Kids' Court

television series

Kids' Court (1988–1989) is a court show on Nickelodeon hosted by the judge and lawyer, Paul Provenza.

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Paul Provenza: Kids' Court is now in session!  [bangs gavel]

Paul Provenza: Time is up! You heard the discussion, and you heard the arguments.  It's time to say hello to the Honorable Judge O' Meter to measure your vote. Remember: you scream loudly as you can. That's the only way he can respond.

Wendy Steele: What is he talking about? Is it about a law firm?

Frederick Lee-Adams: Probably… digestion? (stomach gurgles)

Announcer: Why are those kids getting hungry?

Wendy Steele: (drops her money as her stomach begins to growl really loudly, and the surface of her cheeks start to turn red)

Samuel Rodriguez: WENDY?! COME BACK!!

(Wendy quickly grabs her coffee mug and starts screaming, but Samuel is forced to not give up. As the rest of the kids leave, Paul transforms into a giant jellyfish and starts screaming, too.)

Paul Provenza: With all those things they borrowed.  Unfortunately, the jury said that it's not enough; I am afraid you had been found guilty!

Paul Provenza: Fair or unfair?
Kids in the audience: Unfair!

Announcer: What you are about to see is based on the real case.  The names and faces were changed to protect the innocents.[kids argue on what their situation problem is]  Are you having some situation problem?  Need to sound out?  Take your kids to Nickelodeon's Kids Court, the first court show where kids rules. And now, here is your lawyer: Paul Provenza.
Widget: Yessiree!
Walden: Yes yes yes! Love it!
Announcer: (happy) And now?
Dash: Doink!
Wubbzy: Wow, wow, wow! Daizy: Lavender lollipops!
Announcer: Good!

Announcer: Can a bank robber get punished if his or her guilt was discovered after thirty years?  You'll be the judge!
[commercial break]
Announcer: Can a bank robber get punished if his or her guilt was discovered after thirty years?  No!  Under the law, those certain kind of cases are consider closed after many years go by.

Announcer: Kids Court was recorded in front of a live studio audience at Nickelodeon Studios, located at the Universal Studios Resort in Orlando, Florida.
Sandra Leigh: Quit talking ‘bout Nickelodeon, dude!

Announcer: Go on. Get behind the wheel. Because you can drive on private property with the owner's permission. And that's a Gavel Buster.

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