Krysten Ritter

American actress, musician, author, and model

Krysten Alyce Ritter (born 16 December 1981) is an American actress, director, musician, author, and model.

Ritter in 2016


  • I’ve cut way back on animal products (especially dairy), and I try to only eat organic. Because of Alicia [Silverstone], I’m way more conscious of what I put in my mouth and also about how my dollar is spent. Her book The Kind Diet was a real eye-opener for me. … [In the film Vamps] Alicia and I play vampires who abstain from human blood. So we were very kind in that we weren’t killing people and drinking their blood! … All the people in my life joke that I’m vampire in real life. Not because I drink blood or anything but because I prefer to stay indoors with the blinds closed. I’m not really a SUN person. I come out of my coffin (bedroom) when the sun goes down.
  • I think it's something that people don't think about. It's hot outside—your car is like a fishbowl. So the light comes in, and it gets trapped, and it gets really hot in there really quickly. If you see a dog in a hot car, and you think that he's in danger or that he's been there for a while, it's good to speak up... go into whatever businesses it's parked outside of, and just raise awareness about it.

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