1991 film by Władysław Pasikowski

Kroll is a 1991 Polish film about a soldier who deserts the army after the suicide of his friend bullied by other soldiers.

Directed and written by Władysław Pasikowski.

Lt. ArekEdit

  • Don't say anything we couldn't be able to forget. You owe him it, Kroll. (...) It's only 329 days.
    • to Berger after taking him to the unit in place of Kroll
  • We don't care about it - a piece is a piece.
  • So you, Miss, are Kroll's sister... You, madam, are his wife... And you are his best friend... Now I understand him.
    • realizing Kroll's motives to join the army willingly
  • I don't wanna talk with ya.
  • [to Kroll]] You ran away to kill? You ran away to forgive. To believe that you've got a wonderful and loyal wife - that's what you wanted. But she turned out to be a whore. A man always wants to believe in that when he has a woman.

Marcin KrollEdit

  • [to Berger] We've been friends for 15 years. We've been doing everything together. And now we even fuck the same woman.
  • [to his wife Agata] I should've killed you. And when he fucks you next time, you can think it's me.

Edward WiadernyEdit

  • [to a drunkie abusing his woman] YOU LIE HERE, UNTIL I GO! LIED, you should have!
    • Leżeć mnie tu, dopóki nie odejdę! LEŻEĆ, było!
  • [to Berger] At first I thought you're a faggot, but you're just a piece of shit, 'cause you can't respect the santity! The woman of your soldiering friend is sacred, got it?! You lined up an exepmtion from the army, you smartass, but you'd die on the first day of service. In the army everything's simple - wives are in homes, whores are behind the fence and you've gotta be a human, not a rag!

Other charactersEdit

  • Kuba Berger: [to Lt. Arek] Sir? How is it 'round here?
  • Agata Kroll: I won't betray Marcin anymore. And I'll never meet Kuba again...
  • Captain: [to Wiaderny]] That's the thing, Wiaderny - either we get them or they get you
    • Albo my ich, albo oni was.


Lieutenant: A razor's not enough for you, so you must go under the train, you bitch!
Chudy: I've lost the mail, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant: Lost the mail, huh? Everybody will fuck you up!

Newcoming soldier: Sergeant, the pillowcases are complete, but there are only nine sheets.
Sergeant: [rips a sheet] Now it's ten.
Lieutenant: A piece is a piece.

Wiaderny: Kroll says that only friendship between men is worth something. And the whole world is one big shit, except piss.
Lieutenant: Stylish...
Wiaderny: Sorry?
Lieutenant: And what else he said?
Wiaderny: That every woman is a whore, except my and his mothers. He said that.

Berger: Does he know?
Agata: He read all your letters.
Berger: And?
Agata: And he puked on the carpet.

Lieutenant: You should've been going to Austria, what are you doing here?
Berger: Just like you, I'm looking for Marcin.
Lieutenant: So you got six hours to find him... and five minutes to trust me.

Paramedic, Kroll and Berger's mate: I'll patch your eye up, you're gonna be alright.
Berger: Patch him like nothing's alright!

Berger: Son of a bitch wanted to desert.
Meles: Sure, he's an SOB that should have stayed in the army waiting till you have enough fucking his wife and go get money in Vienna.

Andżela, Kroll's friend: Marcin and Kuba looked nearly the same when they were young. I couldn't tell one from the other.
Agata: I still can't.

Berger: I'm sorry, but I can't find him.
Agata: You'll be sorry when HE finds YOU. And he can do this.

Kroll: You're a shit. You're the biggest piece of fuckin' shit I know.
Berger: I know.
Kroll: We all do, so what?
Berger: So I don't like you anymore, Marcin.

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