Lóránd Hegyi

art critic

Lóránd Hegyi (1954) was a French art critic, President of the Saint Etienne Museum of France.

Lóránd Hegyi

Quotes by Lóránd Hegyi edit

  • This cosmic character of Salvatore Garau's figurative world, this emotionalized universalism links his aesthetics with the tradition of romanticism, especially of romantic landscape painting, in which imposing natural phenomena are interpreted as a metaphor for the cosmos and the metaphysical hierarchy of existence.
    • The tone of emotions, observations on the romanticism of a contemporary painter, Limn Gallery of San Francisco, Capricorno Gallery of Waghington DC
  • Salvatore Garau, triumph of immediacy, aesthetic enjoyment, power of color, free spontaneity, a call to something gigantic, powerful, improbable, to something absent but substantial; this is what manifests itself in the new, small, enigmatic sheets that Salvatore Garau dedicated to Richard Wagner. The movement of the stripes of color - pulsating, restless, unpredictable, paths of unstoppable energies and tensions - suggest wind and flames, bodies that contort and interpenetrate, full of power and sensual force [...] seductive and disturbing are not however dedicated only to Richard Wagner [...] features that are not secondary to understand his poetics, in which an obsessive monochromatism, made up of shades of red, seems to evoke the spirit of the mythical struggles of the heroes of Wagner.
    • Lóránd Hegyi. Salvatore Garau. Red Wagner, Ed. Corraini, Rosso Wagner - "The evocation of the great dimension. Observation on Salvatore Garau's Wagner sheets.", Paris, 2014, ISBN 978-88-7570-477-3

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