Larry Solov

American attorney and media executive

Larry Solov (born May 20, 1968) is an American attorney best known as the co-founder and CEO of Breitbart News.


  • Every day we strive to keep the fighting spirit of this unique individual alive on the pages of the entity to which he gave all and which bears his name. And progress is being made. New media is growing and thriving, reaching more people in more countries all over the globe, breaking stories and fighting battles minute to minute, if not second to second. Meanwhile, the corrupt media establishment is struggling to modernize and maintain credibility with the public. Just as Andrew had envisioned.
  • One thing we specifically discussed that night was our desire to start a site that would be unapologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel. We were sick of the anti- Israel bias of the mainstream media and J-Street. By launching Breitbart Jerusalem, the journey comes full circle and a promise between two friends is fulfilled. And in a very real sense, Breitbart News Network returns to its roots.

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