LEGO Marvel Superheroes

2013 video game

LEGO Marvel Superheroes is a 2013 video game.

Main ChaptersEdit

Chapter 1 - Sand Central StationEdit

  • Maria Hill: One of New York's most iconic locations, Grand Central Terminal has served as one of the world's busiest transport hubs since it opened in 1913.
  • Sandman: [Speaking into his hand which has become a megaphone] Alright! I let these big-wigs go, once you bring me some of those... Uh... Cosmic Bricks!
Abomination: Why didn't they make me the supervisor here? That guy's got sand for brains!
  • Iron Man: Hulk, you have to remember to look... before you leap.
[Abomination appears and growls at Hulk]
Iron Man: I know... Bad guys. The S.H.I.E.L.D. folks think we need to formulate a careful plan of attack using...
[Hulk rushes forward to fight Abomination]
Iron Man: Or, we just smash our way in. Good plan.
  • Spider-Man: [Watching Hulk and Iron Man getting tossed around by Sandman] Wow, so much for taking the subway down to the Bugle. Guess I'll just have to fight my way through it. [Swings in and saves Iron Man and Hulk]
Iron Man: Thanks for swinging by, Spider-Man.
Spider-Man: You Avenger guys are really great, at making a mess. [Dodges a letter of the Stark Industries logo thrown by Sandman]
Iron Man: Hey! I just replaced that!
  • Sandman: [Getting sprayed with water] Oh no... I'm melting... MELTING! No, wait... I mean I'm solidifying... SOLIDIFYING... Oh, what a world... Nooo...!
  • Agent Coulson: Uh, Hulk, can you help with some of this debris?
Hulk: [Pushes a car away]
  • Iron Man: So, who's behind all this? What exactly am I up to? And will it cut into my hot tub time?
Nick Fury: I don't know - I wish I knew, and yes. Tony, get back to Stark Tower and try to get me some answers.

Chapter 2 - Times Square-offEdit

  • Maria Hill: The top five floors of the Baxter Building are home to the Fantastic Four. Up to date plans are unavailable as Reed Richards is continuously reconfiguring the layout of his labs.
  • Doctor Octopus: [Holding a Cosmic Brick] Doctor Doom, it's Doctor Octopus. I found it.

(in Daily Bugle building)
Jameson: Oxton?! Do your job! I want some play for Bugle stories on Net-Thing or Inter-face.
Lena Oxton: Yes, sir. Google Chrome.
Jameson: You understand the web, don’t you?
Lena Oxton: The web? Yeah, it’s a job and a hobby.
[Doctor Willy get crushed into office]
Jameson: Doc Willy? You’re a real doctor, right? Cause I have a pain right here… down there… oh, and that bit over there, wow!
Doctor Willy: Your cheap health plan doesn’t cover office visits.
Jameson: Oxton?! Oxton! I need some footage of this for the website! How hard can it be? I mean, this time the news is coming to us!
Tracer: You could record it with your iphone, JJ, if you could figure out how to turn it on.

  • Captain America: Give it up, crime never pays.
Doctor Octopus: You'd be surprised; it covers medical and dental.
[Captain America throws his shield at Dr. Octopus' tentacle, causing him to throw the Cosmic Brick upwards, only to catch it with another of his tentacles]
Reed Richards: You can't escape the long reach of justice, Ock. [Reaches out and grabs one of Doctor Octopus' tentacles, but fails to retrieve the Cosmic Brick]
Spider-Man: Stop being so grabby, doc! [Shoots a bit of web at Doctor Octopus, causing the Cosmic brick to fly up]
Captain America: I got it! [Throws his shield]
Reed Richards: I got it! [Reaches out]
Spider-Man: I got it! [Shoots some webbing]
Green Goblin: [Swoops in and steals the Cosmic Brick] No! I got it! [Flies off, laughing]
[Doctor Octopus launches his tentacles forward, but Reed Richards and Spider-Man hold them down. Captain America throws his shield at Doctor Octopus, knocking him out]

Chapter 3 - Exploratory LaboratoryEdit

  • Maria Hill: Within the Oscorp building's high security perimeter, Norman Osbourne's labs undertake secretive research into radical new chemical and genetic technologies.
  • Spider-Man: [In an elevator, just as Hawkeye and Black Widow enter] What took you so long?
  • Spider-Man: Wow, getting a visitor pass around here is grueling.
  • Hawkeye: You know, for a totally legitimate...
Black Widow: ...and unsuspicious office tower, this place is surprisingly disgusting.
Spider-Man: You said it.
Black Widow: You think that's all of them?
[Venom appears]
Spider-Man: Uh, no.
Hawkeye: I see him!
[Venom leaps down in front of the trio]
Venom: We always love running into you, Spider-Man!

Chapter 4 - Rock Up at the Lock UpEdit

  • Maria Hill: Located of Manhattan's East Coast, the highest security area of Ryker's Island Maximum Security Penitentiary is known as the Raft. Looking for the worst of the worst in super-villainy? You'll find them here.
  • Iron Man: My sensors are detecting movement on the other side of this wall.
[Hulk punches through the wall and grabs Wolverine]
Wolverine: Let go of me, bub!
Iron Man: Hulk, drop. You should know by now he's one of the good guys. [Hulk drops Wolverine] Even if he doesn't smell like one.
[Wolverine retracts his claws]
Iron Man: Shouldn't you be in Canada, uncovering your past or something?
Wolverine: Tracked Sabretooth here. Chuck says Doom's got the Brotherhood of Mutants helping him out.
Iron Man: Doing what?
  • Sabretooth: You made it just in time for the big escape. [Slices the door control, releasing Carnage, Red Skull, Rhino and Stan Lee]
[Magneto enters]
Wolverine: Supervillains everywhere.
Iron Man: Supervillains, meet my super-suit.
Magneto: Yes, that suit. It requires some tailoring... [Disassembles Iron Man's suit with his magnetic powers]
[Magneto and Sabretooth escape, with Hulk and Wolverine pursuing them]
Iron Man: Is it me, or did it get drafty in here?
  • Agent Coulson: What a mess. Who else got away?
Wolverine: [Sniffs] I'm gettin' other supervillain scents here... Mandarin, Red Skull and... Loki. Where's Thor?
Agent Coulson: In Asgard. He needs to know about this.
[Cut to Loki walking out of his cell]

Chapter 5 - Rebooted, ResuitedEdit

  • Maria Hill: Stark Tower dominates the Manhattan Skyline as either a highly advanced technological research facility, or a giant monument to its owner's ego. Depends who you ask.
  • Tony Stark: Did I ever tell you about my party armor? It was designed like a tuxedo. For more formal battles.
  • JARVIS: Arc Reactor Storage access granted.
[Loki removes the Arc Reactor and laughs]
Captain America: Loki, stand down!
Loki: My insincerest apologies, but I have need for a source of high power at low cost.
Iron Man: Well, you are stealing from the best.
Mandarin: That's not the only thing we've stolen... [Sees Loki teleporting away] Where are you going? Never trust a demigod...
  • Iron Man: Why is it my tower can never stay in one piece?

Chapter 6 - Red Head DetentionEdit

  • Maria Hill: Standing over fourteen hundred feet tall and weighing 365,000 tons, the Empire State Building was opened in 1931 and has remained one of New York City's most recognizable landmarks ever since.
  • Black Widow: Looks like Wolverine beat us here.
Nick Fury: The signal's gotten stronger. So follow it, agents.
  • Hawkeye: I guess evil organizations don't spend as much on training their goons as they do on these fancy doors...
  • Black widow: This base is huge. How did it stay hidden for so long?
Hawkeye: Quality decorating?
  • Captain America: Red Skull! I'm gonna spangle you till you see stars!
Red Skull: Still in that ridiculous outfit? You need a bigger wardrobe budget.
  • Wolverine: I picked up the Skull's trail outside the raft. He wears a stinky cologne.
Captain America: We appreciate the help, but you've destroyed the vortex. Now we can't follow Loki.
Wolverine: Yeah, well, I get the sense that Loki isn't just a hired hand in this thing.

Chapter 7 - Bifrosty ReceptionEdit

  • Maria Hill: Most of what S.H.I.E.L.D. knows about Thor and his people remains highly classified. What little information we've obtained about his home 'Asgard' comes from... well... this one little children's book found by Dr. Erik Selvig in New Mexico. Seems pretty accurate so far...
  • Thor: The Tesseract is dangerous, brother!
Loki: Oh, and so am I, brother! I intend to get my revenge on you, on Earth, and on Asgard!
Thor: What are you planning, Loki?
Loki: You can't make me tell. You are not the god of me.
Thor: [Irritated] Ohhh! Thou dost vex me with that taunt. You have used it since we were children!
Loki: Do you remember this little plaything? [Activates the Destroyer]
  • Thor: I will return the Tesseract to the safe-keeping of the Treasure Room.
Human Torch: Hey blondie, I hate to point this out, but it just got stolen from there. Maybe your security is not so good.
Captain America: S.H.I.E.L.D. has an entire battalion of troops dedicated to guarding the Tesseract.
Thor: Humans? Guarding this item of immense power?
[Wolverine quietly takes the Tesseract away]
Thor: Please! I can rain thunder and lightning on anyone who touches it!

Chapter 8 - Juggernauts and CrossesEdit

  • Maria Hill: Officially, Professor Charles Xavier's institute for Higher Learning is an ordinary boarding school, but the truth is it also serves as a home and shelter for the young mutants with extraordinary powers... collectively known as the X-Men.
  • Jean Grey: Professor?!!
Magneto: Professor X has agreed to let me care for the Tesseract.
Jean Grey: He has?
Magneto: Of course. He knows I'm good with technology.
Cyclops: And he knows you'll double cross him at the drop of your helmet! [Fires his optic blasts at Magneto, destroying Profesor X' chair]
[Professor X laughs and reveals himself to be Mystique]
Mystique: Well, that's no way to treat a lady, Summers. [Launches the remains of Professor X' chair at the X-Men]
[Ice Man builds a wall of ice to protect the X-Men, but gets knocked out by a piece of the chair. Cyclops shoots more optic blasts at Mystique who dodges them and runs out with Magneto]
Jean Grey: Make sure the children are protected. I'll take care of these two. [Runs after Mystique and Magneto, with Ice Man following]
[In the corridor, Magneto and Storm run past Beast, who is carrying a pile of papers]
Beast: [Oblivious] No running in the hallway, please.
[Jean Grey runs past Beast, but Ice Man runs into him]
Beast: How many times must I say it? NO RUNNING IN THE HALLWAYS! [Sees that Jean Grey and Ice Man are chasing Magneto and Mystique] Oh. [Follows them]
  • Beast: Oh my stars and garters!
Jean Grey: What does that even mean?
[Cyclops, Wolverine and Professor X enter]
Jean Grey: Magneto got away.
Professor X: That is most unfortunate. I think that means we'll owe Nick Fury a few favors.

Chapter 9 - Doctor in the HouseEdit

  • Maria Hill: Deep in Central Europe lies a small nation known as Latveria, ruled by Victor Von Doom. Don't let the rustic look of Doctor Doom's castle fool you; it has incredibly advanced weaponry hidden behind its stone walls. Even really good internet.
  • Human Torch: Local weather is dreary with an 80 per cent chance of bad guys.
Nick Fury: And a 100 per cent chance of incoming fire.
  • Reed Richards: [Using his body as a parachute] I saw this in a movie once.
  • Sue Storm: Ben, I believe some clobberin' is in order.
Thing: Aw, Sue... Ya ruined my line!
  • Green Goblin: What? No Spider-Man? Shame! [Knocks Human Torch out with a Pumpkin bomb] I do so enjoy winding him up.
  • Doctor Doom: Fools! Don't force me to use Dr. Doom's Doom Ray... of Doom! [Pulls his ray gun on the Fantastic Four and Nick Fury]
Nick Fury: Does that look like a ray gun to you, Reed?
Reed Richards: Usually ray guns use focused light whereas this appears to use cosmic energy.
Human Torch: Why don't you just ask him? Villains love to talk about their stuff. Hey, Doom, what is that thing?
Doctor Doom: Oh, you'd like to see it in action? Very well! [Tries to fire it, but nothing happens]
[Loki causes some rubble to fall onto the Fantastic Four and Nick Fury]

Chapter 10 - That Sinking FeelingEdit

  • Maria Hill: S.H.I.E.L.D. Research Submarines are extremely useful for taking the fight to bad guys while underwater. These subs feature advanced tracking equipment, ideal for locating enemies or items of interest.
  • Iron Man: Don't tell me you got here on a really long spider line?
Spider-Man: Uh, no. You're not the only one that can fly. [Camera pans up to reveal a helicopter with Spider-Man's web line on it] Compliments of Mr. Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.
Iron Man: You know, I could fit you with a rocket-propelled iron suit, if you'd like.
Spider-Man: Sounds... heavy.
  • MODOK: I am MODOK! I am designed only for conquest!
  • Doctor Doom: Really? With the banging? REALLY?
Spider-Man: Hey, doc, why do you need all those Cosmic Bricks?
Doctor Doom: I don't share my plans with insects!
Iron Man: How 'bout a god, then?
[Thor hits the submarine with Mjolnir]
  • Magneto: [Controlling the Statue of Liberty] You need to mind your manners around a lady.

Chapter 11 - Taking LibertiesEdit

  • Maria Hill: Roxxon undisputedly leads the world in energy production. Its power plant, located a short distance from New York, is rumored to contain some kind of experimental reactor core.
Reed Richards: Hulk, be careful! She's a national treasure! And her hat is really pointy!
  • Wolverine: I don't get it? How did that burn a metal statue's hand?
Reed Richards: I actually have a theory about-
Wolverine: Don't actually care, bub!
  • Mastermind: Greetings, I am the mind's master! You can call me... MASTERMIND!!! I have the only TRULY unbeatable mutant power... to control your mind!
  • Magneto: Off with her head! [Makes the Statue of Liberty remove her head and throw it into space, with Reed Richards, Hulk and Wolverine hanging on]

Chapter 12 - Rapturous RiseEdit

  • Maria Hill: Unfortunately, little intelligence exists concerning this mysterious island. For some reason it doesn't appear on our maps - and we have VERY good maps! Lots of vegetation and some evidence of military structures... but that's about all...
  • Donvalve: Someone brought the dinosaurs back?
Sora: Best guess is they're from the Savage Land. But why would they be here?
  • Relius Clover: Ah, you've arrived just in time to see me and my island... RISE!
Sora: He's quite the showman. And he's got a flying island? Is this some sort of Snake trick?
Donvalve: Like I know. Just hang on!
[They find themselves surrounded by Raptors, but May shows up to save them]
May: Sora, Donvalve... Samos sends his regards.
Sora: May!
Donvalve: Hey, a Pirate ain't such a bad trade-up. 'Specially for Johnny.
  • Relius Clover: I see you've enjoyed playing with my pets. Let's see if you enjoy playing with this one...
Donvalve: Bring it!
[Roadhog appears]
Roadhog: Why'd you come after me here? I just wanna be left alone! RRAAWRRARR!
  • Donvalve: What's that metal-bendin' gun doing? Enhancin' his powers or something?
Sora: Well, then, let's de-power him... [Throws his keyblade at Relius and disarms him, but Relius reveals himself to be-]
May: Tira?! Of course! [Bounds Tira up with electric chains] That should hold her.
Donvalve: So where'd Relius go?
Relius Clover: I see that a rise in elevation does not equate to a rise in one's I.Q., Don.
  • Iron Man: [Emerging from the Submarine thrown by the Statue of Liberty] Hey, wow. Remind me not to make "The Submarine Toss" part of my Starkland theme park, OK?
Spider-Man: And yet you're keeping the Iron Man musical?

Chapter 13 - Magnetic PersonalityEdit

  • Maria Hill: That's... Magneto's space station, Asteroid M! We don't know much about it but it's sure to be swarming with bad guys and booby traps! Any S.H.E.I.L.D. agent attempting to gain entry should proceed with EXTREME caution...
  • Spider-Man: Hey, guys. Hope you don't mind, no hot water at the apartment.
  • Magneto: This whole station bends to my will, literally. Do you really think you can defeat me here?
  • Magneto: [Hanging upside -down] Doctor Doom! I require your assistance!
Loki: Ignore him. We must focus on the task at hand.
Magneto: [Thrown into space] Oh dear. [Falls to Earth]

Chapter 14 - Doom With A ViewEdit

  • Maria Hill: We've collated all of our data from every S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and Avenger throughout the world, and we've managed to ascertain that Doctor Doom... is definitely... up to something bad. I know that's not much to go on, but it is a start, right?
  • Doctor Doom: My time is at hand! Soon all on Earth will bow to Doom!
Loki: Yes, the Earth. It's such an important part of my revenge.
Iron Man: Thanks, but we'll do all the avenging around here.
Spider-Man: And lookie, Loki and his pal have a big, bad megaweapon.
Doctor Doom: You simpletons have no idea the danger that is right in front of you. I have created this Doom Ray to defend the planet from destruction. Also, to destroy all resistance to my benevolent rule.
Iron Man: Defend the Earth from what?
Doctor Doom: I'll hold them off, you finish my weapon.
Loki: [Controlling Doctor Doom] Excellent suggestion...

Chapter 15 - The Good, the Bad and the HungryEdit

  • Maria Hill: Galactus: Devourer of Worlds! If our own intelligence is to be believed -- we got it off an internet site -- he's as old as the Universe itself! [Reading] "His hunger is unrelenting and will consume any planet unfortunate enough to cross his path..." That can't be good!

Voice CastEdit

  • Adrian Pasdar as Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • Fred Tatasciore as Hulk & Dr. Doom
  • Dave Boat as The Thing & Venom
  • James Arnold Taylor as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Silver Surfer & Professor Charles Xavier
  • Roger Craig Smith as Steve Rogers/Captain America & Human Torch
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Reed Richards & Sandman
  • Steve Blum as Wolverine, Abomination & Red Skull
  • Travis Willingham as Thor
  • John Eric Bentley as Nick Fury
  • Nolan North as Magneto, Deadpool & Green Goblin
  • Troy Baker as Loki
  • John DiMaggio as Galactus, Mandarin & J. Jonah Jameson
  • Stan Lee as himself

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