Kiki Mordi

Nkiru "Kiki" Mordi is a Nigerian investigative journalist, media personality, filmmaker,writer and entrepreneur.

Nkiru "Kiki" Mordi (Born 12 August 1991) is a Nigerian investigative journalist, media personality, filmmaker, writer and entrepreneur. She dropped out of school because she was harassed by a certain lecturer in her school. This ordeal was what led her to shoot the Sex for Grades Video with the BBC Africa Eye.

Kiki Mordi


  • Once we begin to see women as humans with as much right to occupy spaces as men. We would have removed the foundation upon which gender-based violence thrives.
    • [1] Kiki Mordi speaking on gender equality
  • Freedom is exercising your rights, getting an education without the fear of sexual harassment.
    • [2] Kiki Mordi speaking on equality.
  • It’s time we moved the shame from victim to perpetrator. They’re the ones that should be ashamed.
    • [3] Kiki Mordi speaking on sex for grades.

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