Serbian singer-songwriter

Ana Đurić (née Ignjatović; Serbian Cyrillic: Ана Ђурић, née Игњатовић; born 12 October 1978), known professionally as Konstrakta (Serbian Cyrillic: Констракта), is a Serbian singer and songwriter.

Konstrakta in 2017


  • We are disoriented because in the infosphere there are a million suggestions about how to reach that goal [health], a bunch of trends, offers, promises – contradictory, fake, true, absurd… So we find ourselves spending limitlessly and thoughtlessly for the fulfillment of that goal. Thus, the basic capitalistic principle that never leaves you satisfied has been applied to health domain.
  • I am fascinated with the phenomenon of secondary consumption or whatever to call it – when you watch somebody consuming something, when somebody is doing something in your name. That is the essence of today’s entertainment, even of the way how we act.
  • By discriminating against age, we put ourselves in a position to fear it and make extraordinary efforts to avoid the inevitable.
  • We are part of society, it is the environment that forms us. I try to have a critical attitude towards what comes from the environment, but we all know that it is disputed how often and how often we manage to get out of our own, already formed, perspective. When such breakthroughs happen, they are valuable experiences, I would say.
  • The introspections into my work are fun, that's the beauty of the whole thing. I generally don't look at introspection into my character, because I would often get annoyed - what about one-sidedness, what about inaccuracy, and so on. This is where we clearly need media literacy, so that we can manage not to take information for granted and learn to speak and judge others with reserve and appreciation for the fact that we don't know everything about everything.
  • I would like the audience to remain interested in something that is not ace. There were some works that analyzed the "Triptych". I'm honored.
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