King Kong Lives

1986 American monster film directed by John Guillermin

King Kong Lives is a 1986 film in which Kong falls from the twin towers but appears to be alive. However, his heart is failing, so it's replaced with an artificial one. All is well until he senses that there's a female Kong somewhere out there and escapes wreaking havoc.

Directed by John Guillermin. Written by Ronald Shusett.
The Legendary Kong is Back! (taglines)

Dialogue Edit

Amy Franklin: I'm sorry.
Dr. Andrew Ingersoll: That cost this institute seven million dollars!
Dr. Benson Hughes: She knows how much it costs. She's been a part of it since we first got Kong's heart resuscitated.
Amy Franklin: There's nothing wrong with the heart. The damn thing runs like a Swiss watch. It's his blood.

Major Peete: [at the hunters loading up] What the hell is this? Deliverance?
Captain: You there! Are those weapons loaded?
Vance: You bet, General! And so are we!
Major Peete: You'll be shooting each other, you damn fool! You wanna get killed?
Vance: I want that ape's head on the hood of my pickup!

Hank Mitchell: [after Amy opens her sleeping bag for him] Uhhh... are you sure about this?
Amy Franklin: Yeah, why not... we're primates, too.

Taglines Edit

  • The Legendary Kong is Back!
  • America's Biggest Hero is back...and He is not happy.

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