Kiddy Girl-and

Japanese anime television series

KiddyGiRL-AND (キディ・ガーランド Kidi Gārando? in the original Japanese) was a 2009 sequel to the science fiction anime series Kiddy Grade, created by gímik and Satelight and directed by Keiji Gotoh. It aired from 2003-2004



Sweept, Trap [1.02]

Q-feuille: Ascoeur, [in Deep voice] be a little quieter! Eh? What was that kind of voice?
Ascoeur: Ah-Ah, Oh? My voice was funny! Why our lovely voices became like that?
Q-feuille: Because it's a trap!
Ascoeur: Let me say this. I will never go back, or ask for help, or look back!
Q-feuille: Don't express shout with the voice!
Ascoeur: Your voice was funny too, Q-feuille.
Q-feuille: I hate it!
Ascoeur: You seem strong. But were you strong enough for me?
Q-feuille: So it must be a psychological trap by Tweedledee-san. But...
Ascoeur: What was the problem?
Q-feuille: Once I have passed these traps, I will have no regrets about my victory!
Ascoeur: So cool!
Q-feuille: Enough!
Ascoeur: Oh wait, Q-feuille!
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