Ladder 49

2004 film by Jay Russell

Ladder 49 is a 2004 film which follows the life of fictional Baltimore City Firefighter Jack Morrison from his first day at the firehouse to the most challenging highrise fire of his career.

Directed by Jay Russell. Written by Lewis Colick.
Their greatest challenge lies in rescuing one of their own taglines

Chief Kennedy edit

  • People are always asking me how is it that firefighters run into a burning building when everyone else is running out. Courage is the answer.
  • [last words, sadly] It's never an easy thing; Saying goodbye to a brother firefighter. It's not. And this time, particularly, is difficult for me, because, I watched Jack grow into a-- Well, into one of the finest firefighters I've ever known. He joined this department because he wanted to help people. Who knows how many homes are still standing because Jack was there, or how many lives were spared? He gave his life for that cause. We'll never forget you, Jack. And we're better for having known you. But I make you this one promise; Tomorrow, when that bell rings, we will be back on the truck, because you were the bravest of the brave. People are always asking me: "How is it that firefighters run into a burning building when everyone else is running out?" Well, Jack, you answered that question by saving another man's life. Your courage is the answer. And, today, we will be as brave as you. By not mourning you, but by celebrating your life. So, I'd like everyone to stand up and celebrate the life...of Jack Morrison. [everyone gives Kennedy a standing ovation.]
  • [his firefighters are fighting] Hey! HEY! [throws chair against a wall with a loud bang, stopping the fight] What the Hell's going on here?! HUH?! I come back from tellin' a mother her son is dead. And this is goin' on, in my house. [bellows] IN MY HOUSE! [angrily] We deal with this by stickin' together. We take it. We learn from it. And we get back on the GODDAMN TRUCK, AND THAT'S HOW WE HONOR DENNIS! YOU GOT THAT?! Anybody thinking of lowering the flag? [looks at Jack] [in stern voice] Do it.
  • [speaks into radio] Deputy Chief One to communications I'm on location assuming command, strike out a fourth alarm!
  • [to command firefighter] Ok, shut down all exterior operations, get your asses in there and find him. Go-go-go.

Jack Morrison edit

  • You know, Mike asked me tonight if I loved the job like I did before, and for the first time in my life, I didn't know what to say.
  • [Latched onto a frantic man while hanging from a rope] Calm down! Sir - you need to calm down! I swear to God I'll drop you!
  • Tell Linda I love her... That I've loved her from the second I saw her.

Other edit

  • Ray Gauquin: No more beer for Linda. Doubles for Jack - he's gonna be a father!
  • Lenny Richter: I'm getting too old for this shit.
  • Lenny Richter: Why do they always have to be on the 12th floor? Why can't they be on the 4th?

Dialogues edit

Jack Morrison: Linda, what is wrong?
Linda Morrison: I saw you on the news, Jack, dangling from a rope! How could you tell me that it's not dangerous?
Jack Morrison: I never said it wasn't dangerous.
Linda Morrison: When we talked about it, I asked you and you said it wasn't dangerous.
Jack Morrison: I said it wasn't any more dangerous than being on the engine; I never said it wasn't dangerous.
Linda Morrison: Do... do... do you see me right now? Do you? 'Cause this isn't just about us. Have you thought about that? [Jack approaches her] Don't. Don't.
Jack Morrison: [whispers] I'm sorry.
Linda Morrison: I'm scared. I can't sleep. I keep having that...dream about the red car turning up in front of the house when you don't come home. [Jack gets closer to her] Don't.
Jack Morrison: [as he walks away] I saved that man today.

Linda Morrison: Have you ever considered baby-sitting full time?
Chief Kennedy: What do you think I do at the firehouse?

Lenny Richter: Good confession now, son. "Bless me, Father."
Jack Morrison: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been, uh, seven years since my last confession.
Lenny Richter: Seven years is a long time.
Jack Morrison: Yes, Father.
Lenny Richter: All right, where do we start? Theft, robbery, fraud, taxes?
Jack Morrison: Well, you know...
Lenny Richter: Taxes? Always taxes. How about sex? Impure thoughts?
Jack Morrison: Uh, well, yes, quite a bit.
Lenny Richter: Try to cut back. Are you married?
Jack Morrison: No.
Lenny Richter: Are you a virgin?
Jack Morrison: [slight chuckle] No, Father.
Lenny Richter: Oh, you think its funny to fornicate with loose women?
[snickering is heard behind the curtain]
Jack Morrison: What? [laughs] Wait a minute.
Lenny Richter: No, you wait a minute.
[they all laugh]

Linda Morrison: Hi, I've heard a lot about you!
Chief Kennedy: Yeah?
Linda Morrison: Yeah; you wear really sexy boxers, right? With the red love hearts on them?... little too tight?

Linda Morrison: So, you guys usually pick up girls in the supermarket? For fun, or...?
Jack Morrison: Usually I just throw them over my shoulder and carry them down a ladder.
Linda Morrison: [smiles] Sort of a Tarzan/Jane thing?

Lenny Richter: [during the traditional false-confession initiation] Are you a virgin?
Keith Perez: No, Father.
Lenny Richter: So, you think it's funny to fornicate with loose women?
Keith Perez: No, not at all, Father.
Lenny Richter: Well, if you want to have sex, you should get married.
Keith Perez: I can't.
Lenny Richter: Why?
Keith Perez: It's not allowed.
Lenny Richter: What do you mean, "It's not allowed"?
Keith Perez: Well, the church doesn't allow two men to get married, Father.
Lenny Richter: [shocked] Excuse me?
Keith Perez: I'm gay. [pulls back the curtain, laughing]

Jack Morrison: There's something I wanted to talk to you about, Cap. I was thinking of transferring to the truck.
Chief Kennedy: Oh, geez. What the hell do you want to do that for? You're an engine man. Truck's a whole different thing. No water between you and the fire, no hose to lead you out if you get lost in the smoke. Not a good idea.
Jack Morrison: I know that, Cap. And I love being on the pipe, but... I want this, Mike.
Chief Kennedy: Ok. We'll give it a try. But you gotta tell me something. If this isn't for you, you tell me right away. Promise?
Jack Morrison: Yes, sir.

Dennis Gaquin: [bringing beer to the table] Here we go, green beer.
Linda Morrison: I'm good.
Dennis Gaquin: What?
Linda Morrison: I'm good. I'm not drinking. You can have it.
Dennis Gaquin: Uh, Linda? It's Saint Paddy's.
Linda Morrison: It's okay, I'm not gonna drink. I'm just gonna grab a Coke from the bar.
Dennis Gaquin: What, are you pregnant?
[firefighters snicker; long silence from Linda]
Jack Morrison: [Jack looks incredulously at Linda who nods] What? You're kidding!
Linda Morrison: Baby, I was gonna wait and tell you tonight. I wanted to surprise you!

Taglines edit

  • A bond forged by fire is never broken.
  • The fire starts this fall.
  • Their greatest challenge lies in rescuing one of their own
  • Everything they know. All that they love. Is what they risk every day.

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