La Femme Nikita

Canadian action/drama television series

La Femme Nikita is a spy drama television series created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran, which was first aired, on USA Network, in January 1997 and ran for five seasons until March 2001.

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5
Nikita Hard Landing Looking For Michael Getting Out Of Reverse Deja Vu All Over Again
Friend Spec Ops Someone Else's Shadow There Are No Missions A Girl Who Wasn't There
Simone Third Person Opening Night Jitters View Of The Garden In Through The Out Door
Charity Approaching Zero Gates Of Hell Into The Looking Glass All The World's A Stage
Mother New Regime Imitation Of Death Man In The Middle The Man Behind The Curtain
Love Mandatory Refusal Love And Country Love, Honor And Cherish The Evil That Man Do
Treason Half Life Cat And Mouse Sympathy For The Devil Let No Man Put Asunder
Escape Darkness Visible Outside The Box No One Lives Forever A Time For Every Purpose
Gray Open Heart Slipping Into Darkness Down A Crooked Path
Choice First Mission Under The Influence He Cames From Four
Rescue Psychic Pilgrim Walk On By Time To Be Heroes
Innocent Soul Sacrifice Threshold Of Pain Hell Hearth No Fury
Recruit Not Was Beyond The Pale Kiss The Past Goodbye
Gambit Double Date Hand To Hand Line In The Sand
Obsessed Fuzzy Logic Before I Sleep Abort, Fail, Retry, Terminate
Noise Old Habits I Remember Paris Catch A Falling Star
War Inside Out All Good Things Sleeping With The Enemy
Missing Off Profile Third Party Ripoff Toys In The Basement
Voices Last Night Any Means Necessary Time Out Of Mind
Brainwash In Between Three Eyed Turtle Face In The Mirror
Verdict Adrian's Garden Playing With Fire Up The Rabbit Hole
Mercy End Game On Borrowed Time Four Light Years Farther
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Season 1


Nikita (1.01)

Nikita: I didn't, I didn't, I didn't kill anyone!

Madeline: Look at yourself. Admire yourself. See your beauty. You can learn to shoot. You can learn to fight. But there's no weapon as powerful as your femininity. Madeline strokes Nikita's cheek and puts her hand on her shoulder. We're family now, Nikita.

Operations: It's been two years. That's our policy. We start making exceptions, we're no better than the CIA. Cancel her.

Operations: If she fails, you fail.

Nikita: You knew?
Michael: We had to see if you could improvise. Did you get the PDA?
Nikita: Why didn't you tell me this was a job, instead of pretending?
Michael: No matter what state of mind you're in, you have to be able to perform.
Nikita: You're sick. You don't want a person, you want a machine. I can't do that.
Michael: You just did.

Michael: Section One is the most clandestine organization on the planet. It's our job to bring down the criminals and terrorists that no one else can get.
Nikita: I can't do what you want me to do.
Michael: Mistakes are not an option.
Nikita: I can't pull the trigger.
Michael: Why not?
Nikita: Because I'm not who you think I am. I'm not a killer.
Michael: The moment I believe that, Nikita, you're cancelled.

Friend (1.02)

Operations: Nikita remains a puzzle, she continues to break Section code, and yet she manages to succeed.
Michael: What code did she break?
Operations: Please, Michael, you've been here long enough. Information is what we do here. If you don't think that I know every detail of every operation... Why didn't you find Julie the first time you went to Nikita's apartment?
Michael: I looked everywhere.
Operations: One would think you didn't want to find her.
Michael: That's not true.
Operations: Nikita's not a trainee anymore. She has to be held up to the same standards as everyone else. If you can't demand that of her, then you both become a liability. That'll be all.

Simone (1.03)

Nikita: Who's Simone?
Michael: My wife.

Nikita: Did Simone work for the Section? Michael, you can't tell me you had a wife and she was killed then just drop it, get back to business.

Michael: Listen, Nikita, you asked me what happened... and I told you.
Nikita: You told me the facts. Michael, I want to know how you feel. Sometimes you have to let yourself trust someone. I'm right here.

Michael: Nikita.
Michael: I wanted to thank you.
Nikita: I'm so sorry.
Michael: If it wasn't for the Section, no one of us would have a life. What right do I have to feel cheated?
Nikita: You have a right to feel anyway you want. Do you want to have a cup of coffee?
Michael: I'd love to.
Nikita: Good.

Charity (1.04)

Michael: You don't have to like the job. You just have to do it. I'll be at the party tomorrow night. His perimeter security is very tight. We'll have to work from the inside. You'll be briefed in the morning. And, ah, get rid of the cat. It's a distraction. When you walked in, it was the first thing you noticed. If I were an enemy, you'd be dead by now.
Nikita: Sometimes I think you are the enemy.

Michael: I came to apologize.
Nikita: You know you're becoming very predictable, Michael. You lie, then you say you're sorry. You lie, then you say you're sorry. Can you come up with anything a little more interesting?

Nikita: Why shouldn't I... just kill you, hmmm? Why shouldn't I just pull the trigger?
Michael: I can't think of a single reason.

Mother (1.05)

Madeline: Do you think there's anything I won't do to get this information from you?

Madeline: You did your job. Thank you.

Michael: I'm sorry it had to come to that.

Love (1.06)

Nikita: Do I have to love, honor and obey?
Michael: Just...obey.

Nikita: Peter's my first, my only...true love.

Stephanie: You two look so beautiful together.
Michael: Sage is beautiful.
Stephanie: You must be in love.
Michael: We are.

Michael: Take your clothes off. No... slowly. Perform for me.

Treason (1.07)

Michael: There you are, bitch!
Nikita: It's not what it seems!
Michael: What it seems? You think I'm a fool?
Nikita: Please! Tell him nothing happened!
Michael: Where'd you get this dress? It's a disgrace! You're pregnant!

Michael: Let me give you one piece of advice, mister, don't get married!

Escape (1.08)

Michael: You were out last night. I called to ask if you wanted to get a cup of coffee.
Nikita: Why?
Michael: I like coffee.
Nikita: First you compliment me on my new sunglasses, and now you're asking me out for coffee?
Michael: I've been thinking about you lately.
Nikita: And what have you been thinking?
Michael: That we might spend more time together outside the Section.
Nikita: I didn't think there was anything outside Section.
Michael: There is.

Madeline: Somehow I don't think it's the mission you're having trouble figuring out.
Nikita: How did he get here? What's his life like outside? Does he even have one?
Madeline: Would knowing the answers make you perform your mission more efficiently?
Nikita: It might.
Madeline: Is it his life you want to know about, or his heart?
Nikita: Does he even have a heart?
Madeline: Michael loved once, very deeply.
Nikita: Simone.
Madeline: Some men can only love once. Whether Michael's like that or not, I don't really know.
Nikita: Gee, Madeline, I thought you knew everything.
Madeline: I know what I need to know, Nikita. If you can say the same, you'll be all right. Get some rest.
Nikita: Good night, Madeline.

Nikita: Michael?
Michael: We're on standby, so I thought that we could go over that plan again.
Nikita: I know the plan. I'm sure you do, too.
Michael: May I come in?
Nikita: Of course.
Michael: Then we could have that cup of coffee... or the drink.
Nikita: All right.
Michael: No need to leave the apartment. Whatever you have will be fine.
Nikita: What if I'm out of everything?
Michael: That will be fine, too.
Nikita: Are you trying to seduce me? I've never been able to figure you out. Why should today... be different?
Michael: It's very simple... after Simone, I thought if I ever cared for anyone again... it would have to be someone from outside the Section, but I was wrong. No one from the outside can understand who we are. We fight all the time just to stay alive. Let's not fight what's between us. Let's take what we can get.

Nikita: You mean there's a backup system?
Michael: He won't get far. And anyone who went with him, wouldn't have either.
Nikita: You knew about his plan all the time, didn't you? This was all one big manipulation to keep me from going with him, wasn't it?
Michael: To keep you alive.
Nikita: But why? Why bother?
Michael: (He says nothing)
Nikita: Welcome back, Michael.

Nikita: Your cameras. I'm not having them in my apartment any more.
Operations: You're not?
Nikita: No. And if you don't like it, you can-
Operations: We can what?
Nikita: Cancel me, because I'd rather be dead than watched like an animal in the zoo.
Operations: Are you sure about that?
Nikita: I'm very sure.

Gray (1.09)

Nikita: Madeline, where do you go when you leave here?
Madeline: Very good. It usually takes the new one several years to ask me that question.
Nikita: So how many years does it take for you to answer that question?
Madeline: I don't know. I haven't yet.

Madeline: You've done a good job with Nikita. She still lacks perspective, that's all. You don't think she's formed any attachment to Wellman?
Michael: They've only seen each other a couple of times.
Madeline: That's not what I asked.
Michael: I don't think she has.
Madeline: Good! But sooner or later, she will. Whether it's with Wellman or someone else. And when that situation happens, will you be able to handle it?
Michael: Why wouldn't I be?
Madeline: That's a question only you can answer.

Madeline: Your relationship with us is the only real relationship you'll ever have. If knowing that, you still want to proceed. I just hope he's a good cook.

Choice (1.10)

Nikita:It's not a good time Michael
Michael: Since when do you decide when it's a good time?

Nikita: What are you telling me? That I can't see him? That I can't care about him?
Madeline: One or the other. Your choice.
Nikita: Can I go now?
Madeline: The world outside these walls is an illusion. It's not really there for us. We're ghosts

Walter: You can't dwell on what you can't have. Nikita, look, if you lost an arm you could spend the rest of your life depressed because you can't play the piano... or
Nikita: Or?
Walter: Or, you could learn to sing. Do this guy a favor, sugar... learn to sing.

Nikita: This place, the Section, is full of lies! They talk about all the innocent people they save, well what about the innocent people we hurt? Like the four year old girls who are left just wondering why they've been abandoned?
Michael: You were warned. You should have never gotten involved. You still believe in free will. In here there's no such thing.
Nikita: You keep telling me that, Michael, but I don't believe you anymore. You couldn't handle it, could you? You got jealous of Gray because I love him and not you.
Michael: You don't love me?

Operations: If you think we just played an impersonal game of global espionage… The fact is, what we do here is try to ensure the safety of every man, woman, and child in this so-called civilized world. There is such a thing as evil. It exists. It’s an insidious force that trickles down to innocent people. Now when we fight that force, we help save those innocent people.

Rescue (1.11)

Nikita: How are you feeling?
Michael: I'll be fine.
Nikita: I was worried.
Michael: I'm glad you came back.

Recruit (1.13)

Nikita: When I was first recruited in the Section, you were my trainer. You decided whether or not I made it.
Michael: That is right.
Nikita: How did you make your decision? What were you looking for? Is it some kind of checklist, 7 out of 10 I live, anything less I die? Or is it intuition, gut feeling?
Michael: I don't believe in intuition. You scores were high, you excelled in all areas. It wasn't a very difficult decision.
Nikita: So why did Operations resist?
Michael: Who told you that?
Nikita: Intuition.
Michael: Operations didn't like you.
Nikita: But you did.

Nikita: I need to know if your admiration for her is purely professional.
Michael: I thought you would know me better then that.
Nikita: It's funny you should say that, cause I don't know you at all.

Gambit (1.14)

Madeline: My primary function is to get inside the enemy's head. Anticipate his next move whenever possible.

Nikita: Are you sure there's nothing wrong?
Madeline: Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm still strong enough to do this.
Nikita: Well, you're the strongest person I've ever met.

Nikita: So why are you here?
Madeline: To remember.
Nikita: To remember what?
Madeline: Who I was.

Obsessed (1.15)

Michael: What is it, Nikita?
Nikita: Michael, she's a nice woman. She loves you. You? You're gonna destroy her.
Michael: She's not in love with me. She'd feel the same about any man that treated her well.
Nikita: I see. So, that makes it okay?
Michael: If you feel so concerned about her, tell her to break off with me. She trusts you, she'll listen. But, first make sure that you're willing to watch more innocent people die while we stand by and do nothing. Because that's what will happen if we don't get the Book.

Noise (1.16)

Nikita: Death's easy - you don't have to do anything. It's life you have to face.

War (1.17)

Michael: When I was in there and things started to get bad... [...] I thought I was gonna break, but I didn't. I thought of you. You're the only one of us who still has a soul. I'm so sorry, Nikita. We'll never leave this place alive. I don't know what love is anymore... but the only part of me that's not dead is you.

Nikita: What about all your words?
Michael: (He says nothing)
Nikita: I finally get it. I finally know... what attracts me to you. It's the character you pretend to be. The real Michael disgusts me, I'm sure.
Michael: Can we finish this later?
Nikita: We're finished!

Michael: It wasn't all a lie.

Mercy (1.22)

Madeline: What about Michael?
Nikita: Michael? A friend's someone you can trust.
Madeline: It's true, Michael has played a role with you from time to time. He's doing his job. It doesn't mean he's incapable of caring.
Nikita: Michael's not the solution to my problem, Madeline.
Madeline: What is?
Nikita: I need to know that, one day, when the Section is done with me, and I have performed all the functions I'm capable of, that I will be free. Will I?
Madeline: What kind of answer would you like?
Nikita: The truth?
Madeline: No. You will never be free from the Section.
Nikita: Thank you.

Michael: I can't protect you anymore.
Nikita: I never asked for your protection.
Michael: Without it, you'd be dead now.
Nikita: You seem to care more about that then I do.
Michael: Why can't you just... do the job?
Nikita: I tried to tell you.
Michael: Tell me what?
Nikita: I'm not who you think I am. I never killed anyone before I came into Section. I know you don't want to believe it, but you know it's true.
Michael: It's not important what you did. It's what you do now.
Nikita: I can't change who I am.
Michael: Then I can't help you.
Nikita: Why did you ever?
Michael: I wish things could be different.
Nikita: Me too.

Madeline: We may have some problems with him. There was something between them.
Operations: The question is now, can he let it go?

Season 2


Hard Landing (2.01)

Michael: I thought I lost you.
Nikita: You never had me.

Nikita: Is everything ok?
Michael: Fine.
Nikita: Where does the section think you are?
Michael: Gathering intel. Why didn't you let me know you were alive?
Nikita: I almost did once, I don't know why I didn't. I put everything out of my mind. Even the things that I didn't want to forget. Do you know, for three years all I did was dream about getting out of the Section. When I did, it wasn't what I expected. This isn't freedom. This isn't freedom...

Michael: After the explosion, I started to believe you didn't make it out in time. I thought you were dead. When I saw you in Lyons, it brought me back. I never realized I needed you so much.

Nikita: Will we be able to see each other on the outside?
Michael: (He tell nothing)
Nikita: I had a dream last night, you said some things to me, you revealed your feelings.
Michael: Sometimes all we have is our dreams.
Nikita: Closer.
Nikita: You went through a lot of trouble to bring me back here . . . I want to know why!
Michael: Be patient.

Spec Ops (2.02)

Madeline: The doctors say you're going to live, that's the bad news. There is no good news.

Nikita: So what are we going to do. You and I. Something happened between us, we can't keep on pretending it didn't happen.
Michael: This isn't the right time.
Nikita: We may never have another time. We can kiss, we can touch. There is nothing stopping us.
Michael: They will see it in our eyes, and it won't be long before they figure out the truth.
Nikita: They'll cancel us.
Michael: Yes
Nikita: I'm willing to die. As long a it means if I can live, really live for one day.
Michael: Nikita wait.
Nikita: Until when?
Michael: Until you finish rehab.
Nikita: And after that there will be another excuse.
Michael: I don't know. I just know right now it's too risky.
Nikita: I came back for you. For us to be together.
Michael: That's going to be difficult now. We'll have to be careful.
Nikita: I am tired of being careful.
Michael: Get over it.

Third Person (2.03)

Operations: Isn't today your birthday?
Madeline: No, it's the 7th.
Operations: Today is the 7th.

Walter: It's ok, he's one of the good ones.
Nikita: How long have you known him for?
Walter: Since they get him in.
Nikita: He's different.
Walter: He is in what I call the 5% club.
Nikita: Dare I ask what that may be?
Walter: 95% of the recruits have their souls sucked out of them the first year. For some reason this place doesn't get everybody. He's one of us.
Nikita: Where does Michael fit in?
Walter: Good question.

Michael: This is not a training session, this is a mission, I am in charge.

Nikita: What's up?
Michael: Why were you with Jurgen?
Nikita: That's why you called me in?
Michael: We've been through this. He can hurt us, you shouldn't be talking to him.
Nikita: I disagree with you.
Michael: I'm not arguing, I'm telling you, stay away from him.
Nikita: Michael, you been in Section for too long, you're paranoid about everything. Jurgen doesn't want to hurt anybody. He's a decent person, why can't you accept that?

Nikita: Well, thanks for the enlightening, Michael. Can I go now? I was just curious, the night we had together, did it happen? Or was it just a dream?

Jurgen: That's crap. If you want me dead, do it yourself.

Jurgen: Michael loves you Nikita. I could grow to love you, but I could also live without you. I'm not sure if he can.

Michael: Good work.
Nikita: Thanks.
Michael: Where are you going?
Nikita: Grab something to eat.
Michael: Want some company?
Nikita: Not really.

Approaching Zero (2.04)

Michael: ... You weren't home when I called.
Nikita: I went out for dinner. Why? Is that a problem?
Michael: No.
Nikita: All right, Michael. So, what is this? So, I went out for dinner. What do you care?
Michael: (He tells nothing).
Nikita: Patented Michael answer, the blank stare. If you are jealous, just be jealous. Tell me not to see him.
Michael: Is that all it would take?
Nikita: Maybe . . . Maybe not. But at least it would be something real. Emotion. Except of this cryptic game of 20 questions.
Michael: You are right. I shouldn't have asked.
Nikita: So that's where we stand. You really don't care if I see Jurgen?

Nikita: I won't lie to you, I'm not happy to be here. But it's not about getting out anymore.

Michael: This is never an easy job, sometimes unbearable for all of us. I respect Jurgen for who he is and what he tried to do. But there are certain things that are absolute. Jurgen could not be allowed to hold Section hostage.
Nikita: How could you do this Michael?
Michael: I just told you.
Nikita: Not to him, to me.
Michael: It was never my intention to hurt you.
Nikita: So that makes it ok? How far back does it go? My training with Jurgen? Or when you brought me in? The night we had together?
Birkoff: Everybody's been contacted. Walter needs you in inventory.
Michael: In a minute.
Nikita: Well, that's the first time you had the section wait for me.
Michael: When you were in his house, I was listening. I had to keep my feelings separate. That's how I live my life, Nikita. Split in two. I never let anyone see the other half, but it's there, always part of me.
Nikita: Well, that's just too little, too late. I am going to help Jurgen through this, if he lets me. Oh, I've become part of his life.

Michael: Nikita, some of the things I said about Jurgen are not true. I tell you this just in case you have any doubt as to what kind of man he was. I'm sure you don't. Jurgen trained me when I first came to the section. I'll miss him.

New Regime (2.05)

Madeline: I already have. I've decided he's going to recover. His will to live is very strong. Your will to save him has to be strong, too. I'll help you. Go back inside. Tell your colleagues to do the possible...then the impossible...and then the unthinkable, until he's out of danger. Because when you're finished, Doctor, that room will contain either four living men... or four corpses. Do you understand?

Madeline: Has Petrosian offered you my position yet?
Nikita: Yes.
Madeline: And what did you say?
Nikita: If I say no, he's going to offer it to somebody else.
Madeline: That's not the point.
Nikita: What is the point?
Madeline: The point is you don't have what it takes to do my job. And, if you try, you'll only end by destroying yourself.

Michael: Am I under orders to please you?
Nikita: Of course….. not. He can make it easier for us. We could have the chance to spend more time together outside Section.
Michael: I wouldn't put too much trust in him.
Nikita: Okay, well, if I'm dealing with the devil, it's because sometimes the devil is the only one open for business. But that's not the problem, is it? Michael, it bothers you that I have so much more power now. You don't like it. Maybe it even makes you a little...uncomfortable.
Michael: No.
Nikita: Shall we just have a drink? No more games, no promises, just a drink.

Nikita: Birkoff. I need a favor.
Birkoff: Personal favors are against regulations. Walter said we're all living by the book now, even Petrosian's little pet.
Nikita: Wrong, Birkoff. Petrosian's little pet gets what she wants, or what they did to Walter will look like a foot massage compared with what I do to you if you mess with me.

Madeline: I think it's pretty clear. Operations is a better choice than Petrosian.
Nikita: Better for whom?
Madeline: If you had doubts, why did you side with us?
Nikita: Petrosian was willing to give me a life, as much as one can have inside Section. But in order to get it, I lied, I bullied, and, who knows, eventually I might have even… killed in cold blood. In other words, I found out what it's like be you.
Madeline: And you didn't like it.
Nikita: No, I didn't.
Madeline: Power is addictive, Nikita. You've had a taste. It's in your blood now.
Nikita: You're wrong.
Madeline: You'll be back. It's only a matter of time. But there'll be one difference. The next time… I'll be waiting for you.

Petrosian: You can't have sympathy with another persons weakness. You must use the weakness to control the person.
Nikita: Of course.
Petrosian: Everyone has a weakness, whether it is status, love of praise, a lover, a mother. Or simply the desire to go on living. You find a weakness, you control the person. Do you understand?
Nikita: I think I am beginning too...
Petrosian: Good.

Mandatory Refusal (2.06)

Michael: Nikita.
Nikita: Hello, Michael.
Michael: We haven't talked in awhile.
Nikita: What's up?
Michael: We should go out, have dinner.
Nikita: I would love to know how your mind works. Are you really that arrogant to think that you can turn me on and off at will?
Michael: Of course not. I am just being careful.
Nikita: Careful?

Nikita: Two days ago you asked me out for dinner, Michael. Obviously you've changed your mind.
Michael: If it were anyone else that came after me, I would have killed them. I cannot allow you to become my weakness.
Nikita: Of course not.

Half Life (2.07)

Michael: Yes, I knew him.
Nikita: Now you're protecting him.
Michael: Up to a certain point.
Nikita: Why would you protect him at all? After all the lectures to me about sacrificing feelings ... for the greater good, hm?
Michael: I'll take care of it, Nikita.
Nikita: There's something you're not telling me.
Michael: Just stay out of it.

Michael: I asked you to stay out of it.
Nikita: Yes, you did. You should try talking to me the next time, Michael. Maybe you'll get better results.

Nikita: Why are you in his debt?
Michael: My sister.
Nikita: Your sister?
Michael: After my parents died, I ... took care of her. ... She was still very young. When I was arrested there was no one to help her. René took her in. Even after he thought I was dead he kept providing for her.
Michael: He had no reasons to do it, except out of kindness.
Nikita: Didn't you tell me once that you can't separate the man from his actions? He's still a terrorist.
Michael: To me, his actions are that of a friend.
Nikita: Michael, disengage. Let the Section sort this out.
Michael: It's too late. A profile's been set. I'm not sure I can do it.
Nikita: Why are you telling me this?
Michael: I wanted you to know in case something happens to me.

René: How could you?! Huh?
Michael: I'm sorry.
René: You have no soul ..., no honor! Defend yourself! I said, defend yourself! You once said that a person can define themselves by what they are willing to die for. I will die for a belief. You will die because you have none!
Nikita: (She shoots and kills René).
Michael: You should have let him do it.

First Mission (2.10)

Michael: Can I give you a piece of advice?
Nikita: Go ahead.
Michael: It's best to be ruthless, but if you are not, it's essential to appear that way.
Nikita: Is that your secret, Michael? You just appear to be ruthless?

Operations: You still don't understand what you are dealing here, do you? You think you are a lonely beacon of decency in an insane world or something like that. Isn't that true? The section isn't me or Madeline or Michael. It's bigger, deeper, smarter than any of us.
Nikita: You make it sound like it's alive.
Operations: Oh, yes, and we all walk a narrow path to keep it that way.
Nikita: Path without feeling, compassion, or hope.
Operations: Yes.
Nikita: We die so the section can live.
Operations: Yes.
Nikita: I can't accept that.
Operations: You have no choice, Nikita. No one does, especially me. Do you understand?
Nikita: I understand that you are talking to me for once.

Operations: With most operatives, self preservation takes over, compassion is the first thing to go.
Michael: She's different.
Operations: Have you tried, Michael, really tried to crush out her feelings?
Michael: Of course.
Operations: You succeeded with so many others, why not her?
Michael: She's strong.
Operations: Is that the only reason?
Michael: Yes.

Operations: But we can't be allowed to love our friends... or hate our enemies.

Psychic Pilgrim (2.11)

Michael: Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?
Nikita: Not today.
Michael: Well, you are beautiful.
Nikita: Oh, no, you don't. That's how you hurt your back in the first place.
Michael: I should report you for that kind of cruelty.
Nikita: I know, I know, I know . . . Michael?
Michael: Yes?
Nikita: I love you.
Michael: I love you, too.

Michael: Was it difficult for you?
Nikita: The debrief?
Michael: No, the mission.
Nikita: At the time, no.
Michael: And now?
Nikita: Well, that all depends on you... how do you feel about it?
Michael: Conflicted.
Nikita: Well, maybe I can help... we can talk about it.
Michael: I'd love to... but what you need to hear, I can't tell you yet.
Nikita: Yet?
Michael: You know a lot about me, Nikita, but not everything. There are things that have to remain hidden. It has nothing to do with how I feel about you.

Not Was (2.13)

Michael: I may not know who I was, but I know who I am, I can feel it. I will never be treated like a caged animal.

Michael: No, I can't. I have to get out of here.
Nikita: You will never make it. They will find you!
Michael: How do you know?
Nikita: Take a look around.
Michael: You told me they are going to kill me anyway. I got nothing to lose.
Nikita: I do.

Michael: Have I ever told you that I love you?
Nikita: Actually, no.
Michael: I do.

Inside Out (2.17)

Operations: Oh, my God.
Madeline: I'm all right. I can still function.
Operations: I'm sending someone from Medical right away.
Madeline: No, you can't. It's too risky. We need those people.
Operations: I need you.
Madeline: No, you need everyone working at full efficiency. I can do what I have to for at least the next six hours.
Operations: Madeline, you ....

Off Profile (2.18)

Michael: Would you like to join me for dinner?
Andrea: No, thank you. I don't go out much.
Michael: With anyone, or just operatives?
Andrea: With anyone, especially Section operatives.
Michael: We got off on the wrong foot, it was partially my fault. I'd like to make amends.
Andrea: It was nobody's fault. No amends are necessary.
Michael: No amends then, just pleasure.
Andrea: Forget dinner, Michael, it's not gonna happen.
Michael: Ok, how about a cup of coffee? I'd like to get to know you better.

Michael: Good morning.
Andrea: Hi.
Michael: I had a great time last night.
Andrea: You talked me into coffee, then you managed to talk me into dinner, but this is as far as it goes.
Michael: Why?
Andrea: Because I like it here. Most people hate Section, or pretend to, but I like it.
Michael: So do I. Doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves.
Andrea: Section isn't exactly about enjoyment. The sniper wear, the weapons, the missions, those are real. Everything else is an illusion. People who forget that don't last long.
Michael: Everything is as real as we make it. No more, no less. It's up to us. If you change your mind, let me know.

Andrea: Michael, anything wrong?
Michael: Everything's fine?
Andrea: I think I could love you. It's Nikita, isn't it?
Michael: What do you mean?
Andrea: You had a relationship with her. At least that's what people say. Is it true?
Michael: Yes.
Andrea: Did you love her?
Michael: Does it matter?
Andrea: Does to me.
Michael: Yes, I loved her.
Andrea: And now?
Michael: Now, there's you.

Walter: Well, I'm really not interested in surviving anymore. What I am interested in is living. That's where the real difference is. Oh, hell, I've being hanging around this place for too long already.
Nikita: Walter, don't talk like that again.
Walter: It's like I always said, you are one of the good ones. Don't change.

Andrea: I'll be finished here in an hour. Want something to eat?
Michael: I'm busy.
Andrea: How about later?
Michael: It's a bad time right now.
Andrea: What do you mean?
Michael: Just what I said.
Andrea: Did I do something wrong?
Michael: It's nobody's fault, some things are just not meant to be.
Andrea: Let's at least talk about it.
Michael: We have.

Andrea: Did he just get through to me just to prove he could? Is he that much of a monster? Is that what he did to you?

Andrea: He can't do this, we can't let him get away with it.
Nikita: What does that mean?
Andrea: I mean we have to do something.

Nikita: Michael, she tried to kill you. What are you gonna do about it?
Michael: Nothing.
Nikita: Why not? Cause you feel guilty?

In Between (2.20)

Nikita: Walter, it's just this place. It gets to me sometimes, that's all. I was in pretty bad shape this time the last year. I don't wanna feel that way again.

Walter: Sugar, listen, you can't change the way they treat you. The only thing you can change is the way you treat yourself. Why don't you go out? Have a good time, find a man.

Michael: Is this a singularity or is it a permanent upgrade?
Operations: We'll see how it goes. Do you have a problem with any of this?
Michael: Nikita performs best when she's scripted. I don't think she's ready.
Operations: I disagree. It's never easy, but you are going to have to let go sometime, Michael.

Michael: Think it through. But more importantly you will have to stop coming to me. I'm no longer your mentor.

Madeline: It was wrong of me to put you in this position. Operations was right.
Nikita: He was your husband.
Madeline: Yes, he was.
Nikita: How could you kill him?
Madeline: There was no way to bring him back, his presence outside the Section for so many years would undermine our credibility, and letting him go wasn't an option. He understood that.

Adrian's Garden (2.21)

Operations: You confuse me Madeline. If you don't want to enjoy my company, then why did you agree to open things up again?
Madeline: I didn't open anything up, I slept with you. There's a difference.
Operations: Ok, then why did you sleep with me?
Madeline: Because you wanted it.
Operations: And you didn't?
Madeline: That's irrelevant. The foreplay was becoming a distraction to both of us. It was affecting your work and decisions, and in turn affecting mine.

Madeline: What we had, has been over for years, the other night doesn't change a thing. I think you need to face that.

Walter: Adrian founded this place. She's the mother of Section One.

Adrian: Sit down, please.
Nikita: Why don't you just quit with the English gentility and tell me what you want from me?
Adrian: Together my dear, you and I are going to destroy Section One.

Adrian: No, I don't suppose you would. After all the only coping mechanisms you have intact is that Section protects the innocent. If you didn't believe that you'd have been gone long ago. One way or another.

End Game (2.22)

Michael: You know what. It's gone too far Nikita. They won't let this pass. If there was ever a time you had to trust me... it's now.

Nikita: Ok, Michael, now you lost me.
Michael: You're in over your head.
Nikita: Take your hands off me, please.
Michael: Now listen to me. If Adrian succeeds, every operative will be canceled. No exceptions. They will roll up Section like it never existed. And if you think Adrian can protect you, you're wrong. Where's Adrian?
Nikita: I don't know.
Michael: Where's the file?
Nikita: I don't know.
Michael: You're lying.
Nikita: I don't know.
Michael: Why... why? This is your last chance. Our last chance. Where's Adrian?
Nikita: I don't know.
Michael: Then you leave me no choice.

Michael: Go.
Nikita: What?
Michael: Outside you have a very small chance. Back at Section you have none. Go now.
Nikita: What's the point, I'm not going to run.

Adrian: My only regret is that I brought down with me a very brave young woman. I'm sorry Nikita, more sorry than I can say.

Operations: Excellent work, Nikita.

Madeline: That's why we selected her, because of her ambivalence. She didn't deceive you so much as she allowed you to deceive yourself.

Nikita: It's over when I say it's over.

Operations: I don't have to justify anything to you.
Nikita: Today you do. Section's on trial. Defend it.

Nikita: Operations. Is that what it's about? Controlling the world?
Operations: We will control whatever we have to, to prevent the dark ages from descending again on the human race.
Adrian: Choose carefully, Nikita. There will never be a moment like this again in your lifetime.
Nikita: Michael, any words of wisdom?
Michael: What have you seen with your own eyes?
Madeline: Yes. Are the crimes we've committed worse than the crimes we've prevented? And the people we've brought down, is the world a better place without them?
Nikita: Yes it is.
Madeline: Then you have your answer.

Nikita: I didn't enjoy deceiving you, Michael, but Adrian was listening, it had to be real.
Michael: You have at least six hours before they make a decision. You're level two, they'll have to clear with oversight.
Nikita: I told you before, I'm not going to run.
Michael: They'll cancel you.
Nikita: Probably.

Nikita: I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid.

Madeline: ...I'd rather deal with one recalcitrant operative than a mutiny. [...] Increase her mission frequency. Eventually, the problem will take care of itself.

Season 3


Looking For Michael (3.01)

Nikita: I haven't seen Michael in a while. Has he been reassigned somewhere else?
Madeline: No.
Nikita: Where is he?
Madeline: Home, I think.
Nikita: Home?

Birkoff: Dechy and Pierce didn't die by accident. Neither did Pollock. Neither will you.

Michael: I don't think you want to see the Section destroyed. But that is what will happen if you don't abort this mission.
Madeline: Why? Because you think this made a difference? Next time, Michael, pick your conspirators more carefully. We fed Birkoff false information. You'll never be able to link us to Adrian's death. Not as long as I'm here.

Madeline: He as well. It's true our original intention was to eliminate you. That's been changed.
Nikita: Why?
Operations: You're no longer a threat to us.
Madeline: And your value as an operative remains strong. That will be all.

Nikita: Michael... your marriage to Elena. What is it?
Michael: It's a mission.
Nikita: She an operative?
Michael: No.
Nikita: She doesn't know.
Michael: No. We're after her father.
Nikita: So you're deceiving her to secure your cover? (Michael gives her the blank stare.) Is the child yours?
Michael: Yes

Someone Else's Shadow (3.02)

Nikita: For three years, you never told me you had a family, Michael.
Michael: I wanted you to know, but it's a tightly contained situation.
Nikita: I understand this is something you've been ordered to do. I don't know how you're able to live with it.

Elena: I don't know what I'd do without Michael. He's such a good man.

Nikita: You know, I was thinking about Simone last night. You were still married to her when this started, weren't you?
Michael: Yes, Simone knew about Elena.
Nikita: Was it difficult for her?
Michael: I don't know. We never talked about it.
Nikita: I wish you could have told me about … this.
Michael: I wish I could have.

Opening Night Jitters (3.03)

Michael: If she dies they die.

Operations: Congratulations. You carried off what everyone at Oversight considered an impossible task.
Madeline: Elena has been released from the hospital. Physically, she's fine.
Operations: And of course, she and Adam will be provided for. Full package.
Madeline: Would you like us to copy you on their progress reports? I think we should acknowledge the personal sacrifice Michael has made and give him some time alone.
Operations: Absolutely.
Madeline: You can go, Michael.

Gates Of Hell (3.04)

Nikita: Michael. I can't imagine what it must be like knowing that you're not going to see Adam again. You can't be like this. Not here. If there's anything that I can do.
Michael: There's not.
Nikita: It might help to talk. You can't keep this inside you forever.
Michael: Talking won't help.
Nikita: If you change your mind, I'm here.
Michael: Thank you.

Nikita: So, what are you doing?
Michael: Playing the cello.
Nikita: Your security isn’t engaged.
Michael: Sometimes he couldn’t go to sleep at night unless I played it for him. It’s his birthday today. I bought him a present.
Nikita: That you can never give him?
Michael: Yes. That I can never give him.
Nikita: You’re not well.
Michael: Who is?

Madeline: My point is, if we push Michael too hard we may destroy him and that would be a pity.

Operations: Michael keeps up or otherwise he falls by the wayside like everyone else. We'll proceed as planned. If Michael can't cut it we might as well find out now.

Cat And Mouse (3.07)

Abby: What about tonight?
Michael: Tonight?
Abby: Well, we're both off. Unless, of course, you're not in the mood.
Michael: How do you feel?
Abby: Well, missions have gone bad before. As far as I'm concerned, tonight should be just like any other night between the two of us.
Michael: Yes, you're right.
Abby: My place, an hour?
Michael: I'll be there.

Birkoff: Nikita, what happened between us...
Nikita: Nothing happened between us, Birkoff.
Birkoff: Did in a way, I mean, you were on the other end, talking to her and listening, right? Did I make a complete idiot out of myself?
Nikita: Well, from what I could tell, you're pretty delicious.

Nikita: She was convincing.
Michael: Very.

Nikita: I'm not in the habit of killing people in cold blood.
Madeline: In this case, you might want to make an exception. In a manner of speaking, she possessed you, in body as well as mind.
Nikita: Your psych profile suggests that by killing her, I can best exorcise her?
Madeline: Yes.
Nikita: I don't think so.
Madeline: If I do it instead, I think you'll regret it, but the choice is yours.

Outside The Box (3.08)

Nikita: Oh, so we just took him off the street? An innocent man? Do we do this kind of thing often, Michael?
Michael: No. Not often.

Nikita: The crime that got Section's attention, the reason I'm here? I didn't do it.
Walter: Well that may be true but what the hell difference does it make now?
Nikita: Suppose I was framed in the first place, because they wanted me here?
Walter: Why?
Nikita: Yeah, why?

Nikita: I'm a veteran here, Michael - I have my own sources, you know.

Michael: Stop playing games, Nikita. What's really going on?
Nikita: I need to know why Section chose me.
Michael: What do you mean?
Nikita: They brought me in Michael... just like they did Kruger.
Michael: It's been three years. If you were brought in here for some other reason, you'd know by now.
Nikita: Maybe. Maybe not. If you won't help me, will you at least not interfere? Would you do that much for me? Please?
Michael: Yes. Nikita? What if you don't like what you find.
Nikita: Anything's better than not knowing.

Under The Influence (3.10)

Nikita: You knew it all along didn't you (Michael shows no emotion) Don't you ever get tired of being their errand boy Michael?

Walk On By (3.11)

Michael: It's yours. I'm down tomorrow.
Nikita: Yeah.
Michael: You want to spend the day together?
Nikita: Well, I'd like that Michael, but I've already made plans. Perhaps some other time?

Nikita: I uh... I need a favor. Something from my old life's come up.
Michael: What?
Nikita: My mother.
Michael: What about her?
Nikita: She's been looking for me. She doesn't believe I'm dead.
Michael: How close is she?
Nikita: She had an indirect connection to someone at MI-6. I severed it. But she'll keep trying.
Michael: Have you talked to anyone in Procedures?
Nikita: No. They'll take extreme action. I want to protect her, Michael.
Michael: What do you want me to do?

Nikita: Michael... I just wanted to... say thank you. That's the kindest thing you've ever done for me. Thank you.

Beyond The Pale (3.13)

Nikita: Michael. What's wrong?
Michael: We're getting out!
Nikita: How? It's impossible.
Michael: I'll explain, get dressed.

Michael: I don't need you. I want you.

Nikita: I didn't realize you had such talent in the kitchen, Michael.
Michael: There's still a lot of things that you don't know about me. (looking at her) Maybe it's time you learned.

Nikita: How long do you think we'll stay here?
Michael: Not long enough!
Nikita: I'm so glad you brought me here. I wish we could stay.
Michael: Let's not think about the future. Let's just enjoy this while it lasts.

Nikita: How is this going to work?
Michael: We can be careful, take things slowly.
Nikita: There's another option, I mean, we can live the day like its our last.
Michael: It very well could be.

Nikita: Thank you.
Michael: Dinner was wonderful, thank you.
Nikita: Well it wasn't as good as the meal you cooked at the cabin.
Michael: I liked it there.
Nikita: You know it can't be casual between you and me. I can't do that.
Michael: I know.

Hand to Hand (3.14)

Nikita: I don't know. Maybe nothing, but I have to try.I have to try. I can't leave these women here, I have to help them. Michael, you've got a sister. When you went to prison, she was all alone. She could have ended up in a place like this if she hadn't been helped.

Operations: ...But the question is, what kind of relationship do I have with you? Why don't you admit you were jealous and you still have feelings for me.
Madeline: Of course I do. Admiration, respect, friendship.
Operations: If I thought your feelings went beyond friendship, I'd make this whole thing go away. Otherwise, I'll have to let bureaucracy take its course. And that could be very unpleasant.
Madeline: Don't do this.
Operations: In the tower, tonight, ten o'clock

Nikita: How do you do it? How do you stay sane? What's the secret?
Walter: Knowing when to lie, and when to tell the truth.
Nikita: To them?
Walter: To yourself. At night you go to bed knowing you live in hell. That's the truth.
Nikita: And the lie?
Walter: And you wake up in the morning thinking that this day may change everything…you'll escape, you'll fall in love, they'll close the place up and send everybody home.
Nikita: Then that night you have to face the truth again.
Walter: Yeah. But in the meantime, you've accomplished something that's truly remarkable. You've made it through another day.

Before I Sleep (3.15)

Madeline: Not too weak. Sarah, I know you’re more comfortable here alone. Being with other people has always been difficult for you. And if you choose to stay here, I’ll leave. But if you want to do something that will help many people, save many lives – then you should come with me now.

Michael: What is it about me that scares you?
Sarah: I guess... I guess I find a different reason every time I meet a man…not that I-I meet that many.
Michael: And what reason are you giving yourself this time?
Sarah: You’re handsome. You probably get everything you want from women. Which means you’re not very nice.
Michael: You’re right.
Sarah: Do you have a girlfriend?
Michael: No.
Sarah: But you love someone, don’t you?
Michael: Why do you say that?
Sarah: I don’t know. You seem like you’re thinking about someone.
Michael: We’re not here to talk about me.
Sarah: I thought that you were here to make me feel comfortable.
Michael: I am.
Sarah: Talking about you does make me feel comfortable.
Michael: Okay. I’ll tell you about her.

Nikita: Nothing. It’s just unusual. You sticking your neck out to help.
Michael: I like her.

I Remember Paris (3.16)

Operations: Is everyone out?
Michael: Yes.
Operations: How much time?
Michael: Three minutes.
Operations: Let's go.
Operations: You've been for here how many years, Michael? Seven?
Michael: Nine.
Operations: I came here 24 years ago.

Operations: ... Thank you.
Nikita: For what?
Operations: You're competent and you keep your wits about you under fire. I tend towards impatience. It doesn't always work as well in the field.
Nikita: Sometimes I do things differently than what you would like, but I've set boundaries for myself, if I was to work outside those boundaries, I couldn't live with myself.
Operations: I appreciate that, Nikita, but it's not about you and your boundaries... it's not even about me and my impatience.
Nikita: I know. It's about the Section, right?
Operations: I know most of the operatives think of what they do here as nothing more than indentured servitude, it’s a way to stay alive, if I could just impart the way I feel about this place...

Michael: It's been a strange week.
Nikita: That's one way to put it. I don't know what was more unusual; Operations blowing up Section or you coming for dinner again.
Michael: I didn’t choose to stay away.
Nikita: But you did. So what's changed?
Michael: Maybe enough time has passed.
Nikita: Maybe too much time has passed, Michael.
Michael: I hope not.
Nikita: Thank you... So why are you here now?
Michael: I missed you.

All Good Things (3.17)

Nikita: Good morning.
Michael: Good morning.
Nikita: It feels strange. We’re really together now.
Michael: If we want to be.
Nikita: Well... I want to be.
Michael: So do I.
Nikita: Section won’t like it. What do you think they’ll do?
Michael: We’ll have to see.

Michael: I expected betrayal from Mintz, not from you.
Nikita: What kind of loyalty do you want? Blind obedience or my honest opinion?
Michael: Don’t fail me, Nikita. You’re the only person in the world I trust.

Michael: This is Section. Missions are carried out, people die. And sometimes the reasons are not always clear.
Nikita: Are you saying there’s more to this than I know?
Michael: I’m saying the discussion’s over.
Nikita: I don’t know who you are.
Michael: I’m who I’ve always been.
Nikita: Good night, Michael.

Third Party Ripoff (3.18)

Michael: We should stay together.
Nikita: I don't think I want that anymore.
Michael: You didn't like the way I acted when I had to take charge.
Nikita: You became a different person.
Michael: No, the same person, just playing a different role. Something we all have to do in here to survive.
Nikita: It doesn't matter how you intellectualize it. I feel the way I feel.

Michael: Davenport's capable.
Nikita: Capable is okay for some missions. Others it's not.
Michael: I don't want to talk about it.
Nikita: You're not the same. You said this wasn't going to affect you, but it has.
Michael: I'll get over it.
Nikita: Maybe you shouldn't try to. Maybe the job means more to you.

Michael: I just came by to tell you something. It's not over. We will be together.

Playing With Fire (3.21)

Michael: We have one hour.

Nikita: Michael, we’re playing with fire.
Michael: I know.

On Borrowed Time (3.22)

Michael: They haven’t posted the new assignments yet.
Nikita: So we won’t be able to meet. Not enough time to form a plan.
Michael: If the posting happens soon, there’s still a chance.
Nikita: Why the delay?
Michael: Could be a hundred reasons.
Nikita: Could be about us.
Michael: They don’t know enough or they would have stopped us.
Nikita: Maybe we should pull back for a while.
Michael: We’ll be together soon. I’ll make it happen. Go now.

Madeline: Hello, Nikita. Have you had your meeting with Michael yet, or were you on your way to it? Whenever your last meeting with Michael was, I hope you made the most of it. It’s the last one you’ll ever have.

Michael: What did they do to you?
Nikita: Nothing. Nothing!
Michael: Tell me.
Nikita: Don't. I don’t know. Don’t remember. Don’t. It doesn’t work. I don’t love you anymore.

Michael: I won’t let them do this.

Season 4


Getting Out Of Reverse (4.01)

Madeline: Michael means nothing to her. Not anymore. She's a perfect robot

Nikita: They're watching us.
Michael: I know.

Nikita: What are you doing here?
Michael: I want some answers. We have two minutes.

Michael: Why?
Nikita: They tried to reprogram me. I had to let them think they'd succeeded.
Michael: When did it start?
Nikita: Genefex Mission.
Michael: You weren't at the rendezvous point.
Nikita: Birkoff sent me upstairs and Madeline was waiting. I was tranq'ed. I don't know what they did but when I awoke, I knew they'd been messing with my mind. They tried to strip me of my humanity. No feelings. No connection with anyone.
Michael: Why didn't you let me help you?
Nikita: There was too much surveillance. Believe me... believe me. I have to go.

There Are No Missions (4.02)

Nikita: You want me to kill Michael?
Madeline: Is that a problem?
Nikita: No.

Nikita: They want you dead.
Michael: I know.

Michael: Do you know who you are?
Nikita: Do I know who I am? I'm me... and I love you.
Michael: Do you? Or do you want to kill me?
Nikita: Why are you talking like this?
Michael: If I hand you this gun, are you going to shoot me? You won't have any reason to hesitate. The order has been given.
Nikita: Michael. You don't belong here anymore, Michael.
Michael: Why are you saying that?
Nikita: 'Cause you don't have what it takes. If you did, I'd be dead.

View Of The Garden (4.03)

Michael: They changed you.
Nikita: Something better.
Michael: You only think that because you can't remember what you were.
Nikita: I remember. I prefer this. No needs, no fears, no desires. I used to think you were like that. But you're not, are you? You're weak. You should let them make you feel stronger.
Michael: There was a time when we used to care for each other.
Nikita: Well that time is gone. There's nothing you can do to change that. If you think otherwise, then you're the one that needs help.

Into The Looking Glass (4.04)

Madeline: That's what I told Operations. He's not convinced. Regardless of Adrian, he's thinking about reinstating your cancellation orders.
Michael: I understand.
Madeline: You're not afraid to die, are you Michael?
Michael: No. You've seen to that.

Nikita: I don't care about you.
Michael: Yes you do. You just need time to remember. You're going through withdrawal.
Nikita: From what?
Michael: Gelman's maintenance drug.
Nikita: Why do you care?
Michael: Drink this.
Nikita: Don't come near me. You had me emotionally, Michael you blew it. Does it hurt to be on the other side? Are you in pain?
Michael: You have to drink this.
Nikita: You're dead Michael! When they find out you're off profile, you're dead!

Nikita: I slept.
Michael: Yes...
Nikita: There's still pain.
Michael: It'll go away.
Nikita: When?
Michael: When you let it go, Nikita.
Nikita: Michael. I love you.

Michael: We can't stay here.
Nikita: I know.
Michael: We have to be stronger than them.
Nikita: I'd rather die than go back now.
Michael: Don't say that.
Nikita: Why?
Michael: Because I can't live without you.

Man In The Middle (4.05)

Michael: Where are you staying tonight?
Nikita: They’ve assigned me to temporary quarters while they scrub all traces of the Gelman process from my little apartment. I’ve got to say, my new pad’s almost as nice as this.
Michael: For how long?
Nikita: Two weeks.
Michael: You could stay with me.
Nikita: Are you asking me to move in with you?
Michael: You’d be more comfortable.
Nikita: Well, is this for two weeks or were you thinking of something a little more... permanent?
Michael: We’d have more privacy.
Nikita: And how is it that you think that we’re going to get away with that?
Michael: Adrian.
Nikita: I’ll think about it.

Michael: Drugs are the only thing I sell.
Helmut: Freddie... If somehow I’ve created the wrong impression here, if I made you think that I thought that I could purchase this gorgeous creature, then I’m profusely sorry. You more than anyone should know, one look at her, she’s priceless.
Michael: Then consider the cost in the event you were to break something.
Helmut: Are you threatening me? I think I’m beginning to like you.

Party Guest: Karen thinks my dress is tacky, too obvious. What do you think?
Michael: It is.

Michael: What are you thinking?
Nikita: About the man I’m going to marry. It’s one thing to convince another man that I love him enough to marry him, but the idea of not seeing you again...
Michael: You have to separate Anna’s life from Nikita’s.
Nikita: Is that what you did with Elena?
Michael: I tried.
Nikita: So even with everything that you went through, you still think it’s possible to hold on to your heart?
Michael: Yes. We’ll find a way to stop this.

Love, Honor and Cherish (4.06)

Nikita: ...We live with ourselves and we die with ourselves and the choices that we make.

Nikita: I don’t know. I think if you live without something long enough…you may not recognize it if it happens to find you.

Nikita: Thanks. He was a good man.
Michael: Good men are hard to find.
Nikita: Yes, they are.

Sympathy For The Devil (4.07)

Nikita: I’m sorry, I... it’s just that I...
Michael: It’s all right.
Nikita: How do you do it, Michael?
Michael: Do what?
Nikita: Keep your feelings sorted out, your head straight. You were married to Elena.
Michael: Well, sometimes, our thoughts and feelings take us where we can no longer go. Feelings are not captive.
Nikita: Maybe it’d be better if they were.
Michael: I don’t know.
Nikita: You know, a year ago, having time like this together... Michael, I’m lost, I don’t know what I am anymore.

Operations: You did what I asked you to do, I owe you fifteen days, they’re yours. Something wrong?
Michael: We’d prefer to wait.
Operations: If that’s what you want.
Nikita: It would be better to wait.

No One Lives Forever (4.08)

Michael: I came to say goodbye.

Michael: He wanted to know why you contacted me.
Nikita: What did you say?
Michael: I didn't have the answer.
Nikita: I don't want to be free if I can't be with you.
Michael: They won't make it easy on us.
Nikita: What else is new?

Madeline: ... So you two are using Nikita to kill Operations.
Michael: Why would I do that?
Madeline: Because you'll inherit his post.
Michael: My time will come.
Madeline: Oh yes. But the question is, when?

Time To Be Heroes (4.11)

Madeline: Once you come through those doors, you have two choices; one is compliance, the other is self-explanatory. Make no mistake, if any of you have any delusions about leaving here, I'd erase them immediately.

Michael is rubbing Nikita's bare feet

Nikita: Michael. What's happening here?
Michael: What do you mean?
Nikita: Why the time pressure to make these kids operatives. Operations is planning something, isn't he?
Michael: I don't know.
Nikita: Well if this is for real, we're going to be here forever.
Michael: Is this so bad?

Jasmine: We can do something no one expects from us. [...] Survive.

Hell Hearth No Fury (4.12)

Walter: Hey, Amigo, everything OK with you? You seem distracted. Is something on your mind?
Birkoff: You’re the guy who makes the life and death decisions about other people’s lives. I thought you had all the answers.
Walter: I tried to tell you to let this thing slide. But no. You had to push it. And you found out. Yes, you’ve got a twin brother. Yes, he’s free and you’re not and I’m the one that made the call. But that’s the way the cookie crumbled.
Birkoff: Only he got the cookie and I got the crumbs.
Walter: Let it go.
Birkoff: Like you let him go.

Birkoff: No, no matter how long you’ve been in here at least you know where you came from. You know who you are, do you have any idea what it felt like to know that I’m part of something? Someone? To make that connection.

Michael: A woman in love may prove to be a more formidable opponent than the one she loves.

Kiss The Past Goodbye (4.13)

Operations: ... Stay out of it Michael if you care about the lives of Elena and Adam.
Michael: And you do?

Michael: Corliss, if something happens to Elena and Adam on your watch... I'll kill you.

Catch A Falling Star (4.16)

Nikita: It's beautiful here.
Michael: You're beautiful.
Nikita: I used to dream that there were places like this somewhere. Safe, warm. Do you ever think of anything like that?
Michael: Yes.
Nikita: You never talk about it.
Michael: Inside. Nobody can change it. It will always be what I need it to be.
Nikita: Is it anything like this?
Michael: A little maybe... you're there.

Sleeping With The Enemy (4.17)

Nikita: Is Madeline dead?
Michael: There were no survivors.
Nikita: I don’t know how I feel.
Michael: We destroyed Red Cell's base of operations.
Nikita: I know what the trade off was. I can't help but wonder whether it was worth sacrificing one of our own.

Michael: I did what I believed in.

Toys In The Basement (4.18)

Michael: You owe me fifthteen days, for helping your friend.
Operations: Yes I did promise you that.
Michael: I'd like to take them now.
Operations: All right Michael. You do what you've got to do but you're on your own. If I find out you employed any section resources, put a drain on our manpower, I will act accordingly.
Michael: I understand

Jason: Trust me pal, I've been there, done that. Forget it. You know the iceberg that sunk the Titanic? An amateur. What do you need?

Jason: All right, so I helped the guy out. It took ten minutes, you're not going to climb out of your skirt about that are you?

Nikita: Oh you should have had backup, you had no way of knowing if I was going to be all right. What if this had been a Bright Star sub-station? Hmmm? You wouldn't have made it out of here.
Michael: If you weren't alive, it wouldn't have mattered.

Michael's message: It took me four days to find Nikita, that leaves eleven.

Face In The Mirror (4.20)

Walter: ... It's okay, you can trust me. I'm on your side.
Jason: Why do you even care?
Walter: Because I'm not like the others. I've got my reasons.

Michael: Yes. If you're in trouble, Nikita...
Nikita: The only trouble I seem to be having at the moment is that you're too far away from me, to defying the odds. So you read my med report?
Michael: Yes.
Nikita: And there's something you didn't like?
Michael: You shot yourself, Nikita.
Nikita: Yes, I did.
Michael: Why?
Nikita: It seemed like a very bad idea to assassinate the one man who could get me out of Section forever. I'm sorry, Michael, but I had my chance and I had to take it.

Madeline: Where's Michael? Using Michael's corneal access is grounds for cancellation.
Nikita: Madeline, your threats are of no interest to me anymore, not that they ever have been.
Madeline: You don't think you'll get away with this. I'm sorry for you, Nikita.
Nikita: Is that an emotion? My god!
Madeline: It's taken a long time for us to come to this point, hasn't it?
Nikita: Far too long if you ask me.
Madeline: Nikita's condition eight. Shoot to kill.

Up The Rabbit Hole (4.21)

Nikita: Where can I feel safe, Michael, when I can't even trust you?

Jason: Tight-lipped bunch, aren't ya?
Madeline: You have an unusual opportunity, Mr. Crawford, your fate at Section is in your hands. You feel you're ready for this?
Jason: I'll do what I have to do, Madeline, and you'll make sure nothing happens to Naomi. My brother Jason will expect you to keep up your end of the deal.

Madeline: You spent six years training and getting to know Nikita, we're not going to retrieve her on intel alone, we need a more personal profile.

Walter: Hey, Michael. You pick up on the weird buzz around here? Seems "sugar-free" leaves a bitter taste on the back of the tongue.

Quinn/Nikita: ... but have you stopped to think that maybe you don't want us to find Nikita?
Michael: For what reason?
Quinn/Nikita: Because you're in love with her.

Michael: I never loved Nikita.
Quinn/Nikita: I thought that was common knowledge.
Michael: Yes, it's what we wanted them to believe.
Quinn/Nikita: We?
Michael: Operations, Madeline. Me.
Quinn/Nikita: I've been through the databases a hundred times over, Michael. The time you spent with Nikita...
Michael: I was assigned to train her, motivate her adjustment.
Quinn/Nikita: Give her something to hang onto, to believe in.
Michael: Yes.
Quinn/Nikita: And your feelings for her? I have to give you credit, Michael, I'm beginning to understand why they value you so much around here. I'll have to figure this in. I'll let you know when I have a new profile.

Michael: Nikita was taught if exposed, to hide in plain sight.

Michael: Don't move.
Quinn/Nikita: Michael...
Michael: Hide in plain sight. Section is the last place we'd think to look.
Quinn/Nikita: Michael, I'll report this. You'll have to account for your behavior!
Michael: And you will have to account for your reaction when I told you I had no feelings for Nikita.
Quinn/Nikita: Like I said, Nikita is very emotional. Seems to be what trips her up most of the time.
Michael: Why?
Quinn/Nikita: I couldn't leave without you, Michael. I came back to convince you to come with me. You've seen me do it. I can show you how.
Michael: No one really leaves Section.
Quinn/Nikita: I agree. This place will always be in my head. But we can help each other forget.
Michael: Sooner or later they would have found you.
Quinn/Nikita: Not without the implant. Not after sinking my files. Not if I didn't want them to.

Quinn/Nikita: I didn't have a choice. Red Cell offered us a way out. We'd be free!

Operations: In a few weeks, most likely, I'll be moving to Oversight which means you will be given the Perch, Section One will be yours. You don't seem pleased?
Michael: I am.

Operations: I want Michael and Quinn apprehended and brought back to Section immediately.

Nikita: It's amazing, isn't it? Kraft was a genius at long-term prosthetics. We can use the techniques to disappear if we have to.
Michael: I don't want you to change again.
Nikita: Michael ...

Operations: You're slipping, Madeline.
Madeline: If that's what you want to believe.
Operations: I have two liberated operatives. An entire Alpha Team wiped out. And a Chief Strategist without answers. What should I believe?
Madeline: I just need more time.
Operations: You have 24 hours. If Michael and Nikita are not returned by then, you will be removed from your post.

Jason: Hey, Walter. What's up?
Walter: My faith in humanity.
Jason: What are you talking about?
Walter: Nikita and Michael. They flew the coop.
Jason: Impossible.
Walter: Yeah, that's what everybody around here thought. But they did it. They are history.
Jason: Mom and Dad must be freaking out.
Walter: That's the best part. Wish you could see it. Madeline's having a meltdown. Operations is wearing out the floor of his office, pacing back and forth.
Jason: Yeah, yeah, I wish I could see that.

Nikita: Michael, it's over. You can relax now. They're never going to find us.

Four Light Years Farther (4.22)

Michael: A la vie.

Nikita: ... What are you waiting for?
Michael: We're surrounded.
Nikita: Removing collateral.
Michael: Yes.
Nikita: Should we use the car?
Michael: We won't get ten feet.
Nikita: I've got three grenades, we can carve a path, the highway is less than a kilometer.
Michael: No... there will be another day.

Operations: They're to be treated well.
Madeline: I agree, but they can't be trusted.
Operations: They never could. Not from the moment she arrived. There's a bond between them that can only be broken one way.
Madeline: Which one?
Operations: Nikita.
Madeline: I disagree.
Operations: Michael's more valuable. You know that.
Madeline: Whichever one we let live will never forgive us. We let them make the choice.
Operations: What's the difference?
Madeline: Eventually, the survivor will need to anchor. They will want to believe in us, but they'll need justification.
Operations: Plausible deniability.
Madeline: Yes.

Michael: Nikita, it has to be this way.
Nikita: No, let them kill us both.
Michael: They won't do that, they need one of us.
Nikita: Then we should both live.
Michael: You know they won't let that happen.
Nikita: Why not? If they cancel you, I won't want to live, I'll step in front of the first bullet shot at me.
Michael: No, you won't. I'll need you after I'm gone.
Nikita: What does that mean?
Michael: Adam... You're the only one I can trust.
Nikita: That's something you should do yourself.
Michael: After I'm cancelled, they'll induce so you're not suicidal, after some time passes, you'll be brought back. It won't be as painful as you think.
Nikita: You can live without me a lot better than I can live without you.
Michael: No.

Michael: I'd prefer a bullet.
Operations: A bullet? Nikita was right, you'll get over her death, she'll never be able to get over yours. This is just to help you get through this.
Michael: No! No!

Mr. Jones/Mick Schtoppel: She works for me at CII. My cover was thorough, hers was unprecedented. You're looking at the best of the best.

Mr. Jones/Mick Schtoppel: I chose Nikita for her free will... and her sufficient disdain for Section One. Well, I think it's time we got started.

Madeline: I really don't need to hear what some ad hoc internal affairs bimbo thinks of my work.

Madeline: No. You don't understand, I'll make my own decision regarding my fate!

Walter: Then why don't we save each other the trouble? We both know I broke every rule in the book to help you and Michael.

Nikita: You kept me grounded, Walter. When you go undercover for as long as I did, you have to find a center, a place you can stay anchored so you don't drift. You were my center.

Nikita: ... You have shown an otherworldly disregard for your own well-being, more than anyone else, you've been true to the highest principles that define this organization.
Michael: That's not true, I betrayed Section, I've put your well-being ahead of everything else.
Nikita: I have no choice but to recommend your cancellation.
Michael: Is there an abeyance mission pending?
Nikita: Yes.
Michael: Thank you.

Nikita: I thought someone should use Walter's bag of tricks.

Michael: ... Why did you break protocol?
Nikita: I wasn't ready to see you die.
Michael: Are you out?
Nikita: No, I gotta go back, but you can make it, you'll be able to jam their frequency long enough to get out of the hemisphere, take it.
Michael: What about you?
Nikita: I'll be all right, I got a card to play; they owe me this.
Michael: Come with me.
Nikita: I can't.
Michael: Is this what you want?
Nikita: I don't love you. I never did.

Season 5


Deja Vu All Over Again (5.01)

Operations: I can't let you leave without a going-away present. Some advice? You think you're going to start a new life? You think you're leaving the violence and the fear behind? You're very much mistaken. Truth is, you were sheltered here. The dangers in Center are far worse, because they're far more subtle. Be especially careful of Mr. Jones - he's not what he seem.

All The World's A Stage (5.04)

Mick Schtoppel: I don't know! I'm not who you think I am. I'm not Mr. Jones. I'm an imposter. My - my name is Martin Henderson. Please... just let me up.

The Man Behind The Curtain (5.05)

Mr. Jones: At last we meet.
Nikita: And, you are... ?
Mr. Jones: Well, just call me the real Mr. Jones.
Nikita: I need more than a name.
Mr. Jones: Very well. I'm the big cheese, the man behind the curtain, King Tut whatever you want. Now, if we have both finished gawking, perhaps it's time we got down to some work.

Let No Man Put Asunder (5.07)

Nikita: You wanna do this?
Michael: I do.

Nikita: I lied.
Michael: I know.

Michael: Come with me.
Nikita: I could never replace Elena in Adam's eyes, Michael.
Michael: Don't try. Be yourself.
Nikita: A white picket fence? A minivan? A cocker spaniel?
Michael: Why not? We could even have children of our own.
Nikita: I fear I've lost the courage for our dream, Michael.
Michael: It's no dream.
Michael: We'll make it work.

A Time For Every Purpose (5.08)

Michael: You'll take care of Adam?
Nikita: I will.
Michael: Goodbye, Nikita.
Nikita: Goodbye, Michael... Goodbye.

Mr. Jones: I'm afraid I lied. It is not you they want. It's me. I do apologize for this whole charade, but you see, I had to make it appear convincing. We were under constant observation by my colleagues, and they certainly wouldn't allow me to give myself up. So, it all comes down to you, Nikita. I need your promise that you will return to Section and become Operations, and eventually take over for me, as I had always planned. I cannot go, if you don't say yes.
Nikita: Yes.
Mr. Jones: Good. One day you will realize it is the right decision. Always trust your father.

Nikita: According to my father, I was born for this.
Michael: There'll be a time when Adam won't need me anymore.
Nikita: You know where I am. I love you.
Michael: I love you.



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