Kodomo no Jikan

Japanese anime and manga series

Kodomo no Jikan (こどものじかん, lit. A Child's Time) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kaworu Watashiya. An anime adaptation of the series aired on Japanese television in 2007.


Kyoko Hoin: The opposite of love isn't hate, it's apathy.



A Friendly Step [1.01]

Daisuke Aoki: You there! No pictures!
Kuro Kagami: [filming him with her cellphone] But it's a video.
Daisuke Aoki: That's even worse!

Rin Kokonoe: This cat got lost here around ten days ago. Since he was all skin and bones, I've been leaving him leftovers from my school lunch. Actually, he likes sweet rolls better than regular bread.
Daisuke Aoki: Heh …
Rin Kokonoe: Don't put him out.
Daisuke Aoki: Huh?
Rin Kokonoe: Grownups lie all the time. They hurt others without any remorse. And they do cruel stuff with no regret.
Daisuke Aoki: Cruel stuff?
Rin Kokonoe: They say we should care for animals, but then they go off and kill them.

A Smiling Reward [1.02]

Daisuke Aoki: Today for language arts, you're all to write an essay. The theme is "dreams". Everyone must have one or two things they want to be.
The Class: That's just bogus. What with society in the toilet and corrupt politicians? And on top of that, don't we have an aging, low-birth population? No matter how hard we work, we won't get anything back from our pensions. Dreams are a waste of time.
Daisuke Aoki: That's just not true! Each and every one of you has unlimited possibilities.
The Class: You're just saying that for yourself.

Daisuke's Friend: Lucky you, Aoki. Being an elementary school teacher must be a walk in the park.
Daisuke Aoki: That's bull! Just when you think your authorization training is over and done with, they give you on-campus training. Ten hours a week, 300-plus hours the entire year. Then you're off to off-campus training, where you attend conferences on instructional sciences. They leave you with 30 kids while you don't know what the hell is going on. Throughout the day the kids have their way with you, and at night you prepare for the next day. That includes teaching materials! Every morning you're up at six, get home at practically midnight, upon which you can't do nothing but go to sleep!
Daisuke's Friend: Damn, did ya ever suspect? They're really putting you through the wringers.

Rapid Upbringing [1.03]

Kyoko Hoin: A-Aoiki-sensei? W-wou-would you like … would you like to go out drinking today?
Kenta Oyajima: Ooh, that sounds great!
Kyoko Hoin: Eh?
Daisuke Aoki: This would be the first time I had a drink with you, Oyajima-sensei, right?
Kenta Oyajima: Well, tonight we'll let loose!

My Mother [1.04]

Daisuke Aoki: I have learned that Rin-chan's mother has passed away and that she is now a ward of this house. This may be rude, but as her teacher I wished to see the conditions for myself. […]
Reiji Kokonoe: You've been doting upon Rin a lot lately. As her guardian, I should be concerned. As her teacher, you better watch your step.

A Summer Vacation Friend [1.05]

Kyoko Hoin: You know, as a kid, I always used to feel let down when summer vacations ended. Now I feel let down when they start.
Daisuke Aoki: I know how you feel.

Memories [1.06]

Aki Kokonoe: [holding a paper crane] How cute. You folded it very well.
Daisuke Aoki: You're not going to the hospital anymore?
Aki Kokonoe: Nope. I am always going to stay right with you. Always.

Outdoor School [1.07]

The Manager: Ah, Sensei … we've got some luggages delivered here.
Daisuke Aoki: Luggages?
Kuro Kagami: Those are mine!
Daisuke Aoki: What are these?
Kuro Kagami: I'm sure that one has my negligee and baby doll. And aroma oil for after I take a bath, body lotion, the electric toothbrush, nail cleaner, and my Noir Ferret the Black Donkey that I sleep with.
Daisuke Aoki: [to the manager] Please have these sent back immediately.
Kuro Kagami: You're such a nazi!

Hold Me Tight [1.08]

Rin Kokonoe: Get angry, it's fine. Get angry, yell at me – it's better than not paying attention to me.

Jealousy Drill [1.09]

Daisuke Aoki: For today's independent study, you'll be reading.
The Class: Huh?!
Kuro Kagami: Why? Independent study is for studying however you want!
Daisuke Aoki: So you say, but have you ever actually studied?
Rin Kokonoe: Lucky! I'll be reading mangas.
Daisuke Aoki: No mangas! You'll be reading the books provided by the school.

Kindly to People [1.10]

Rin Kokonoe: Sensei only pays attention to me … because I'm a kid. And the reason Sensei doesn't pay attention to me … is also because I'm a kid.

Rin Kokonoe: Tell me … how do I get someone to love me?
Kyoko Hoin: Did you have a fight with a friend? It's simple. When you want to befriend someone, you must first be kind to that person.
Rin Kokonoe: I must … be kind?
Kyoko Hoin: That's right! Everybody likes to be treated kindly. And in turn, they will like that person back. If everybody were kind to each other, wars and the like would come to an end.

Everyone Gets Along [1.11]

Sae Shirai: Honestly, what a useless class.
Daisuke Aoki: Don't talk bad about my kids!
Sae Shirai: Oh, my mistake. What a useless teacher.

A Child's Time [1.12]

Daisuke Aoki: Everyone's waiting for you.
Rin Kokonoe: Uh-huh.
Daisuke Aoki: I'll be waiting for you too.
Rin Kokonoe: Okay.

Fourth Grader [2.01]

Reiji Kokonoe: Listen, Rin … (Aoki) This world (with Aoki) is full of (Aokis) strange adults (like Aoki)!

Fun Athletic Meet [2.02]

Sae Shirai: I'm … I'm … a panda.

Green Cherry Tree [2.03]

Kuro Kagami: Shiro-chan … you said I'll turn normal when I grow up.
Sae Shirai: Uh …
Kuro Kagami: When exactly … do you become grown up? Twenty? Younger than that? Older? It … it hurts inside. I don't like it.
Sae Shirai: I might have been wrong … back then. However old you get, it doesn't change. Being an adult still hurts.
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