Khuda Kay Liye

2007 film by Shoaib Mansoor

Khuda Kay Liye (Urdu: خدا کے لیے, English: In The Name of God) is a 2007 Urdu-language Pakistani film. Starring Shaan, Iman Ali, Fawad Khan and Hameed Sheikh as its main characters, the movie is a production of Shoaib Mansoor that became an instant box-office hit across Pakistani cinemas.

The original plot of the movie features an insight into two brothers (who are singers) that experience certain religous and cultural issues. The storyline depicts the clash of western and eastern cultures and how conservative-mindedness and political issues have shaped an influence in the current Muslim society.

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  • Interrogator: What is between you and Osama bin Laden?
Mansoor: I don't know. Maybe he is gay and he likes me! (During interrogation in jail)

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