Larry Page

American computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur

Larry Page (born March 26, 1973) is a founder of the Google company and search engine.

Larry Page


  • I have a simple algorithm, which is, wherever you see paid researchers instead of grad students, that's not where you want to be doing research.
  • If you look at things like Google Now also. Maybe you want to just have [a question] answered for you before you ask it.
  • It's hard to keep things moving. And that's always a big trick. I think for me, the key is setting really big goals. And, you know, with YouTube, I think we've had tremendous leadership, both with the founders and now with Salar, who's been running it.
    • Larry Page Q&A Zeitgeist Americas 2012, at the annual Zeitgeist conference in Arizona. Published on October 16, 2012. Answering the question asked by Larry Aidem: "And I'm just curious what you do both at Google and also in the way you've managed the YouTube acquisition, which I think you could look at as one of the most successful examples of somebody buying something and not screwing it up. What's consciously done to keep that ethos, both at the Google level and then at YouTube?"

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