Khaltmaagiin Battulga

Mongolian President, member of Democratic party

Khaltmaagiin Battulga (Mongolian: Халтмаагийн Баттулга) (born 3 March 1963), also referred to as Battulga Khaltmaa, is a Mongolian politician and sambo wrestler who served as the 5th President of Mongolia from 2017 to 2021. He served as Member of the State Great Khural from 2004 to 2016 and Minister of Roads, Transportation, Construction and Urban Development from 2008 to 2012. Before his career in politics, Battulga was a sambo wrestling champion. He was the Democratic Party's candidate in the 2017 presidential election and was elected President with 50.6% in the run-off, the first-ever run-off election in modern Mongolian history.

Khaltmaagiin Battulga in 2019

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  • Mongolian people overcame many challenges throughout the years and established our democratic and sovereign state of Mongolia, which honors human rights and freedom. Today the Government of Mongolia and its people, are protecting and guarding independence and sovereignty inherited from our ancestors to hand-out to the future generations, as well as honoring peace, developing friendly relations with all the countries of the world, and aiming to develop relations in political, economic and other fields.
  • It is told that foxes have very short memories, so they often forget they were running away from a hunter while they hide behind a rock. Memory of our parliament and cabinet is as short as fox’s. The recommendations already remind them about the threats of environmental pollutions, mining, unemployment and poverty. What should be done when they do not accept the recommendations? Should we be renewing the recommendations? I think it is an indication of accountability crisis.
  • Any country prepares a development policy based on the traditions and centuries-old customs of its people. Mongols are nomads. Blood of nomads, too, run through my own veins. The peculiarity of Mongolia lies in the fact that we are drafting development programs based on the traditions of nomads. The Mongolians are a people who constantly seek to live independently and can thrive so, as well.
  • The development of sustainable tourism will also play a key role in accelerating rural economic development, increasing employment, reducing poverty, improving the living standards of women and people with special needs, ensuring environmental balance, and protecting and promoting historical and cultural heritage.
  • Infrastructure, energy and transport are the central development pillars of landlocked developing countries like Mongolia. In this regard, we proposed to jointly implement a project to build an energy power grid to address the rational use and distribution of power in Northeast Asia. In the region, which is rich in renewable energy, the project is expected to not only increase the use of renewable energy, but also make a significant contribution to environmental protection and the fight against climate change.
  • During my service, I have never forgotten my oath as the head of state, and have been loyally fulfilling my duties as I view my Presidency as a honorable opportunity to work for the benefit of my nation, the state, for building a fair and just society under rule of law, and for the prosperity of our country. I am committed, as I swore with my hand on the Constitution of Mongolia, to strengthening the independence and national security, overcoming challenges facing the country’s growth, eliminating any threat and danger, building capable and professional governance, and strengthening the democracy, as well as maintaining healthy competitive economy and ensuring fair distribution of natural resources. I promise I will not stop.
  • It has recently come to public attention that a group of few oligarchs had taken over the public wealth that belong to the people by Constitution and hidden enormous amounts of illicit assets in offshore regions. They have obviously been blackmailing and controlling the Parliament members. The time has come for You to re-live the old saying: “The force of union is as limitless as the ocean”.
  • Interdependence between humans and the natural world is at the root of human existence. To this day we have done everything not to bend down under the overwhelming forces of nature. However, our struggle was not to adapt to nature, but rather to defeat it. Day by day we realize that the fight to win is what is causing defeat, while the fight to seek harmony is the foundation of our existence.

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