Lars Rudebeck

Lars Rudebeck (born 1937) is a Swedish political scientist, and Professor emeritus of political science, Uppsala University, Sweden.


Politics and Structural Adjustment in a West-African Village (1990). AKUT, Uppsala universitetEdit

  • The overriding crucial implication of the structural adjustment policies was that the villagers would have to fend for themselves in all conceivable respects.
    • p. 19; About villagers of Adjadja, Guinea-Bissau in the 1990s.
  • Socio-economic hardship breeds not only repression to force people to live with hardship, but also resistance, often in turn provoking repression in initial rounds, but in subsequent rounds quite possibly forcing dictatorial regimes to give in, partially or thoroughly, and to concede democratic reforms. This is another way, twisted as it may look, in which structural adjustment may indeed lead up to democratization.
    • p. 20