Ksenia Milicevic

French painter

Ksenia Milicevic (born September 15, 1942 in Drinici, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a French painter, architect and town planner.

Ksenia Milicevic in 2010


  • How to create works of art when nothing connects people to the world? If the artist remains fixed from himself to himself, without any distance in which a relationship to the world and to the other can be inscribed, his work will remain sterile as in the Greek myth of Hesiod's genesis, and is in no way different from any other object.
    • Ksenia Milicevic, Art-confusion.com, De l'image d'art à l'oeuvre d'art, Edilivre, Parise, 2013, p. 45.
  • The beauty in a work of art is not in the prettiness of what is represented, but emanates from the work as a whole, it is its substrate and it derives from nature.
    • Ksenia Milicevic, Résilience en art et art-thérapie pour la résilience, Edilivre, 2020, Paris, p. 31.
  • Art is about man's belonging to the world and it is through art that man, through aesthetic emotion, experiences awareness of his existence. The artist grasps the world, and the world that appears to us in fractions he restores to us in unity.
    • In Which Art Therapy for Resilience, Intervention on Resilience in Art at the 4th World Congress on Resilience. Resilience-Based Practices, June 28-30, 2018 Marseille, France.[1]
  • I'm always scared when I think that man who is a being endowed with abilities of reflection, is not capable of solving their personal or collective disputes without violence.
    • Naing Swann - Interveuw with Ksenia Milicevic, Mudita Magazine, Myanmar, septembre 2010. [2]

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