Kipper (TV Series)

British animated television series

Kipper is a British preschool animated children's television series based on the characters from Mick Inkpen's Kipper the Dog picture book series. Seventy-eight episodes were produced. Out of these thirteen episodes - twelve of the first season, and the last of the third season, were written by Mick Inkpen himself.

Summary edit

The series follows Kipper the Dog as he goes on many fun and exciting adventures in a variety of places throughtout the English countryside with his friends, Tiger, Pig, Arnold, and Jake.

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Television Animation Cast

Seasons edit

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6

Season 1 edit

The Vistor edit

End Credits

  • Directed by Mike Stuart
  • Featuring Martin Clunes
  • Edited and Mixed by Nigel Heath, Matthew Knight

The Umbrella edit

( phone clicks )

Kipper: ( clatter ) Something long. Ah, this'll do.

( cheerful music plays, wind blowing, instense music plays and playful music plays )

Kipper: Huh?

( birds fluttering )

Kipper: Whoa.

( Kipper panting )

Kipper: Ooh... Oof.

( thunder rumbling, rain spattering, Kipper mumbles angrily, water splahes, clangs and skateboard whirring )

Kipper: Whoa!

( Kipper moans, water running, crows cawing and airplane whirring )

Kipper: Huh?

( Kipper yelling )

Tiger: Ahoy! Kipper!

The Seaside edit

( waves lapping )

Kipper: Oh, no! The tide's coming in! That looks like our beach ball! And that looks like our duck! Oh, no!
Tiger: Hurray, Kipper!
Kipper: Hang on, Tiger! I'm coming to get you!

Nothing Ever Happens edit

Kipper and the Snowy Day edit

( soft music playing and bird chriping )

( clock ticking )

( window cracking )

( panting, snow sraping and splat )

( thud )

Tiger: You go first!
Kipper: Okay, then. Here goes! It's not working. The snow won't stick to me.
Tiger: Here. Try these. The snow sticks like glue.

( happily cheering )

Tiger: Yes!

( both laughing )

Kipper: Let's try it together, come on! Here, you have this. I'll wrap the scarf around my head, and we'll have one glove each. Here, wrap that end around you. You ready? After three.
Dogs: One! Two! Three! ( both cheering and laughing )

( snowball slattering )

Tiger: Let's build a snowman.
Kipper: What about a snow dog?
Tiger: Yeah! A snow dog!

( playful music playing )

Tiger: It'll all be gone tomorrow. There's a warm wind coming.
Kipper: ( sighs ) I hope you're wrong. And for once, Tiger was wrong. That night, another snowstorm wiped out all off our footprints, and the snow dog stood at the bottom of Big Hill for almost three whole weeks.

( bird chirping )

End Credits

  • Directed by: Mike Stuart
  • Edited and Mixed by: Nigel Heath

The Paddling Pool edit

( whimsical music plays )

Kipper: Oh. Phew, it's hot today!

( yawns )

Kipper: Hmm. ( laughs )
Kipper: It's really hot!

( slurping drink ) :Kipper: Ah!

Kipper: It's too hot, really. It's a padding pool kind of day. Yes! That's it. I'll get out my padding pool.

( upbeat music continues ) :Kipper: Ah, yes, there it is.

( crashing )

( Kipper groans )

Kipper: Ow!

( air blowing )

( panting )

Kipper: Ah.

( grunts )

Kipper: Whoa! Phew!

( tap squeaks )

( water spraying )

Kipper: Ahhh! Got you!

( ice cream truck music playing )

Kipper: Ice cream!

Kipper: Mmm... Doh!

( cruching ) :Kipper: Hm!

( footprints splash )

( squishing )

Kipper: Oh, no! It must have a puncture. Yes, it's leaking! Oh, how am I gonna mend that? Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Aha! Perfect!

( slurps )

( water bubbing )

( slurping ) :Kipper: Oh, no! The sun's gone in.

( tinkling on glass )

Kipper: Hailstones?

( glass clinking )

( air hissing )

( closing theme music begins playing )

Tiger's Torch edit

Kipper: Nothing. I think it came from somewhere near here.
Tiger: Ooh...

( owl screeching )

Both: Ahh!!!
Both: Ooh!!!
Tiger: What is it? What is it?
Kipper: Aw... Ooh!
Tiger: ( whimpering )
Tiger: Are we ready, then?
Kipper: Yep.
Tiger: Deep in the middle of the dark, dark wood there lived a horrible, horrendous, terrible, tremendous--

( music plays )

The Butterfly edit

Kipper: Can't stop, see you later! ( toy squeaks )

( no audio )


Red Yellow Orange

Blue Yellow Green

( theme music playing )

Season 2 edit

The Goldfish edit

( stick tapping )

( sighs )

Sleepless Night edit

Kipper: Time for bed, Rabbit. Time for bed, Mr. Snake. Sleepy time, Big Owl. You get, Hippo and you, Sock Thing. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! ( yawns ) I'm so tired.

( yawns and snoring )

Hiccups edit

( hiccups and evil glass cup whirlpool crashing )

Kipper: Oh, no, please, hic, go away! I've tried hic everything!

( doorbell rings )

Kipper: Hic! Hic!
Tiger: One, two, three.

( drums, horns, noisemarkes all at once )

( balloon popping )

Tiger: Quiet, everyone!
Kipper: Well, I don't think it's very funny.
Tiger: ( laughs )

Kipper Is Unwell edit

Kipper: I want to paint something red. A rocket.

Kipper's Circus edit

Kipper: Watch this, Tiger. Yes! I can walk the tightrope.

The Gismo edit

Kipper: Ready, Tiger.

End Credits

  • :Director: Mike Stuart
  • :Edited and Mixed by: Nigel Heath

The Camping Trip edit

Kipper: Hello, Rabbit. Want one.
Tiger: Uh, did you bring a tin opener?
Kipper: No, I'm sorry!
(Tiger smells something burning and notices the hot dogs are burning.)
Tiger: Oh! Oh, no! No, no! ( unison in the voice tower hill )
(Kipper is NOT eat right now! It is now nighttime, and one of the rabbit is bounce, slide and roll his arms the tent all the way home.)
Kipper: Just look at that. Thousands of stars.
Tiger: Hmm...millions!
Kipper: Billions!
Tiger: Trillions!
Kipper: Zillions!
Tiger: Quillions!
Kipper: There's no such thing a quillons.
Kipper: I don't think so. I think, it's a cloud. A big, black, cloud.
Tiger: Oh, hey!
Kipper: I think, we better go inside. Bye, Rabbit.
(Kipper and Tiger look outside from the tent door.)
Tiger: This is fun!

( Tiger and Kipper grunting )

(Lighting and thunder strikes which scares the two dogs, the two.

( wind blows )

Kipper: Oof! We are get out of the rain!
Tiger: Where?
Kipper: You go that way.
Tiger: Oof! Be careful!
Kipper: I wonder if it's still raining outside?
Tiger: I don't know. ( yawns )
(The group goes to sleep and the episode is ends.)

The Nest edit

Kipper: Oh! I can't!

( loud crash sound )

Tiger: I can see my house.
Kipper: Oh, look. It's brought us a worm!
Tiger: What for?
Both: Oh, yuck!

( closing instrumental theme music begins playing )

The Magnifying Glass edit

( grass rusting )

Kipper: Hmm, this is cozy. Hm. Come on, don't be shy.

The Gismo edit

Kipper: Shall I go to the park? Maybe.

( gasps )

( sighs )

( sputters and giggles )

Kipper: Shall I ride my bike? Maybe.

( bubbles popping )

( mumbles )

( horn toots )

( handle creaking and blower whirring )

( bouncy jazz music playing )

( blower sputters )

( lively music playing )

( doorbell ringing )

Kipper: Ready, Tiger?

( frog croaks and closing theme music begins playing )

Kipper's Circus edit

( dramatic voclizing )

Tiger': Kipper, the daring world famous trapeze artist!
Kipper: Catch my paws, Tiger. Hook your feet up over your arms.
Kipper: Watch this, Tiger! Yes! I can walk the tightrope.

( laughing )

( final closing theme music begins playing in Season 2, Episode 13 on Nick Jr. Home Entertainment Group )

End Credits

  • Director by: Mike Stuart
  • Edited and Mixed by: Nigel Heath

Season 3 edit

The Lost Mug edit

End Credits

  • :Director by: Mike Stuart
  • :Background by: Penelope Wilson
  • :Layton by: Sue Butterworth
  • :Edited and Mixed by: Nigel Heath

The Rescue edit

Kipper: I've got...

( gasps )

Tiger: The tide's coming in.

( bird squawking )

The Treasure Hunt edit

HIT Video

( coins clinking lightly )

Kipper: Eight, ( coin clinks ) nine, 10.

( ratting coins )

( beeping )

Pig: Thanks, Tiger. Come on, Arnold, we'd better be going.

( music playing )

Pig: Keep up, Arnold!

( closing theme music begins playing )

The Picnic edit

Kipper: Ouch!

( apple thuds )

Tiger's Sledge edit

Kipper: (Snores) (Sighs) (Yawning) Oh, no. It Hasn't Snowed! Come on, clouds, snow. Please, snow.

( instrumental music playing )

( toy squeaks )

Kipper: Hooray, it's snowing!

( door bell ringing )

( yelling )

( slide squeaks )

( cheering )

Christmas Eve edit

( grunts )

( snoring and gentle music playing )

( closing theme music begins playing )

The Magic Act edit

( applud )

The Long Walk edit

( wind blowing )

( Tiger speaks indistinclty )

( wind howling )

( bull snorts )

( bull roars )

( high energy music playing )

( Kipper panting )

( Kipper and Tiger yelling )

( bouncy music playing )

( final closing theme music begins playing in Season 3 in the windmill at once )

Season 4 edit

The Mouse edit

Kipper: Ooh! (Yawns) What a Mess!


Kipper: Morning Hippo!
Mouse: ( sighs ) Good Night Kipper!

( music playing )

Big Owl's Bath edit

( water rushing )

( doorbell rings )

Kipper: Coming!

( snaps )

Kipper: Oh, no! Sock Thing!
Tiger: And Mr. Snake.
Kipper: Do you see slipper, Tiger?
Tiger: Quick! He's going to fall in the mud!
Kipper: Oh, yuck! Tiger, the blanket is gone!
Tiger: Wow! Look it Goes! Oh, no!
Both: The pond!

( blanket flipping )

Season 5 edit

Hide and Seek (2000) edit

Kipper: Where are you? Whoa! Ouch!

( vase shakes )

Kipper: Oh, no! Help!

Hedgehog Watch (2000) edit

Tiger: Hegehog watch, very successful.
Kipper: Tiger, have you been eating my donut?!?!

Tiger's Joke Box (2000) edit

Kipper: No!

( chair crashing )

Tiger: Hello, Arnold!

( gasps and joke box closes )

Tiger: Oh, no! Help!

( white water hose fasting and no audio )

Season 6 edit

The Farm edit

( music playing and birds tweeting )

Tiger: Cock-a-doodle-doo!

( clucking )

Arnold: Duck!

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