Kingdom Hearts III

2019 video game

Kingdom Hearts III is the twelfth installment in the Kingdom Hearts Series. It details Sora stopping Xehanort from his plans for a Keyblade war, taking place after Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It was released on January 25, 2019 in Japan.

May your heart be your guiding key.


  • (monologue before "Face my Fears" starts playing) They can take your world. They can take your heart. Cut you loose from all you know. But if it's your fate, then every step forward will always be a step closer to home.
  • Hurting is part of caring.
  • (after his friends are swept away by a tornado of Shadow Heartless, crying) They're gone. Kairi, Donald... Goofy, the King... gone forever. What do we do? Without them, I... all my strength came from them. They gave me all of it. Without them, I'm worthless. We've lost; it's over.
  • (before Toy Story final boss) Xehanort, you’re so caught up in finding the shadows, you forgot about the light that cast them.


  • (when in an area that has harvestable ingredients) This might be a good spot to find some ingredients.
  • (at random during battle, when a Party attack with Donald is active) Time for some magic!


  • I'd bet we'll find some ingredients around here.
  • (before using shield sledding) You ready? Here goes!
  • (at random during battle, when the option for Goofy Bombadier is available) I know what to do, Sora!
  • I betcha there's a Lucky Emblem here.

Yen SidEdit

  • May your heart be your guiding key.


  • Today is the day you all lose. Before you even face the thirteen, every last one of you will be torn heart from body. But fear not. The χ-blade will still be forged.

Master XehanortEdit

  • (before killing Kairi) You require motivation.
  • (observing Scala ad Caelum) Behold, this town... once a seat of power for all Keyblade wielders. It is the nexus from which all worlds spring. Here, I and my other selves can be one. United... in Scala ad Caelum.


Xehanort: Have you heard of the ancient Keyblade War?
Eraqus: Huh, of course I have.
Xehanort: Long ago, Keyblade wielders waged a war over the ownership of light.
Eraqus: Yeah, the Master's favorite story.
Xehanort: I wonder what they planned on doing with Kingdom Hearts after... making it appear.
Eraqus: Who knows? I don't get why anyone would initiate a war.
Xehanort: So... you know the "Lost Masters"?
Eraqus: Who?
Xehanort: They're the ones who started the Keyblade War.
Eraqus: Never heard of 'em, Where'd you hear about that?
Xehanort: Or... they're the ones for whom the war started.
Eraqus: I'm not following you.
Xehanort: You can drop the facade.
Eraqus: Facade?
Xehanort: "On that land shall darkness prevail and light expire." A prospective Keyblade Master should know this.
Eraqus: If you say so.
Xehanort: The Gazing Eye sees the fate of the World. The future—it's already been written.
Eraqus: Really. I'm not so sure about that. Besides who's to say I can't change it? And maybe light will prevail.
Xehanort: Pretty confident. But things aren't in your favor.
Eraqus: Perhaps. But unlike darkness, there is more to light than meets the eye. You might be surprised.
Xehanort: Oh, I hope so.

Woody: (after Young Xehanort taunts Sora and the others, while holding Buzz captive) Whatever you're talking about, I don't care. Put Buzz back the way he was and get lost!
Young Xehanort: Or else what, toy?
Woody: Yeah, I am a toy... and a friend. (steps forward) My guess is that no-one's ever loved you before, because you nothing about hearts and love.
Sora: (steps forth alongside Woody) There are hearts all around us trying to connect. Your loneliness only made Woody and Buzz's connection stronger. That's the heart's true nature: to never ever let go. Wherever they are, Andy and the other toys haven't let go either.
Woody: Yeah, you can't keep us from Andy. We're going home no matter what... and taking Buzz.
Sora: Xehanort, you're so caught up finding the shadows, you forgot about the light that casts them. (Xehanort's hold on Buzz breaks)
Young Xehanort: No...
Sora: (as he, Donald and Goofy rush in to block his attack) Woody, now! (Woody uses his pullstring to rappel across the toy debris and catch Buzz before he fell to the ground)
Woody: (pullstring quote) Giddy up, partner! We got to get this wagon train a-movin!
Buzz: (coming out of his comatose state) Woody... wait, how did I get here?
Woody: Oh, I don't know! Maybe somebody switched you into "Dark and Stormy" mode.
Buzz: But I don't have a- (pauses as Woody helps him up on his feet) Thank you, Woody.
Woody: Good to have you back, Buzz.
Donald: (to Woody and Buzz) Hey, hurry up!
Goofy: We can't hold him much longer!
Sora: (to Donald and Goofy) Don't give up guys!
Young Xehanort: (after knocking Sora and co. aside, as Buzz's laser is aimed at his back) So, even empty puppets can be given strong hearts. I am going to have to remember that.
Buzz: Remember this- our hearts will always be connected to Andy's. No matter what you do!
Woody: And that's something you'll never understand, because you're hollower than any toy.

Sora: (in opening cutscene of Arendelle, after the trio defeated a group of Soldier Heartless and a gale of icy wind makes Sora shiver) It's cold! Donald, gimme a coat!
Donald: The magic doesn't work that way.
Goofy: Guess he's too used to the beach, a-hyuck!
Sora: Hey, islander, what can I say? (notices the fjord around the kingdom freezing) Look! Even the sea's turning to... ice... Donald, this isn't your magic, is it?
Donald: Nuh-uh.
Goofy: Do you think it's the Heartless?
Sora: Might be, let's go. (goes down to the edge and looks across the fjord, noticing a girl, Queen Elsa, running across the water making it freeze) That girl... she looked so sad. I wonder what happened. Maybe the Heartless? We should talk to her. (Donald and Goofy nod yes, as the team go deeper into the forest after her)

Saix: Shouldn't you say good-bye to your real home?
Lea: Why?
Saix: I'm not here to fight. Relax.
(Saix takes a sea-salt ice cream from Axel)
Lea: Hey!
Saix: You can't eat all this. Why did you buy 3 of them? One for Roxas, and two for good luck?
Lea: I dunno. Because I felt like it, okay? Why are you here?
Saix: Got it memorized? Back when we were still friends, we used to sneak into the castle.
Lea: Yeah
Saix: And we made a friend there, a girl. We apprenticed to Ansem the Wise to rescue her.
Lea: Yeah and we failed. One day, she was just gone.
Saix: You gave up.
Lea: I did not give up. One day we're apprentices, the next Ansem the Wise has up and vanished. The day after, we're Nobodies, day after that, we're doing icky jobs for Xemnas. I couldn't keep up with you.
Saix: Following Xehanort's Nobody was the only way to discover what happened to her. She was his lab rat.
Lea: So, you found her? I helped you rise up the ranks, so I hope it paid off
Saix: I'm afraid not. Nary a trace. I started to wonder if we'd imagined her. Maybe she never existed. And then, in time, I awakened to a new purpose. I realized that I could be stronger.
Lea: Well then, you blew it! Wise up already and just quit.
Saix: Face it, Roxas is just like our other friend. Gone forever. You need to accept that.
Lea: You wish. I'm getting her back. All of them! Especially Roxas. I'm even dragging you home.
Saix: The marks under your eyes. They're gone.
Lea: Yeah, don't need em.
Saix: Always told you they'd stop you from crying. The upside-down tears.
Lea: Would you get lost? I'll clobber you tomorrow
Saix: Heh, I expect no less.

(Sora and Riku having just defeated Xigbar with the latter falling to his knees)
Xigbar: Figures. If I had a Keyblade, it'd be different...
Sora: Like you're actually worthy to use one.
Xigbar: Oh, I am worthy.
(Both Sora and Riku are confused)
Sora: Whaddaya mean?
(Xigbar stands up)
Xigbar: The old coot promised me to bequeath me his. Why else do you think I would ever put up with all his nonsense?
Riku: It'd be wasted on you.
Xigbar: As if. (Xigbar teleports to the top before he supposedly falls to his own death which surprises both Sora and Riku. Xigbar's weapons then disappear)

(Sora and Riku having just defeat Dark Riku. He looks down at the traces of darkness on his own hand)
Dark Riku: You're not...real...
(He clenches his fist)
Riku: Huh?
Dark Riku: I'm...the real one...
Riku: Aren't you my past self? From when Ansem possessed me?
(The Riku Replica floats out of Riku's body.)
Riku Replica: No, you beat Ansem and you're still here. This me!
(The Riku Replica flies straight toward Dark Riku's body, grabbing onto his heart. With a final scream, Dark Riku falls comatose)
Riku Replica: I knew it. It's a replica. A soon-to-be empty vessel. I've been waiting for a chance like this.
(He sails into the replica's body, plucking Dark Riku's heart from inside it before carrying the lifeless body of Dark Riku)
Riku: Hey! What are you doing? Take the vessel!
Riku Replica: No.
(He turns back to Riku)
Riku Replica: The world already has you. There's someone else who needs the replica more. You know who I mean.
Riku: Naminé. You're saving her.
Riku Replica: Good luck.
(The two replicas burst into nothingness)

(Sora has just overcame Luxord's game and with the latter falling to his knees)
Luxord: You were born for these sorts of games.
(Luxord takes out one card before tossing it to Sora)
Sora: What's this?
Luxord: A wild card. You've earned it. Hang on to it. Could turn the tables.
(Luxord starts to fade away)
Sora: Play ya again someday, when we're just guys.
(Luxord gives a small laugh)
Luxord: I should like that very much, Sora. (Luxord vanishes)

(Sora and Mickey having just defeated Larxene as the latter looks down at herself)
Larxene: Are you kidding? (Larxene then falls to her knees)
Sora: You're gonna be recompleted.
Larxene: I didn't ask you for your garbage opinion. I lost! To a bunch of losers like you!
(She then sinks lower to the ground)
Larxene: But...could be worse. (She looks to the sky) Become that geezer's heart tank? No thanks.
Sora: Then why help him?
Larxene: I was really just along for the ride.
Sora: With...?
Larxene: My secret.
(She smirks at Sora before fading away)

(Sora and Mickey having just defeated Marluxia with the latter falling to his knees)
Marluxia: Oh... So, NOW it all comes back to me. (He places a hand to his face, laughing)
Sora: Hey. Is that a real laugh?
Marluxia: Yes... My heart is remembering how to feel.
Sora: Really? That's good.
Marluxia: And now, I am on the cusp of reclaiming my identity... My purpose for being... Thanks to you, Sora.
(He fades away with a smile)

(Sora, Roxas and Xion has just defeated Saïx who is now falling on hi kness. Axel runs to him with concern on his face)
Saïx: sad?
(Axel forces himself not to cry)
Axel: You let them reduce you to THIS?
Saïx: I outgrew the marks under your eyes.
(Axel touches his face, surprised)
Axel: So?
Saïx: You you need them...
Axel: Stop it. The whole act. I thought this was all for her.
Saïx: At first. I sacrificed everything to try and track her down. You're the one who went off and made other friends. Left her and me both in the dust. It infuriated me how you just exited our lives.
(He grunts, clutching his side. Axel runs to him)
Saïx: I lost...all sense of purpose...
(Axel kneels beside him)
Axel: I didn't forget you.
Saïx: Yes...I know. You wouldn't do that.
(He looks over at Roxas and Xion, both of whom showed pity on their former enemy)
Saïx: But... I was jealous.
Axel: You admit it.
Saïx: Well, if I make it won't get it out of me a second time.
(He tries to stand, but falls and Axel catches him. He begins to fade in Axel's arms)
Axel: See you, Isa.
Saïx: See you, Lea.
(Saïx closes his eyes and fades away)

(Sora, Riku and Mickey has just defeated Young Xehanort. But then he starts to laugh)
Sora: What's so funny?
Young Xehanort: I told you. There's a high price to pay for all of this.
Sora: And what price would that be?
(Young Xehanort stood up)
Young Xehanort: I'll go back to my time, and live out my life. But Sora, you're done now. (Sora is confused at his accusation) Your journey ends here.
Sora: What?
Young Xehanort: Good-bye, Sora. Your time... in this world is- (Young Xehanort disappears and returns back to his time)

(Reclaiming the No Name Keyblade back from Xehanort with the Black Box in tow)
Luxu: Finally, back where it belongs.
(The Foretellers sans Ava gets summoned to the present timeline)
Ira: Did you summon us back?
Luxu: Yep.
Ira: Is that you Luxu? You look different.
Luxu: (Brings down his hood to reveal him as Xigbar the whole time) Haven't heard that name in a long while. These days they call me Xigbar, but hey, whatever suits you.
Invi: Is it...really you?
Luxu: Yeah, but some time ago, I had to cast my old form away. Been through plenty more semblances since, but it's still me underneath it all.
Aced: What happened? Why are you here? You tell me.
Luxu: I had a role to play. And after all these years, it's done.
Invi: What role?
(Maleficent and Pete looks upon them before they leave)
Luxu: I guess Ava didn't make it after all.
Gula: Meaning what?
Luxu: I told her, clear as day, what it is I had to do.
Gula: And is that why you decided to exclude her?!
Luxu: As if. Ava had her own mission, and she carried it out.
Aced: I've heard enough! Luxu, what was your role?!
Luxu: I hope you like long stories.

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