so beautiful. I'm sorry...
    • Who: Rory Williams
    • Source: Doctor Who Cold Blood
    • Note: Shot by a Silurian, erased from the timeline.
  • There it is. You remember. This is you and you are staying.
    • Who: Amy Pond
    • Source: Doctor Who The Pandorica Opens
    • Note: Shot by an Auton duplicate of Rory Williams. Eventually revived thanks to the Pandorica.
  • How can he do that? Is he magic?
  • It's all right. It's quite all right. I'm dying. But I can fix that. It's easy, really. See?
  • Rats, was all I could hear.
  • I know you can do this. Of course, if you muck it up I'm going to be really cross. And dead.
  • Shut up, Dad! I'm focusing on a dress size!
  • Show me Earth. Show me home. Did I ever tell you about this boy I met there? He pretended to be in a band...
  • Changing the future! It's called marriage...
  • Raggedy Man... Goodbye!
  • Tell her, this is the story of Amelia Pond. And this is how it ends...
    • Who: Amy Pond
    • Source: Doctor Who The Angels Take Manhattan
    • Note: Jumps off a building with Rory. Later follows Rory into the past via a Weeping Angel and writes her last words to the Doctor in the epilogue of her book.
  • Run, you clever boy, and remember...
    • Who: Clara Oswin Oswald
    • Source: Doctor Who The Snowmen
    • Note: Dies due to internal injuries after falling off the Doctor's cloud.
  • Then you're gonna die right here. Best news all day!
    • Who: Cass
    • Source: Doctor Who The Night of the Doctor
    • Note: Said to the Eighth Doctor, but counted in the Eleventh Doctor's era due to being broadcast during the 50th Anniversary celebrations. Killed when her ship crashes into Karn, which also briefly kills the Eighth Doctor.
  • The Doctor... is... escaping! What... are... these words? Explain! Explain!
  • I understand. Live for me, my darling. We shall be together again!
  • I don't know, I can't see it.
    • Who: Skarr's aide
    • Source: Doctor Who The Time of the Doctor
    • Note: Said in response to their invisibility cloak being exposed. Blown up by the Church of the Papal Mainframe
  • Well. It looks invisible to me.
    • Who: Commander Skarr
    • Source: Doctor Who The Time of the Doctor
    • Note: Said in response to their invisibility cloak being exposed. Blown up by the Church of the Papal Mainframe

Twelfth Doctor era edit

  • To keep an eye on you, idiot. So, don't die.
    • Who: Alice O'Donnell (Morven Christie)
    • Source: Doctor Who Before the Flood
    • Note: Dies after being fatally injured by the Fisher King.
  • Gentlemen! It's been a privilege, however brief, to command you, but all good things come to an end.
    • Who: Neville Catchlove (Ferdinand Kingsley)
    • Source: Doctor Who Empress of Mars
    • Note: Says this line before trying to escape with Iraxxa as his hostage, only for Colonel Godsacre to shoot him dead.

Thirteenth Doctor era edit

  • Promise me... you won't be scared... [Graham: What do you mean?] Without me.
  • This must be some sort of joke! [Dalek: Daleks do not joke!] And I do not surrender!
  • Please don't tell us what to do. It's just a perfectly normal... [The angel grabs his coat] How is that...?
    • Who: Gerald (Vincent Brimble)
    • Source: Doctor Who Village of the Angels
    • Note: Yaz, Dan and Peggy try to warn Gerald and his wife, Jean, to not walk past one of the Weeping Angels, but they ignore their warnings and walk in front of the Weeping Angel, allowing it to grab Gerald's coat. When Gerald and Jean try to pull his coat away, they both touch the angel and turn to stone before crumbling into dust.
  • What an awfully big adventure.

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Big Finish Productions edit

  • No, no, I'm here to save-Agh! I'm here to sa-AAAAGGGHH!
    • Who: Alex Marlowe
    • Source: "Hothouse"
  • Not likely, mate. You come here, you mess up my planet, you mess up my life, and now you say you're going to kill the best bloke I've ever met. And you think I'm just gonna what, bleedin' surrender?! Well all I can say is you don't know me. You don't know me at all, and in case you wanted to know who it was that blew you to pieces; the name is Lucie Miller! You got that? Lucie bleedin' Miller!
    • Who: Lucie Miller
    • Source: "To the Death"

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