Land of the Dead

2005 film by George A. Romero

Land of the Dead is a 2005 horror film, the fourth in George A. Romero's "Dead Series" which began with Night of the Living Dead, and continued with the sequels Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead. Romero also reprised the Universal logo of the 1930's in recognition of the classic Universal horror films of that earlier period.

Riley edit

  • [Last Line] Take us North.

Cholo edit

  • [Cholo notices a Zombie Gardener outside of Dead Reckoning] I know for a fact that if it wasn't for this truck I wouldn't be any different to that poor Mexican bastard out there.
  • There's only three things a man should do when he's alone, be born, die, and we all know the other thing...
  • [Cholo has been bitten and Foxy asks him if he'd rather be shot] Nah, I've always wanted to see how the other half lives.

Kaufman edit

  • Zombies, man. They creep me out.
  • In a world where the dead are returning to life, the word "trouble" loses much of its meaning.
  • [shoots Cholo who gets back up and continues toward Kaufman] Nah, you're dead! [sees that Cholo has turned into a zombie] Oh my god, you really are dead.

Charlie edit

  • Put some flowers in the graveyard. How come you call them that, Riley? I don't get it. There here ain't the kind of flowers you lay on the ground, these here are sky flowers. Way up in heaven...
  • [Near End] Sky flowers don't work no more.

Dialogue edit

Motown is trying to hotwire an abandoned car.
Pillsbury: Yellow to red!
Motown: What the fuck does a Samoan know about hot-wiring a fucking car?
Pillsbury: 50,000 cars stolen in Samoa every year.
Motown: Well, a million in Detroit.
Pillsbury: Detroit has 50 million cars. Samoa, 50,000. Every one stolen.

Slack: Charlie, why do you lick your rifle?
Charlie: Catches the light.
Slack: What light? How can you see anything?
Charlie: Good eye.

Kaufman: [Kaufman gets in his private underground limo, while his driver opens the garage door] Careful when you open that door.
[Big Daddy appears, and attempts to get into the limo. His driver sees this, and runs out the garage door, leaving Kaufman in the limo]
Knipp: Goodbye, Mr. K!
Kaufman: Get back here, son of bitch! You've got the fucking keys!

[as Kaufman walks out of the elevator with two bags in his hands]
Sutherland: What's in the bags?
Kaufman: Money.
Sutherland: Whose money?
[Kaufman reaches for his gun]
Kaufman: Watch out, Get down! Quick!
[pulls him down and shoots him]
Kaufman: Ours.
[Riley calls and tells Kaufman that they have got Dead Reckoning and Cholo]
Kaufman: It's just – I've done something I wouldn't have done otherwise...

Arena Policeman: What the hell is going on here?
Riley: Someone shot the little fat man.
Arena Policeman: Yes. I can see that.

Riley: [about the fireworks] Put some flowers in the graveyard.
Charlie: Put some flowers in the graveyard. How come you call them that, Riley? I don't get it. There here ain't the kind of flowers you lay on the ground, these here are sky flowers. Way up in Heaven.
Riley: That's why I love you, Charlie; 'cause you still believe in Heaven.

Cholo: [a shot is fired] What the hell's that?
Brubaker: Oh, that's just target practice.
[scene cuts to soldiers]
Marksman: Y'see that? right between the eyes!
Veteran Soldier: Let me take a shot.
(Zombie starts to reach towards therm, but can only reach the veteran.)
Veteran Soldier: Stop scratchin' my ass! You're gonna mess up my shot.
Marksman: Dude, that ain't me.
Veteran Soldier: There's nothing there, man.
[he's attacked by Big Daddy and screams]
Cholo: Okay, so what the hell's that, screaming practice?

Riley: [Slack shoots open the door, startling him] What the fuck are you doing?!
Slack: I'm making myself useful!

Riley: Make sure she doesn't hurt herself.
Slack: I can take care of myself, okay?
Riley: Fine. Charlie, make sure she doesn't hurt anyone else.

Mike: It's like a bad dream.
Charlie: I have bad dreams. Hell, yes. Just look at me, you can tell I have terrible dreams.

Charlie: What happened, Riley, did you get fucked?
Homeless man: Ha-ha! You got fucked!

[Driver of "Dead Reckoning" about to shoot Big Daddy's group]
Riley: No. They're just looking for a place to go. Same as us.

[over the phone]
Riley: The fences are still hot. We can't cut the juice from here.
Soldier: We've been trying to call the power station. There's no one left over there.
Soldier 2: [sees zombies advancing] We got to get the fuck out of here!
Soldier: There's no one left here, either. [hangs up and runs]

About Land of the Dead edit

  • John Leguizamo: I didn't know what to expect working with George. I mean, I admired him of course; Night of the Living Dead is one of the great movies of all time; outside that it's a horror movie and it started the whole zombie genre; but it's still a great movie and I used to watch it in New York. I saw Chiller Theater, we used to have that in New York, and Creature Feature. I didn't know George was going to be, how he was going to be with real actors. I know he's got the horror thing down and he's got certain rules he has to have how a zombie's got to move slow, because they have rigor mortis; how can they move fast? He doesn't tell them how to move because he doesn't want them all to [look] like CGI armies, so he lets everybody find their inner zombie, which is pretty cool, and he's good with the acting. You know, he really let us loose, but he would also reign us in, you know, he was really watching the acting. I was really impressed with that, so I was making up s*** all over the place. Some of it stuck, some of it will be on the DVD. It will go somewhere. It's never wasted.
I've never done a horror movie in my life. This was the first, and it's hard, it's just as hard as doing a comedy. I mean, it's a lot of work to make things real and natural, you know what I mean? That's what's tricky; to make it all believable you work extra hard, and I think the difference between this movie and all of the other horror movies is he's always got a sense of humor about it. I think, I really responded to the script. I thought the characters were really well-defined; I'd never seen them that well-defined in a horror movie before. I mean, my character had a whole character arc, I had, you know, ulterior motives, very Iago in a way, but that really appealed to me. Political commentary, social commentary in it, I thought it was pretty deep- kind of operatic in a way, and that's what I; what appealed to me in the script, so I haven't seen the full product, so I don't know if he succeeded. Hopefully he did.

Well, Greg Nicotero is out of his mind. He's great. I mean, they had, after they went through a lot of zombie bodies they would have them outside of the trailer, and it looked like a mass burial ground of zombies, and I guess to keep themselves in good humor, they made them all anatomically endowed. They were all naked, and they put pubic hair in all of the right places. It was very disheartening when you saw all of that stuff.

  • John Leguizamo [1]

Cast edit

  • Simon Baker - Riley
  • John Leguizamo - Cholo
  • Dennis Hopper - Kaufman
  • Asia Argento - Slack
  • Robert Joy - Charlie
  • Eugene Clark - Big Daddy
  • Pedro Miguel Arce - Pillsbury
  • Krista Bridges - Motown
  • Joanne Boland - Pretty Boy
  • Tony Nappo - Foxy
  • Jennifer Baxter - Number 9
  • Boyd Banks - Butcher (Zombie)
  • Max McCabe - Mouse (as Maxwell McCabe-Lokos)
  • Tony Munch - Anchor
  • Shawn Roberts - Mike

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